Geekgasm: Photosphering of Google Car documented with Google Glass


If this doesn’t give the geek in you goosebumps of jealousy, it’s probably because you’re already ice fishing next to an igloo somewhere in Alaska.

Posted a few days ago by Googler Evan Rapoport, the picture was captured with Google Glass. In the picture, Evan is creating a photosphere which includes none other than a Google Maps Street View Car. I’m trying to think of ways to capture a more subtly awesome geekpic that would force viewers to exude similar amounts of envy, but I’m finding it difficult. Maybe if Andy Rubin and Eric Schmidt were in the Street View Car racing Sergey and Larry in their Self-Driving Google Car while you took a Google Glass picture from above carried by a Parrot AR Drone?

Nothing ground-breaking here… just a neat pic I though my fellow Phandroids would enjoy! And just FYI, I made sure this post was  to public G+ circles before sharing. Wouldn’t want a Randi Zuckerberg incident, now would we?

Rob Jackson
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  1. You and your Parrot AR Drones :p

  2. Robin Williams works for Google?

  3. I just read that Randi Zuckerberg incident. Randi was in the wrong. The moment you post something on Facebook, you give all your friends the right to share it. If you WANT someone to ask you before they share your photo, you can turn on the setting where people ASK you before they are allowed to share.

    It would have made more sense if she downloaded the photo and re-uploaded it. But she shared it.

    So that S-name person did nothing wrong. I wouldn’t have apologize. I didn’t see the issue. But this is not what this thread is about. =.P

    1. that person just want to some to blame for and sue for couple millions.

  4. Hmm… yet the perspective on the phone is NOT the perspective that the phone is viewing… am I missing something here?

    1. Not really you got it right….the phone is showing one thing and the Google Glass picture is showing something different…

    2. It’s a photosphere shot, you move the phone around. I would agree if it was a standard, static photo. He could have started a few feet in either direction and moved the phone anywhere to capture a different angle. Seems legit to me.

  5. Do they not have handbrakes? Just wondering what’s with the wheel stoppers.

  6. I want to see the photosphere of the photosphere

  7. If that image on the phone is true that photosphere is going to come out terribly.

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