Jan 16th, 2013

If this doesn’t give the geek in you goosebumps of jealousy, it’s probably because you’re already ice fishing next to an igloo somewhere in Alaska.

Posted a few days ago by Googler Evan Rapoport, the picture was captured with Google Glass. In the picture, Evan is creating a photosphere which includes none other than a Google Maps Street View Car. I’m trying to think of ways to capture a more subtly awesome geekpic that would force viewers to exude similar amounts of envy, but I’m finding it difficult. Maybe if Andy Rubin and Eric Schmidt were in the Street View Car racing Sergey and Larry in their Self-Driving Google Car while you took a Google Glass picture from above carried by a Parrot AR Drone?

Nothing ground-breaking here… just a neat pic I though my fellow Phandroids would enjoy! And just FYI, I made sure this post was  to public G+ circles before sharing. Wouldn’t want a Randi Zuckerberg incident, now would we?

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