HabitRPG turns your real life to-do list into an online role playing game


If you’re a big video game player, chances are you love in-game achievements. A lot of people do. Sometimes known as “trophies,” these are ways players in the virtual world gain badges for accomplishing a specific task in a game. Think of it like a reward system and/or bragging rights. How cool would it be if you could receive virtual achievements for accomplishing real life tasks? You know, in the real world? No, you wont have to bust up your pottery or cut down tufts of grass (although you really could). Just accomplish your own personal tasks.

That’s precisely the idea behind HabitRPG, an online to-do RPG that transforms you tasks list into an online role playing game. Epic right? Eat a full serving of vegetables? Gain exp (experience points). Spot a cute Samsung rep at a mobile convention? Make out with her and level-up! Fail, and lose valuable HP (hit points). You can use in-game tokens to equip your avatar with flare or armor which can lower the amount of hit points you lose for sitting on your ass.

HabitRPG is completely open sourced and already live via their website (though their servers are currently getting pounded from high traffic). As an Android users, exactly what does HabitRPG have to do with you? Well, the boys that invented the game are currently working on app versions of the game and are looking for funding from the Kickstarter community to make that happen (and help make the app available for free). As an Android user himself, the developer promises to follow all the guidelines Google has made available, so expect a fully functional and beautiful app experience. If you have any more questions, watch the video below and you can learn more about the productivity RPG by visiting their Kickstarter linked below.

[HabitRPG via Kickstarter]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Chris, stop lurking /r/android and posting everything that shows up there.

    1. another non-comment.

  2. “No, you wont have to bust up your pottery or cut down tufts of grass”


  3. Love this!

  4. I could use this. I’m a big procrastinator and a LineageII fan.

  5. Spot a cute Samsung rep at a mobile convention?
    – Do I sense a personal story here, something CES 2013 related? How did the level-upping go, Chris?

    1. Depending on whether she was at CES this year (and last year) I may know who you’re talking about.

  6. Sounds like FOURSQUARE on crack & steroids.
    Pretty scary s***indeed…………..

  7. aaaand you guys have officially borked their server. :-(

  8. If the glove don’t fit, you must acquit!!!!

    F off, Chris! ;)

  9. Been using this for a couple weeks. It really does assist in motivating me to complete my task list. I HIGHLY recommend it.

    Contribute to the Kickstarter campaign at to get a native Android app/portal!

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