Dec 28th, 2012

Yesterday, we reported that OUYA was beginning to ship development consoles a day early. Over 1,200 development consoles were shipped to those who applied for the pricey package on Kickstarter, and many are scheduled to arrive today (most will get their consoles starting next week). Instead of waiting for shaky, blurrycam unboxings from those who ordered one, though, the OUYA team has taken it upon itself to release an official unboxing.

The development console will be visibly different from the final package. For starters, the hardware is housed by clear plastic. You’ll be able to see the guts of the controllers and the console itself at all times. This doesn’t help much, but it does look cool and drives home the fact that OUYA is an open console for developers t do whatever they want.

The kit comes with the console, two controllers, batteries for each controller, a microUSB cable, an HDMI cable, a power cable and an international power adapter. This development console can easily be taken apart for any developer wanting to give the components a deep tissue massage — simply screw the top off and pull the main circuit board out.

Seeing them do it on the video was kind of like seeing that scene in Vampire in Brooklyn when Eddie Murphy pulled that guy’s heart out. Yea, like that. The team revealed an internal fan as one of the newest additions to the package to ensure the OUYA would stay as cool as it can if developers want to push the most they can out of it.

The OUYA team stresses that the console does not come with any games out of the box. This thing isn’t for fun just yet — that’s why they’re development kits. Developers’ jobs are to provide the fun, so the only thing you should be focused on after getting your development console is downloading the ODK and getting started on bringing your great wares over. You can find the developers’ portal here for everything you need to get started.

[via OUYA]

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