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Yesterday we got a look at some concept renderings for a group of Russians’ idea of what the Samsung Galaxy S4 would turn out to be, but now it’s time turn our attention to some actual rumors. Today’s report won’t contain a massive list of specs to rundown, but the one detail we do get to ponder is one that could drastically change the landscape of Samsung’s 2013 lineup.

According to Korean sources, the Samsung Galaxy S4 will come with the very S Pen support that sets the Samsung Galaxy Note series apart from everything else. This would imply Samsung’s looking to go at least 5 inches as far as display size goes, but that’s another story for another day. The S4 would introduce all the familiar S Pen features we’ve come to know and love, as well as new features that Samsung’s sure to be cooking up as I type.

The implications for the Galaxy Note line would be unclear at this point. It’s likely Samsung could be looking to merge the two lines with the Samsung Galaxy S name taking precedence. Perhaps Samsung found it less desirable to market two flagship devices — after all, the Galaxy Note is poised to become just as big as the Galaxy S4 at the rate Samsung is going.

Samsung found quite the niche market with the Samsung Galaxy Note, and combining the two would help line its pockets even more. After all, what sense does it make to have your main flagship play second fiddle to the “little big brother” each year? While some characteristics of the Galaxy S3 — such as its less encumbering size — are more desirable for some people, it’s no secret that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 either matches it or outclasses it in every other way.

And it’s not like the Galaxy Note name would die. Samsung still has a tablet line to uphold the name with, and if other recent rumors are to be believed then it could be looking to round that portfolio out soon. The OEM is said to be coming to town with a 7 inch version of the tablet to complement the 10 inch version currently available.

None of this is 100% certain, of course, but should Samsung decide to go this route then it would make a lot of sense. If the rumor mill that was spinning leading up to the Galaxy S3’s launch is anything to go by we won’t know much until the very last possible second. Still, we’re hoping to hear more about what the Samsung Galaxy S4 will bring to the table as we get close to an eventual late Sprint or early Summer launch. What say you to all of this?

[Enuri via PhoneArena]

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