Having problems getting your Nexus 10 repaired? You’re not alone [POLL]


While we wish all technology could be perfect and as sturdy as a diamond wall, the harsh reality is that will never be the case. Things break, and when they do you’d hope to have someone that can help you fix them. Well, it seems folks who own a Nexus 10 are having a bit of trouble getting their devices repaired through Samsung and Google.

A Google Groups thread has started to gain a tad bit of steam regarding issues with Samsung’s repair process. Most of these folks are looking to get repairs for their displays, but it seems the problem would apply to anyone looking to get any sort of repair service for their devices. Samsung is reportedly bouncing customers back to Google when regarding repair inquiries, and Google is bouncing those folks right back to Samsung.

Some were able to get a bit deeper into the process, getting Samsung representatives to setup call-back times for followup, but users report calls are not being returned. In fact, it took the direct, hands-on intervention from a Google rep to get the process started for at least a couple of people, but others remain in the dark.

A Google spokesperson has confirmed that Samsung holds the responsibility for fielding repairs, and that the OEM shouldn’t be forwarding any calls to Google for those particular matters. Google is said to have reminded Samsung that they should be fielding these service requests, but despite that fact users still seem to report issues with the process.

Several parts of Samsung’s system don’t even acknowledge that the Nexus 10 exists, which could be the main reason for all the confusion. We’re not sure how widespread this issue is — the Google Groups thread isn’t quite that large — but that’s what the poll below is for.

If you’ve had to get your Nexus 10 repaired let us know what happened when you requested assistance from Samsung. Perhaps we can get the ball rolling a little faster in regards to having things cleared up. Comment below, and be sure to head to the source link and voice your concern straight to Google, as well.

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[via Google Groups, thanks Ashok!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Lulz. I’m still having problems buying one. I’m looking at you Google!

  2. Welcome to the wonderful passing the buck of the IT world.

  3. That is what you should expect from a company like Samsung which is busy filling it’s pocket.

    1. What exactly does filing ones pocket actually accomplish?

    2. I think that is a very deluded statement. Business is all about making profit like it or not. This is ultimately Google trying to shove off the blame to Samsung which make countless other products. Google should be dealing with all the issue to do with their very own Nexus products regardless of who makes them. People should deal with Google and then Google deal with the OEM.

  4. With the supply issues Google is having with LG, and the apparent repair issues they are having with Samsung, it’s high time they start producing their own, in-house Nexus devices. So what if they piss off other OEMs, it’s the best way to kick this accountability issues they have been having. I’m almost certain the next Nexus phone will be made by Google’s own Motorola. I love my Nexus 4, and have loved all of my Nexus phones I’ve had over the years too, but once they start doing it themselves, the customer will benefit by not being thrown back and forth between the OEM and Google.

    1. That is kind of assuming Google isn’t a big part of the issue, which given previous experience with Google products/support it doesn’t seem like it would be any better.

      The supply issue with LG requires much better communication. It wouldn’t surprise me if LG doesn’t get an accurate number they need to make or enough heads up. While the Samsung situation is clearly a mis-communication on a topic that should have been decided and informed well before the release of the product.

  5. I still think Google should be front ending these repairs. It is their product. Yes I know Samsung made the device. They made it for Google to more or less white label and sell.

    You can’t go to Samsung’s website and buy these can you? no? Then Google needs to be the point of contact for anything regarding this device.

    1. Turn the tablet around. What do you see? “Samsung”. Nowhere on the tablet’s shell can I view the word “Google”, so it’s not exactly “white label”.

      On the other hand, if you buy a Samsung product from Best Buy and need repairs, you return it to Best Buy, not Samsung… so I can see where some of the confusion is bred.

      1. This leads to one of the things I’ve criticized Google over the past 3 years. Their ecosystem is *ucked up. They are not a company that wants to support any of their products. Release it in to the wild and let nature take it’s course all the while raking in millions.

        This is yet another product which lends credence to that belief. They should be front ending all the support requests for this product and if not then Samsung needs to officially handle it. Either way it needs to be publicly known to the buyer where to get support without getting shafted.

        1. I’m waiting for an actual example of their ecosystem being screwed up – hardware support != ecosystem.

          1. I said Google’s ecosystem, not android. yes ecosystem. their entire product line. I know I have insulted your precious android but calm down, it’s just a piece of hardware and software that Google it’s having a hard time supporting.

          2. as another example, adsense. Publishers use Google’s Adsense system to place ads, but there is no support other than volunteers on a forum. DethBySnooSnoo is right on.

          3. how does adsense supposedly not having any support (which is not even true, by the way) – 1 google search and oh look – https://support.google.com/adsense/bin/request.py

            even validate anything with dethbysnoosnoo? You are incorrect.

        2. Google should just buy Amazon and use its customer service….

    2. well that’s why you’re not the one making the decision. Considering you’re completely welcome to your own opinion which would also make everything completely confusing, but yes! please do that!


      1. what a worthless post. what does any comment about my right to my opinion have to do with this thread?

  6. Heh…

    …and here I was thinking the Nexus program couldn’t get any worse.

    Silly me.

    I’m amazed, frankly, that as much as we like all things Nexus/Android, we are not flaming the hell out of Google for the all but constant barrage of total screw-ups on these devices. Selling them, tying them to carriers, fixing them…not a single area of this program has been untouched by absolute incompetence.

    I love Android…but I doubt I’ll be buying a Nexus (or a chromebook) from Google any time again in the foreseeable future. It’s a ridiculous circus of errors, made by a company (or companies) that should be able to do this kind of thing in their sleep.

    I was originally planning to go contract-free/Nexus-only this year. I am seriously reconsidering sticking with my contracts and devices like the SIII/DNA.

    I do have to admit though, that the loyalty they have engendered in their fans up to this point is nothing short of amazing…that their users/customers would put up with this mess they’ve made of everything is very impressive.

    1. Google’s hardware design, sales, distribution, and support seems to go through a beta phase just like its software.

      Free software, released in beta, easily updated online.
      Purchased hardware, released in beta, easily updated via, er, um,… Oh, boy :-(

      Google’s failure here can’t be this simple, can it?

  7. Tis a shame that this is happening. Google should have it set up such that even if someone calls them, it gets forwarded to Samsung quickly and efficiently.

    It looks like they don’t care about their Nexus device customer if they just say “I dunno, go ask Samsung” to them and Samsung should acknowledge the device in the first place. On another note, I messed with an N10 at a local Staples this past weekend, and it feels really light and sturdy. I like it. But, I’m happy with my 32GB N7.

  8. Google has dropped the ball yet again. First, no customer service department. Second, no accessory support. Third, no RMA support. If they keep this up, people will stop buying Nexus products.

  9. The fact that 89 people have responded for this poll scares me…… Why are there this many issues with this device?

    1. well….. the materials used to make the tablet are very cheap. the screen in particular started fading with like almost a week of use.

  10. I will stick with Non-Nexus devices as they tend to be in stock and in working condition. The Nexus line up seems to be alot of cheaply made half ass devices. Having the most current iteration of Android does not justify the amount of shoddy hardware that comes with it. I went through 3 Nexus 7’s in a matter of 4 months, which is why I will NEVER purchase another Nexus device unless HTC is the one doing the hardware.

    1. I completely agree, HTC does have superior quality. Im not buying a NEXUS until its made by HTC

      1. Motorola has the best build quality and produces the best hardware. My nexus 10 is very solid’ but my moto RAZR maxx HD is way better than my friends one x

  11. Just another reason to wait for HTC to make the next NEXUS.

  12. Google has failed miserably with these nexus devices….nexus 4 with demand issues….nexus 10 with pretty much everything wrong with it… nexus 7 with a loose screen and the nexus q with no one buying it. huge fail Google

  13. Thankfully I haven’t had any problems with mine. This whole taking 10 hours to fully recharge situation is quite frustrating though.

  14. That’s why after not seeing N10 at retailers before Christmas I said “FY Google, I’m not f..ing buying it from Play store”, and went and bought Note 10.1. I will never buy directly from Google, no matter how wonderful a device is. I don’t understand why people still don’t get it, after EVERY darn failure done by Google selling the devices directly. The part of N7’s success story was it’s availability at local stores! Along with ability to nearly immediately exchange or return defective products.
    P.S.: Oh, and in Canada, Samsung is notorious for the shittiest repair service, for all their products, including TV’s, so I’m taking almost the same level of risk here with Note 10.1 ;)

  15. Wow, come on Google, it’s YOUR device, YOU need to take responsibility from day one, not bounce people around! I really dislike Apple, but they do support their devices as good as anybody I’ve seen, when you get an Apple product, Apple takes care of you, regardless of who the maker is (ie.Foxconn), the whole process should be seamless, easy and pleasant for the customer. Google, get it together already!

  16. Samsung ranks up their in the worst when it comes to customer service. To damn big for their own good.

    1. I agree. My customer service with Motorola was amazing. Google should use Motorola for their go to oem

  17. Google is a software and services company. They’re not an OEM and don’t have the infrastructure that’s required for sales and support of hardware.

    1. Samsung, Asus, and lg are the OEMS in this instance

  18. Google and Microsoft share a weird similarity in that all of their products are released in beta, At least Microsoft supports their systems. Google seems to think designing something is enough, and leaves support to a third party manufacturer, or volunteer forums.

  19. Even worth in here, Australia. I have to send it back to US ($60) to get a FREE replacement ( charger doesn’t work correctly and freez ups once a day is a minimum)
    And than another $60 to send it back to Australia
    So $120 for free replacement by google. That’s what u don’t expect from such company.
    First and last device from giggle

  20. Glad I sick with Apple’s products! Service is top notch!!!

  21. man samsung is not handling the repairs good at all. i sent in my n10 for repair more than 2 weeks ago and still no conformation email that they have received it even though my tracking shows it being delivered last week. whenever i contact, they say it still has not been checked in. its bs.

  22. I broke my screen few weeks after getting my nexus 10. I used the phone number in the google thread and called the level 1 which I could get through only after waiting for an hour. I could not register the device on samsung website as the forum stated. The Level 1 rep guy forwarded me to another division. I litterally waited for 45 minutes. My home phone died at that point. I am going to try again tonight. I have checked all local hardware places where they fix screens and they are saying samsung is not selling these screens to them. I am stuck at this point.

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