Dec 27th, 2012

While we wish all technology could be perfect and as sturdy as a diamond wall, the harsh reality is that will never be the case. Things break, and when they do you’d hope to have someone that can help you fix them. Well, it seems folks who own a Nexus 10 are having a bit of trouble getting their devices repaired through Samsung and Google.

A Google Groups thread has started to gain a tad bit of steam regarding issues with Samsung’s repair process. Most of these folks are looking to get repairs for their displays, but it seems the problem would apply to anyone looking to get any sort of repair service for their devices. Samsung is reportedly bouncing customers back to Google when regarding repair inquiries, and Google is bouncing those folks right back to Samsung.

Some were able to get a bit deeper into the process, getting Samsung representatives to setup call-back times for followup, but users report calls are not being returned. In fact, it took the direct, hands-on intervention from a Google rep to get the process started for at least a couple of people, but others remain in the dark.

A Google spokesperson has confirmed that Samsung holds the responsibility for fielding repairs, and that the OEM shouldn’t be forwarding any calls to Google for those particular matters. Google is said to have reminded Samsung that they should be fielding these service requests, but despite that fact users still seem to report issues with the process.

Several parts of Samsung’s system don’t even acknowledge that the Nexus 10 exists, which could be the main reason for all the confusion. We’re not sure how widespread this issue is — the Google Groups thread isn’t quite that large — but that’s what the poll below is for.

If you’ve had to get your Nexus 10 repaired let us know what happened when you requested assistance from Samsung. Perhaps we can get the ball rolling a little faster in regards to having things cleared up. Comment below, and be sure to head to the source link and voice your concern straight to Google, as well.

[via Google Groups, thanks Ashok!]

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