Nexus 7 dock unboxing video surfaces, gives us our first hands-on look


That Nexus 7 dock that appeared on ASUS’ Japanese website has surfaced in a YouTube unboxing video, giving us yet another indication that the accessory could soon be available for purchase. The video gives us our first look at the retail packaging for dock as well as a quick look around the unit, which features both microUSB and 3.5mm speaker ports.

Overall the dock features a rather minimalist design, but if you have been hankering for a nice and cozy place to set your Nexus 7, it should make a great bedside companion. The video implies that the accessory is hitting Japanese retailers this week, which means a trip to the Google Play Store might not be far behind.

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  1. wonder if it’ll work with a TPU case..

  2. I hope they make other designs. I prefer to stand my N7 in portrait mode. with some estimated 4-7 millions N7 sold this year I imagine accessory makers would be fools to not jump on this.

    1. You can already buy portrait N7 docks, tons of choice, but they are all micro-USB. You see, the dock pins are on the side. The whole point of this is to avoid messing around with micro USB connector.

      1. Hopefully ASUS doesnt shove their heads up their asses like Samsung did and actually make this. I think Samsung made a total of 47 of the POGO docks for the GNex. They don’t deserve to be allowed to bid for another Nexus.

        1. No, the box seems legit – there’s even a FCC stamp on it.

        2. That’s what really pisses me off about Android manufactures sometimes. They make a great phone/tablet, dangle some really cool accessories in front of our faces, release it 6 months later, and they only made like 1,000 of them. I was really upset over the lack of POGO pin accessories for the Verizon GNex when I had it, and now Google isn’t even selling the POGO pin docks for the GSM version anymore. Had I known this audio/charging dock was being released for the Nexus 7, I would have kept mine instead of returning because of a defective speaker.

  3. I’ll prolly get one for the hell of it.

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