Dec 14th, 2012

Today seems to be Jelly Bean day for a lot of people. After AT&T’s Motorola ATRIX HD received the illustrious upgrade, Verizon has finally delivered the OTA to users of its Samsung Galaxy S3. It promised us it’d be here tomorrow, but many were still holding their breath and saying they wouldn’t believe it until they saw it due to the unpredictability that can come with wide-scale roll-outs.

Well, you better be believing it now as we’ve gotten a string of reports in our inbox letting us know that the update is beginning to show up. Some folks are getting notifications that an upgrade is ready, but some of you might need to force the upgrade to initiate in the phone’s settings menu. And if that doesn’t do anything for you then a healthy glass of “wait” is in order as it could be due to Verizon employing a staggered process, meaning your device could be waiting as long as 3 weeks.

Most people will get it sooner rather than later, though, so don’t let that little disclaimer scare you too much. If you don’t remember, this upgrade will bring things like Google Now, Project Butter, new notifications, new camera effects and more. ISIS support will also be added so you can make mobile payments using your NFC phone at supported locations within (currently limited) supported markets.

Folks might not like that fact considering Google Wallet still isn’t supported, but Verizon’s stance is that Google’s app is not permitted to use the secure element required to make Google Wallet work, and that apps can only gain authorization through an approval process that may or may not be as straightforward to go through as Verizon makes it seem. Whatever the case may be, though, you’re still getting Jelly Bean so there’s a lot to celebrate today. Hit your phone’s settings menu right now to see if there’s a nice holiday treat waiting for you.

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