Rogers pushing Jelly Bean to HTC One X and more in January


Rogers has updated the release schedule for the Android 4.1 upgrade for several of their top-teir handsets, including the HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy Note. January is the month to watch if you own either of those handsets or the Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE, Motorola RAZR HD, and Sony Xperia T. The adjusted schedule comes shortly after Rogers pushed the Jelly Bean update to their Samsung Galaxy S3.

For a complete list of handsets and the updated timeline, hit up the source link below.

[via Rogers | Thanks, Jeff!]

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  1. I didn’t wanna hear that from at&t!

  2. I can’t wait til Dev’s get their hands on this. As much as I love CM10, sometimes I need a decent camera so I have to flash back to a Sense ROM.

      1. Most of the camera quality is actually done in software. Htc isn’t required to release source code for the camera so devs for non Sense based roms (like CM) have to mod the stock Android camera to get it to work on the phone. This makes the camera pictures lower quality and the camera is not as featured and pretty buggy.

  3. Glad I could help. Can’t wait for Jelly Bean on the Roger’s One X…been stuck on Android 4.0.3 since the launch….

    1. That’s what Cyanogenmod is for.

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