Official Nexus 7 dock appears on ASUS Japan’s website – Coming soon to the US?


Just because I, personally, don’t see the need for docks (or even tablets for that matter), doesn’t mean that the rest of you don’t find them useful. In fact, I’ve seen a lot of discussion about docks with just about every major Android release, the Nexus 7 being no exception. Those of you that can’t stand another minute without a dock to nestle your Nexus 7 can rest easy, ASUS has finally cooked one up with your name on it. Well, actually it has their name on it, but you know what I mean.

We saw an early glimpse of the cradle many months ago and it looks like all those many months of R&D have finally come to fruition — that is, if you speak Japanese. The dock popped up on ASUS Japan’s website, where it will be available for sale sometime this month for 3,480 yen (around $42.23). No word if or when we can expect this to come stateside, but hopefully that Nexus branding means we’ll see it come to the Play Store before long. Anyone feenin’ for a Nexus 7 dock?

[ASUS Japan]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Finally!

  2. Will definitely look into this.

  3. Will be available in time for Xmas 2013 at a store near you.

    1. Ha! Most likely, by the time they release stupid accessories for current nexus devices they will already be prepping to release the next generation of Nexus devices. When Samsung releases a device they also have accessories at the time of its release, NOT six months after when devices are completely outdated or reaching that stage.

      1. Well yes and no…. Samsung didn’t ship the Galaxy Nexus docks for a long while, I think it was 6 months+ (for the car dock to ship). Reasons for this were also updates needed from Google before they were “compatible”.

        However for Samsung’s own (non nexus) devices that have been a little quicker to market.

        So basically its two part delay, once for Google for needing 4.2 for the dock to work, and then Asus to wait, and then start testing/manufacturing the dock once the software was available for testing. So Google is to blame in this instance IMO, same with the Galaxy Nexus accessory, delays.

  4. Hmm quite cheap. good for business

  5. You don’t like the idea of tablets Chris?

    1. Ummmmm…. I’m not quite sure how I feel about them. I’ve owned several, and they always manage to collect dust in the corner of my room. I think they suit some people more than others. I own a nice sized Galaxy S3 and super thin “ultrabook,” so there’s no room to squeeze a tablet into my already crowded life.

  6. Now add hdmi out on the stand and your demand against the kindle fire hd will sky rocket.

    1. Yeah came here expecting MHL, leaving disappointed. That’s one of the things I have to have to consider getting a new tablet. As is, this “dock” is a hunk of plastic worth < 5 bucks.

    2. Cannot get HDMI performance from a USB port.

      They do need to standardize a dock that works with any size tablet.

      There are already 3rd party charging docks out there for under $10., but no audio out.

      1. Ever?

        1. The limit is with the 4 conductive dots on N7, which is likely 2 for charging and 2 for serial USB (best case) or direct audio (more likely). USB3 could get close to HDMI speeds but it appears N7 only supports USB2. It is a low cost tablet afterall.

          The dock cannot be faster than the serial port on the device.

          1. Ah, good to know.

    3. Even better. How about video via USB 3.0?

    4. Problem is the pogo pins/output on the N7 will not output video…

  7. Did anyone else notice the new section under ‘Sound’ in the Settings menu–namely Dock? Seems to have appeared after the last update. A check box for ‘dock insert sound’, and a grayed out ‘audio’ setting. Something’s coming, yes?

    1. Yeah, I see it now. So, I guess, with it turned on, when you put your N7 into the dock, it makes a particular sound.

  8. finally, FINALLY
    video out for the freaking Nexus 7….. or so i thought…..
    Nothing to see here but an over priced hunk of plastic that really does nothing but tilt the N7 so it faces you as it charges…..
    Still no sort of video out? Boooo…

  9. So it will hold it in portrait mode?

    Otherwise, how can it charge in landscape other than am ugly ass cable sticking out from the side.

    1. The four “pogo” pins on the side if the tablet provide the power and audio, so no cables required, and it will be landscape.

  10. Ah those 4 little connectors on left side do something eh? Hehe need to read how on my own device.

  11. It took nearly six months for this crap, I’ve already posted my 16gig Nexus 7 up for grabs on Craigslist and will get the Nexus 10. At least I’ll have the latest hardware and I know Samsung might have docks that already fit the Nexus 10. Besides the new dual core based off ARM 15 architecture simply POops all over Nvidias out dated Tegra 3. That’s a Fact! All these quadcore SoC’s are running on 2 or 3 year old architecture. It is simply used as a marketing tool for the ignorant massess.

  12. “Just because I, personally, don’t see the need for docks (or even tablets for that matter), doesn’t mean that the rest of you don’t find them useful”

    Nice way to start an article. You need to deflate that dome of yours a little bit. No one gives a crap that you, personally, haha, don’t see the need for a dock or tablets. Just review the bloody product ffs and save your feelings for your hair dresser.

    1. Didn’t mean to ruffle your feathers but I often add a little bit of my opinion in just about every article I write.

      Might be because my hair dresser and girlfriend got sick of listening to my opinions on everything.

      1. That’s okay.

        When someone comes to read an article about a tablet dock to find this essentially: “By the way I think tablets and tablet docks are silly and useless. Anyway this new dock came out for this tablet …” it’s a bit off-putting.

  13. I like the idea of just dropping it in there to charge without having to hook anything up to it.

  14. Anyone notice that if the electronic equipment doesn’t have a fruit logo on it, 3rd party accessory makers won’t supply their product? They’re turning a blind eye to a whole new marketplace.

  15. I was hoping for a keyboard.

    Will not buy this.

    1. Yeah, I looked at the title, about a dock, and hoped for a keyboard too.

      Happens all the time, probably :

  16. I guess they expect you to download the movie from Play, dock the N7, and stream via bluetooth to a smart t.v.?

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