Report: Google to sell over 1 million Nexus 7 tablets in December


According to a report from Digitimes, sales of Google’s Nexus 7 tablet are on pace to surpass 1 million units for the month of December. The boost from a November estimate of 800,000 to 900,000 tablets shipped can be attributed to strong holiday sales. It also comes a month after Google revamped its Nexus 7 lineup with larger storage options and the addition of a 3G-enabled model.

Overall, from information gathered from Google and ASUS’ supply chain partners, an expected 2-4 million Nexus 7 slates will have shipped by the end of the fourth quarter of 2012. December will mark the first time Google has surpassed the 1 million monthly sales mark since the tablet launched back in July. An estimated 2-3 million units had been sold as of the end of October, putting a total year-end figure somewhere in the 4-7 million range, surpassing Google’s initial goal of 3 million.

In comparison, the same report sees Amazon moving 3-4 million Kindle Fire tablets over Q4 and Apple’s manufacturing partners have plans to ship a combined 3.5 million iPad mini slates between November and December. The uptick in tablet demand coincides with a decreased number of notebook shipments.


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  1. My Nexus 7 tablet that I just got yesterday is one of those 1 million tablets.

  2. I bought mine in AUG feel kinda ripped off to be honest 250 for 16gb should be able to trade up to 32gb oh well that’s what i get for buying early

  3. 3 :-)

  4. Same Rambo. I understand price drops, but it was like two months after release..

  5. That reminds me… I need to RMA my original one for screen separation. Thanks for the reminder!

  6. Google would have sold three times as many if they would have sold them at best buy. What a dumb move

    1. assuming Asus can make three times as many units. Not like there is a beat the door down demand for android tablets in the past. You’re not going to go and order parts for 10 million tablets off the bat without knowing interest level. Its not like Asus can just go to amazon and place an order for parts last month. Contracts have to be negotiated with suppliers and vendors like best buy.

  7. Very happy with my N7 3G. Haven’t used the cellular yet, but it still rocks. I just wish there’s more 3rd party accessory support. I feel that if there’s no fruit logo on it, there’s no support :(

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