Grand Theft Auto: Vice City jumps back into the Play Store


Seemingly everyone who frequents the Google Play Store was excited to know that Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was headed to Android, but an unfortunate blunder plagued Rockstar’s launch and forced the game developer to pull the title. It was originally explained to be an error with the authentication process which meant the game was inaccessible to anyone who bought it. Rockstar said we probably wouldn’t be waiting much longer than the end of this week to see i back in the Play Store, and we’re happy to say that particular estimation was accurate.

You can grab Vice City for $5 right now, and it should come without many issues as long as you have a phone decent enough to play it. It’ll cost you 1.4GB of bandwidth so be sure to stick to WiFi if your carrier charges for data overages. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was originally released for the PlayStation 2 in 2002, and this year marks its 10th anniversary. Rockstar’s celebrating that by bringing the fables of Tommy Vercetti to mobile for one very attractive price point.

Vice City for Android will be even better than it was on consoles with its updated, high resolution visuals and adjustable graphics. The game is compatible with gamepads like the MOGA, or you can customize the on-screen controls however you want in case Rockstar’s default configuration isn’t to your liking. Get over to the Google Play Store and grab this one before it disappears before our very eyes again.

[Google Play Store]

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  1. I have a Galaxy Note 2 and it’s telling me the device isn’t compatible… Hm

    1. It’s telling me the same thing. This is messed up :(

  2. I’m wondering why it says it’s incompatible with the HTC Evo V 4g when it’s the same phone as the HTC Evo 3d and it’s compatible with the latter??

  3. Says it’s compatible with my SGIII…so tempting!

  4. Not compatible lost $5 from me

    1. Get a new phone

      1. Bet my phone can handle anything your’s can and better so shove it

        1. What phone do you have? I have the OG Moto Atrix. I was kinda surprised to see that I could play it on my phone if I wanted to. Maybe since it was one of the first phone w/ a dual core CPU as well as some nvidia gpu in it. Im waiting for my Nexus 4 to show up at the end of December to replace it.

          1. I have an lg motion and despite what they say most of these phones including mine is clocked at 1.5ghz on an s4 processor and every game I’ve played are smooth as can be but it doesn’t have a huge screen so people overlook it but it’s great. Have fun with your n4 I would love that phone sounds awesome.

  5. Sprint Note 2 a no go even though its on the list a lot of different build props for the note that’s the problem Ive told rockstar lets hope they fix it. it works fine on the note 2 i took the apk from my Nexus 7

  6. I’ve been playing it for almost a week with my PS3 controller. It works flawlessly :)

  7. Galaxy note 2 is statedin the description to be compatible with the game yet it says not compatible on my device. Looks like rockstar screwed up again

  8. Oh my gosh!! They need to make GTA3 compatible with devices. My PS3 controller doesn’t work to well and I don’t know how to perfect the setting. LoL!!

    1. I don think they can make it compatible with the PS3 controller because it would need extra drivers to get it working. I know there are other ways to get it working but last I checked you needed to root your device.

      1. Yea. Using Six axis is what I was referring referring to. The touch screen controls are a bit choppy. That’s all. And also Vice City allows for joystick controls. I don’t think GTA3 accepts joysticks.

        If someone can help me, I did find out that your physical keyboard would work. So I can map my ps3 controller to that but I don’t know the buttons. I just know wasd and ihjk does something. Movement and camera.

  9. Not compatible with an AT&T LG Optimus G. Same internals as Nexus4 and arguably the most powerful phone on the market. FAIL

  10. game is awesome on the nexus7

  11. Yay

  12. woooo will definitely be downloading this when I get in.

    Can’t wait.

  13. Ah screw it, I’ll just play it on my PC. Worst. Launch. Ever.

    1. Why do you say its a bad launch? It worked fine for me last night

  14. Why no RAZR compatibility?

  15. How can this be available on the the original note but not its successor? Hope they fix this

  16. Not available on Galaxy S2: Skyrocket?! Both Grand Theft Auto 3, and Max Payne were made available, and its available on the Galaxy S2, which is inferior
    Rockstar needs to fix this.

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