Google pulls Nexus 4 factory images from developer site


Google has pulled factory image files for the Nexus 4 from their developers resource page. At this time it is not clear exactly why Google decided to remove the files, but there are two main lines of thought. Either Google discovered a critical issue in an already buggy Android 4.2.1 build or the removal could be part of an effort to strip vestigial LTE connectivity from the handset.

The latter case is at least plausible considering Android 4.2.1 factory images remain live for Google’s other Nexus devices. A lack of regulatory approval by the FCC could be forcing Google’s hand in issuing a software update to make it harder for hackers to connect to North American LTE airwaves.

At the very least, the move is curious. The Android 4.2.1 software is already available on Nexus 4 handsets and removing the images, which serve as a method for restoring the device to its original factory settings, won’t do much to alleviate any issues owners are currently experiencing. Will Google return the Android 4.2.1 build as is? Or will we not see another until the next version of Jelly Bean is released?

[Google via TheAndroidSoul]

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  1. Hah, nice to see you guys using Android Soul as source, I wrote that article there, we were pretty surprised to see Nexus 4 images pulled like that :D

  2. You know what say, “once it’s on the Internet, it’s always on the Internet.”

  3. oh no, it’s the end of the world!!

    1. wow you are still breathing?

    2. Nope, not until the 21st……you’re too early.

  4. Google hates LTE and are pulling an Apple move because of it. Doesnt look like my next phone will be a Nexus if Google continues down the apple road. As much as I pay for service, I sure as hell wont let it be my phone that slows me down.

    1. There are just way too many variation for LTE in different continents. In order to have one phone that works globally, GSM with pentabend HSPA+ is the most feasible solution. Plus, having all the LTE bands support would drive the final product cost above the intended price.

  5. I don’t see how 4.2.1 is “buggy” personally. Works great for me!

  6. Maybe they are working on the touch screen “issue”?

    1. touch screen issue? I have the Nexus 4 and haven’t noticed any issue yet, what exactly is it?

      1. They decreased the sensitivity of the touchscreen just before the release because there were some ghosting issues; seems like it was the quickest way to ‘solve’ it.

        1. Oh yeah, I heard about the ghosting from this site. I haven’t noticed it, and the sensitivity on my screen seems fine. Whenever it touch it or move anything it’s automatic. I’m also coming from a cheap phone before, so anything seems like an upgrade from what I had!

  7. What’s this 4.2.1 issue? I have had no issues with my nexus 7 on 4.2.1.

  8. The problems with Android 4.2 on Google-Smartphone Nexus 4 are bigger than expected!

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