Nov 28th, 2012

Google Play Books gets better by the day, it seems, and now Google’s introduced even more functionality. Those of you who just can’t wait to throw your money at your favorite author before their novel is released can now do so. Google has announced the ability to pre-order books within the Play Store.

It’s straight forward, really: you buy the book like you would any other book or Play Store item, except you can’t access it until release date. We’re not sure how much value, if any, this adds to a particular user’s purchasing experience because we imagine there won’t be any sellout scenarios — it’s digital, after all.

But no matter: the functionality is there if you want it. Use it as a nice gesture toward an author you really love, or just pay a book off ahead of time so you won’t have to worry about digging into your wallet the day it launches.

I’m not quite sure if there is any pre-loading functionality as there are no books I’m personally willing to pre-order right now, but that would be a great incentive to dishing money out early. Who really wants to sit there and wait on a download to finish when you could be reading your heart out? Exactly. Well, if you find it to be a useful tool you can give it a shot by pre-ordering some of these upcoming titles.

[via Twitter]