Delays in Samsung’s 1080p AMOLED manufacturing process could push back Galaxy S4


Last week we got our first Samsung Galaxy S4 rumor with any meat on the bone, a report that stated the Korean manufacturer’s display division had developed a 5-inch AMOLED display with a full 1080p HD resolution. Reports now state that Samsung doesn’t possess adequate technology to mass-produce the 441 ppi display, an issue that could lead to a shift in plans to launch the next member of the Galaxy S family.

We likely will still see the screen tech shown off at CES 2013 as initially reported with the Galaxy S4 debuting later in the year. Following Samsung’s recent trend, most expect a launch sometime around May. However, Samsung is working to outfit their manufacturing lines with new 3M tech that would aid in the production of the 1080p display on a mass scale, but issues persist.

How, exactly, the outlook for the Galaxy S4 will change is anybody’s guess, but it’s hard to imagine Samsung abandoning plans to go with the new display in their flagship device, especially with devices like the HTC Droid DNA already on the market. Until we have hard details on the new phone, though, all is conjecture at this point.


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Now available: HTC Droid DNA from Verizon

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  1. Always something. I can imagine how much in debt some of these companies are with new tech and new machinery needed all the time!

    1. Its the race to be 1st and hold marketshare samsung is doing that. Samsung is getting there by any means necessary.

  2. Off topic a little bit…Sammy is prepping a freaking octo-core chip. 8. Cores….8.


    1. They will present that Octo-core processor in February.
      It is a Quad-core A-7 along a Quad-core A-15, its first big.LITTLE processor.

    2. Yes, this is very exciting news. Even today, my gaming PC does not have 8 cores. Still 4 cores (8 virtual threads) but those threads are useless in gaming.

    3. Are wii even there yet!? Is that technology cheap enough to actually make a profit from!? Oh my gosh!! My Nexus installs apps uber fast compared to my E4GT. Imagine an 8-Core Exynos. Dear heavens!! This needs to be in the S4. My contract expires next year. I can’t wait for next year to see what they bring us. =.D

  3. It’s not as if SAMSUNG is scraping around for pocket change to support future development . More than likely, just some minor logistical delays that are not uncommon in new technology/product development/implementation.

    I’d look for deployment of the SGS IV sometime after SGS III sales start to taper off, whenever that happens.

    1. I think an annual release is more likely. Galaxy S1 in 2010, Galaxy S2 in 2011, and Galaxy S3 in 2012. Regardless of how the GS3 sales will be next year, they WILL release the S4.

  4. Samsung should actually be the one company in hardware market that releases something “when it’s done” rather than on a hard deadline, for once.

  5. Arghhh why the phone is keep getting bigger in size and my hand is not :s

    Well if it is 5″, wont buy it .. =
    I wont be able to handle the phone with one hand

    1. The Galaxy Note 2, which is 5.5″ has a “one handed operation” option built in… it shrinks the keyboard to allow use with only one hand. There are other options too to assist with one hand operation. I suspect any new 5″ device will have similar functionality.

  6. I cannot WAIT for the GS4…. well, on second thought, maybe I can. The GS3 is a great phone. And it’s so beautiful. The only other Android phones I thought were as beautiful, I ended up buying. The original EVO and the GS2. I almost went for a EVO 3D but my friend at my local Sprint store ended up managing to get me the GS2 for $80 and I fell in love, but I knew there was room for improvement. The GS3 does everything I want it to and is absolutely gorgeous. I don’t a GS4 until Samsung comes up with an even more beautiful design.

  7. im more interested in the note 3 lol , I love my note 2 im hooked 4 life.

  8. Samsung should outsource from the US. Wii need the jobs. =.D
    And to add to the growing list of lawsuit-related posts. It’ll help Samsung become friendly with the US for lowering unemployment thus helping them start winning in our courts.

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