Now available: HTC Droid DNA from Verizon


HTC’s latest flagship device has made its way to the US under the guise of the HTC Droid DNA for Verizon. The carrier’s latest Droid model is available now for $199 with a new two-year contract.

The Droid DNA features a 5-inch, 1080p display, quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU, and an pair of HD cameras located on the front and rear. Running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, the DNA ships with the latest version of HTC Sense, which features camera and audio enhancements in the form of ImageSense and Beats technology.

Picking up the Droid DNA today? Head on over to AndroidForums to chip in your two cents. We’ll be adding ours with a full review, which will be served up shortly.


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  1. Radioshack.com and Wirefly have it for 149…. so damn tempting.

  2. Hmmm…Droid DNA or Note 2. Tough Choice!

    1. all depends on storage and S-Pen use i think. The Note 2 is too large for me for practicality… so i would do DNA, but depends on what is important to you. Plus, almost 1/2 price!

      1. .5″ makes the difference? Hahababahaha


        1. By that definition everyone who likes their note 2 should be OK with a six inch phone because it’s only .5 inches bigger.

          1. If rumors are true that’s the way the SGNlll is heading …to a 6″ device

          2. Evolution will lead to larger hands. :)

          3. Honestly all this arrogance of Android users that think everyone wants a 5″ phablet is as bad as iPhone fanboys. I have no interest in a phone this big. 4.3″ was perfect anything else is too big to one hand for the average person.

          4. Honestly all this arrogance of iPhone users that think anything over 3.5″-4″ is too big is judge as bad as other iDiots. I don’t have any interest in a phone that small. 5+” is perfect. Anything else is too small for one hand for the average person.

    2. And judging by your SN, you may like the functionality of the Note 2 in your profession if you are a real estate agent?

    3. I’ve played with both and the Note 2 is the obvious choice. The DNA is not very user friendly with the way they’re making Htc Sense nowadays and the Note 2 is just fantastic in every way.

      1. That makes no sense at all. Sense is as user friendly as its always been.

  3. It’s a good looking phone, plus I like HTC phones so its win win for me. Of course I’ll have to wait until February for my upgrade. At least by then it should only be $50, or better yet, free on wirefly.

    1. it’s tough, cause it’s like the Rezound. When it came out, it had top of the line screen and specs… and it crashed soon after. so I know there’s gonna be a lottta 1080p phones coming out early next year, but then I could play the waiting game for “the next best thing” in android over and over…. and would never get a phone haha

      1. The more smartphones mature, the more they’re like the PC industry :D

      2. So true!

  4. My last two phones have been HTC products, I had the Hero previously and am now using the the Evo, I am ready for a change and will more than likely pick up the Galaxy Note 2 in December, even though I’m on Sprint I’ll probably go to the Verizon store just to play with this phone.

  5. Does anyone know if it’s ip57 rated like the J?

  6. Only having 16gb of storage with no removable sd card makes this phone a total fail. I can’t understand why they make a phone with great specs and gimp it like that. I wouldn’t buy it for that reason alone, and I don’t want to hear about ‘the cloud’ crap. You shouldn’t have to use data to access something that should’ve been on your phone in the first place.

    1. agreeed. this is why it’s goign to my wife and not me :(

    2. all a matter of preference brother, I’m actually quite fond of using cloud services, I’m always somewhere with WiFi and have 4G all in my area so i never have any issues with storage on my gnex on Verizon.

    3. I think that’s why it only has 16 GB so that you can use the cloud and consume data, With most of Verizon going to the the tiered plans its a win for their money hungry asses

    4. and that red strip is nasty

    5. But cloud works so well when you’re sitting on your couch connected to wifi. Just never travel anywhere and you’ll be fine. If you do travel HTC’s nonremovable battery won’t last long enough to access any media you have stored locally anyway …

  7. I think the note is great for a business person and DNA for someone like me.

  8. Yay, another phone who’s updates will roll out 2 generations behind.
    yipee for HTC and Verizon.

    1. Cyanogen, just like the Tunderbolt.

  9. You only get just over 10gb of user space the only reason i got the Evo lte it had sd slot but i have since moved on to a Samsung Note 2 much happier i love HTC phones but they just don’t seem to get it right now people want sd card slot and removable batteries stop with the iphone like android devices.Four new 3d games and its full

  10. DNA is the best phone out spec wise.

  11. Meh……. my GS3 with 1280×720 display with 32 internal along with 32 SD card will suit me just fine until something more completely awesome comes out.

    Seriously, how could they gimp it like that? That’s like purchasing a 1080p TV… .with no built in HDMI nor component outlets.

    1. You have a Galaxy S3 with 32gigs internal?

      1. As do I.

  12. People, SD cards will be phased out eventually. It’s going to be mostly cloud everywhere. The American carriers have it figured out, tiered data with no on the phone storage forces data use!

    1. No one would mind sd cards being phased out if the capacity was higher in the phones.

    2. Don’t scare me like that. Hopefully Samsung keeps it up with their removable batteries and empty SD slots.

  13. non-removable battery & only 16 GB = deal killer

  14. Cool wake me up when they make a reasonably sized 4.3″ one.

    Actually don’t wake me up at all, it’s an HTC device on Verizon Wireless therefore it’ll NEVER receive a software update.

    1. NEVER? Wow. The Rezound got ICS after only waiting nearly 9 mos! ha ha ha

    2. Small lady hands? The phone is reasonably sized.

  15. Where the heck is my note 2

  16. Nice looking phone too bad its on Verizon.

  17. I love my DROID DNA.

  18. Is it waterproof?

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