In light of HTC settlement, Samsung’s JK Shin still sees no deal with Apple


When HTC and Apple came to an agreement on a 10-year cross-licensing deal, those of us sick of hearing about a new patent lawsuit every week were hopeful that similar settlements could be reached in other high-profile cases. This won’t be the case with Samsung, according to top dog JK Shin. The Samsung Mobile chief said, “Regardless of HTC’s settlement with Apple, we have no intention [to settle].”

Yes, Samsung plans to fight this out until the bitter end, and why wouldn’t they? Despite a recent loss in the US courts that, depending on how appeals play out, will see the Korean mobile maker forking over $1 billion in damages to Apple, their fortunes have been better elsewhere. A court in the UK ruled that Samsung did not infringe on Apple’s iPad design and ordered the Cupertino, Calif. company to post a notice on their site clarifying the matter for their customers (an order which was disobeyed and saw Apple fronting Samsung’s court costs).

That is not to mention speculation that the deal between HTC and Apple favors the latter company. Industry sources have come forward saying that Apple could be owed $6-$8 for every handset HTC ships. Samsung could afford such a settlement more easily than HTC, but it sounds like the company would much rather duke it out than come to a peaceful resolution outside the courtroom.

Apple and Samsung have both been stubborn throughout their numerous legal battles, with neither company ceding ground easily. A settlement would ultimately come down to one side buckling before the other, and it sounds like Samsung isn’t prepared to be the one to wave the white flag.

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  1. Way to go Samsung. Don’t give in to these pigs. Samsung has no reason to settle with Apple. They have not copied anything. The reason HTC settled is because people don’t like their crappy products and they are probably going to lose a lot more if they keep going to courts. Samsung please please please destroy Apple once and for all. You are outselling them so no need to settle like the losers HTC.

    1. Not sure I would call HTC products crappy… HTC has recently put out the best Android devices this year… It is true, HTC would probably lose more by pursuing this case, but at least HTC can remain to do what they do without a threat from Apple, while Samsung would still have to continue fighting and face the threat of banning Samsung products as a result of the court’s decision.

      1. I agree. HTC makes good products, they are just not the best at updating them.

        1. double ^^

      2. Not sure about best although I agree it’s not crap either. I really don’t see anything best about the lack of micro sd’s, no removable battery, or the 2020 mah ones in the dna.

        1. Lack of microSD? The DNA has 64gbs.. that’s all I need on a phone.. Also, my Evo LTE has a microSD slot. Non removable battery? Let’s face it… as phones get thinner and thinner, the possibility of a removable battery gets even more thinner. But I agree, 2020 mah battery is on the low side, but that quad core processor is pretty efficient, even when pushing a 1080p screen… I’m sure it’ll last a day.

          1. Maybe that’s all you need, but you’re not the only person that buys phones and we’re not all happy to pay the silly premium manufacturers charge for a few extra GBs either tyvm.

            I’d prefer phones get a little thicker than the latest bunch to have a larger battery (well, I’d actually prefer batteries to hold far more charge in an even smaller area) and still be replaceable as I don’t see the need to replace my phone after 18-24 months just because the battery’s barely holding a charge (although I like Google’s position on having a replaceable battery).

          2. What you gonna do with more than 64 gbs of storage? Store all of your blu-ray movies onto it? Unless you got a huge load of content, 64 gbs is more than enough…
            Unfortunately, you don’t work at a manufacturer’s engineering division to say your thoughts… phones are gonna getting thinner and thinner, whether you like it or not.

          3. All my music (40GB) so I always have a high quality version of whatever I fancy listening to whenever and a TV series or 2 of whatever I’m watching at anytime so if I find myself out and about with time to burn I can watch the next episode.
            1080p Video recordings also take a fair amount of space.

            Add in all the software I like to carry around with me which fits on a tiny microSD card rather than carrying around the usual USB stick on my keyring.

            Granted, I’m a special case and not the mainstream, but there are a lot of people that have the need to carry around a large amount of data with them, hence having SD cards, so if someone needs 200GBs they can carry a few cards, but for the majority they can stick with the included 8/16/32/64GB.

            And engineers like to make a whole host of different things, some will focus on thinner, others on capacity, flexibility price, use of recyclable materials etc… but they get told what to make and thinness is an easy one for the marketters, hence why they’re getting thinner, not because that’s what all the engineers want to do.

            If people stop buying the thinnest and instead buy what fits their needs (like we do now), then they’ll be a range of products for those people, so no, they won’t keep getting thinner at the expense of other features!

            And blu-ray? Seriously, that was an old tech the day it was released!

          4. Sounds like you are a special case… What ever floats your boat, go for it.

          5. that’s all you need on a phone for what you use it for. You can’t speak for everyone else.

          6. I’d go for more battery capacity at the current thickness over making the phone any thinner with the same capacity.. :D

          7. Same, but I think Motorola is the only manufacturer that gets it right now (Razr Max HD)

      3. As long as Samsung products are banned a year or two after release it’s a small worry :-) (Well, to Samsung at least)

  2. Sock it to ’em!

  3. I believe the headline should be “In SPITE of HTC Settlement…”

    1. Either one works.

    2. personal preference, I say.

  4. Here is what you do Samsung, increase the price on parts (especially ARM CPUs) that you sell to Apple by around 15% to 20% with the comment: “Due to a $1 billion court battle with your company we are forced to recoup our cost.” or even better: “Due to increased administrative costs in the sum of $1 billion, we are forced to increase the price on the CPUs manufactured for the iPads and iPhones by 20%.” Apple has no choice than to buy Samsung’s chips, no other manufacturer has the capacity to produce this amount of chips with these specs. Problem solved and probably more than $1 billion of the money recouped.

    1. PRetty sure I remember reading somewhere that they are doing exactly that…

      I might be going crazy though…

      1. It’s almost to expect, and Apple knew this would happen before they launched the lawsuit, as crazy as it sounds $1 billion is not that much money for either of these companies, their marketing campaigns are easily this high. Samsung did have to pay $1 billion in damages loosing this lawsuit, but overall Samsung is winning this battle. These lawsuits were the best thing to happen for Samsung, all they had to do after is to point out that their products is so good that even the mighty Apple is getting scared of having Samsung as a competitor. Obviously this time it worked against Apple. The sales numbers of the S3 are the result of this battle, in a big part.

      2. Nope, you did read it…or you are going crazy and by coincidence Samsung are raising their prices.

      3. Would be a foolish move by Sammy if they charged Apple more than anyone else.
        Apple will simply invest in a rival fab and have them make the chips, losing Sammy a huge customer and the ability to snoop at Apples cool designs.

        P.S, just to clarify, I hate Apple.

        1. Silly comment. Apple is already investing in other companies. Also, they don’t need to “snoop” on Apple’s designs by being in the pipeline. If sites like iFixit can tear down their crapgear, so can engineers.. at least that’s what Apple would have you believe Sammy is doing anyways.

          1. Yes, you’re quite right, it would be so useful for Samsung to get a look at Apple’s SoC design once it’s been released to developers, it’s not as if such designs take a couple of years to develop, tool for, start production, ramp up production and start shipping!

            Would also be really useful for them to put the nail in their own coffin when it comes to supplying the biggest customer of a single SoC by charging them more than anyone else.

            How dumb and badly informed I am!

        2. Perhaps the situation is Apple had a large discount due to purchasing all those parts from Samsung. Since the component orders across the board has been reduced Apple simply has ‘lost’ those discounts and have actually returned to paying just as much as everyone else.

        3. Let Apple buy inferior CPUs, everyone knows Samsung makes the best parts, with the exceptions of radios which Moto does best.

  5. Apple lost that chance.

  6. Good, Apple can suck his Shin. See what I did thar?

  7. And that’s why my next phone will be Samsung. Sorry HTC, but I can’t live with the thought of any of my money going to Apple.

    1. And if their appeal fails, where do you think their money will come from to pay the various court fines?

      Stupid reason not to buy HTCs phones!

      1. Everyone has their own reasons.. thankfully no one else can share your reasoning.

        1. Doesn’t stop them being stupid!

  8. Whoa, Samsung circle jerk in progress here.

    1. the pasture is greener here than your apple circle jerk.

      1. Cute, but I ain’t no Apple fan, or windows for that matter.

        1. so you just love posting passive aggressive comments.

  9. it seem HTC finally learned.

    1. Surprised you are still here.


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