Google TV update adds voice search, PrimeTime and more [VIDEO]


Google is continuing to improve Google TV, a platform that needs as much tender, love and care as it can get as it struggles in retail. A new update has been announced for the platform that’ll add a few key features to enhance the experience.

For starters, you can now perform your searches using your voice should your Google TV unit have the microphones to do that. With voice search you can search the web, open apps, and even browse your channels. Simply saying “CNN” will whisk you over to the news network, for instance.

Next up is PrimeTime, a new guide experience that’ll let you browse new content to watch without taking you out of whatever you’re doing. You can browse while watching another movie or TV show, using the web browser or listening to music, for instance. PrimeTime will also suggest new content for you if you’re running out of ideas on what to watch.

In addition, the new YouTube remote play features announced yesterday are in this update. Be sure to read our post on that here. As for who can download this new upgrade and gain the much-appreciated functionality it adds, those with LG Google TV units will get the download “over the coming weeks,” while other devices (Google isn’t confirming which ones) will get it shortly afterward.

[Google via GTVSource]

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  1. The best part of Google TV is that it allows you to download from Amazon or Play stores. I really hope Google continues to allow this. I am still afraid they are slowly moving towards the exclusive store (Play) model like Apple has with iTunes … lets hope not.

    1. I don’t see a problem with Google tightening their control over the Play Store. They should allow other market apps like Amazon, but tightening control of their own store would improve app quality and security. Developers would probably be more enticed to write apps for it too. I love Android but I’m a really big supporter of the direction that Matias Duarte has started to take Android. A uniform and streamlined OS and a higher standard of quality for the Nexus line.

    2. And amazon has done on their kindle devices. Can’t watch a movie on a native app outside of their platforms and roku.

  2. BTW this update isn’t live.

    Its coming in the next few months.

    1. Well Google says LG will get it this week, with no solid info on the other Google TV devices. I really hope it doesn’t take months, though. lol

  3. I’d be happier if this added Amazon Instant Video

    1. You can access instant video through chrome on the web browser but last time I checked it was still in SD not HD.

      Its also a pain to navigate. I wish the GTV was as easy to use as the Roku.

      1. Yeah this is why I’m looking to get away from Amazon. I’m pretty upset that outside Roku or kindle I don’t have an Amazon Prime app for any of my Android devices. It is making me have to commit to Google Play because I don’t want to buy one of their devices. I won’t buy anything from Prime now because of it. Google is going down path to allow me a seamless experience with consuming my media from tv to device. Amazon isn’t.

  4. When will this hit the Co-Star?

    1. We don’t know yet. All they said is that LG devices will get it this week and other units will get it after. That could mean next week… or it could mean months from now. We will have to wait and see.

    2. I have a Co-Star as well, and not going to hold my breath that Vizio gives us fast updates. I wish they did, but IMO, the Co-Star is junk compared to a Roku in terms of user friendliness and how fluid the UI is.

  5. Pfft Voice recognition cant even recognize Skyfall, keeps fedding me guyfalls over and over again

  6. What LG devices? There aren’t any except for their $1000 TV sets.

    1. Those would be the devices.

  7. I just keep asking where is the Sony NSZ-GP9?! (The 2nd Gen Blu-Ray 3D + Google TV).

    1. Like really where is the Sony NSZ-GP9 release? The NSZ-GP9 has a mic on the remote unlike the NSZ-GS7 which doesn’t. I’ll replace my Logitech Revue when this puppy is available. I hope it has Skype like the other Sony TV’s and Blu-rays.

  8. I got the update today on my Revue, after a reboot. So I guess it is rolling out.

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