Apple apologizes to Samsung on UK site, but not without a hint of salt


Throughout this legal battle between Samsung and Apple it seems the latter has gotten the upper-hand in almost every case there is if the case hasn’t been completely thrown out. A ruling in the US determined Samsung infringed on several Apple patents, and as a result Samsung was asked to pay just over $1 billion in damages. In Germany Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 was said to be infringing on the iPad, and Samsung faced a temporary injunction in that region.

But things didn’t go so smoothly over in the UK. The only region that seems to have any sense ruled that Samsung’s products did not infringe on the iPad, though the reasoning was quite silly: the judge deemed Samsung’s tablets weren’t “cool enough” to be mistaken for an iPad. As a result of losing that case, Apple was asked to do something rather unusual — a statement had to be posted to the company’s UK website stating that Samsung did not infringe on its products.

Apple followed through, of course — after all, it’s a legal judgment and after a quick appeals process there was little they could do to avoid it. They did indeed acknowledge that Samsung’s products were ruled not to be infringing, but they, of course, just had to include the little blurb about the fact that it was because the products weren’t “cool” enough.

And the buck didn’t stop there. Apple just couldn’t help but remind people about the rulings in the United States and Germany, though, and reminding everyone that there were more markets than the UK that saw things their way.

It almost reminds me of that bully in a fight who always had to have the last word, and even in detention they had to tell everyone how much they pwned the little guy. It’s Apple’s right, of course, but it still makes the company sound as petty as we already thought it was. Go ahead and read the statement at if you care.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. There is a reason apple is at the top of my want nothing to do with list

    1. right now!

    2. Agreed.

    3. So stop posting comments on articles to do with apple!

  2. “So while the U.K. court did not find Samsung guilty of infringement,
    other courts have recognized that in the course of creating its Galaxy
    tablet, Samsung willfully copied Apple’s far more popular iPad.”

    I remember being 11 years old.

    1. I shot you! no you didn’t! you missed! nuh uh!

      1. Your shot just reflected off my armor! I win!

        1. No! nuh uh! I’m telling mommy koh! you made it up! your lying! that was my shot! you just copied me!

          1. mommy Samsung copied me

          2. Apple level shitstorm meltdown in 3…. 2….

  3. this is why I stick with Android

    1. Yeah! I stick with android too because apple makes crummy apologies. Google all the way!

  4. That’s risky for them to put, given appeals are in process.
    I foresee another retraction being ordered.


  5. Is there an actual apology?

    Barely even an acknowledgment Samsung didn’t copy them.

    1. I didn’t see one. Maybe that’s considered one for a lawyer?

      1. I’m wondering why / if this statement would be acceptable to the judge who issued the order. I wouldn’t think so.

  6. Yeah! Get em Apple! They aren’t as cool as iPad!

    1. You Sir, are one huge D I C K get a life & stop trolling the android site – or is it that you’re here cos Apple has nothing new to write about due to them no longer innovating ?

      1. now now lets just ignore the trolls

  7. Sore losers. I don’t recall Sammy whining like this in their court losses.

  8. Judge: “Apple, tell Samsung you are sorry for saying they copied the ipad”.
    Apple: “I’m sorry you copied the ipad, Samsung”

  9. That’s not an apology! The bully analogy is quite striking – it’s quite disgusting behavior actually…

  10. Wheres the link please?

    1. It’s at the bottom of the article

  11. This “apology” isn’t even easily accessible. In the end, it only bears shame (if any at all, the whole damn thing is shameless self-promotion) to the people who stumble on the link.

  12. This is why I will never buy an Apple product… We should get the STAR Anti-bulling campaign after them.

  13. Oh come on. I’m a die hard Android fan and that’s FUNNY! Kudos to Apple, I’d have done the same thing in their shoes.

  14. WAH WAH WAH crapple. We should throw that salt on crapple’s wound. LOL

  15. Easy to fix:
    1. The judge dictates the exact text to be published, and where on the Apple site it should be accessible, along with the font size or image size of the link, in case Apple tries to cheat on the visibility.

    2. Fine Apple a few millions $ for failing to comply to the order by replacing an apology for a propaganda

    3. Order that every iPhone or iPad sold in UK must have the text “This is not a Samsung” engraved in the body in the back in big font. Ideally printed on top and across the Apple logo.

    1. Haha very funny asshat, there isn’t room on the iPhone screen to put all that text, NOW Who is the bully.

      1. I wish I could like more than once. :)

  16. I don’t even want to read it, it will just make my blood boil. On the + side this kind of stunt WILL backfire on them because they are sinking to new lows almost on a weekly basis now. Whereas it was just we android fans who knew/cared what they were up to, a whole new bunch of people are now aware of their shameful tactics of bullying, over priced goods, stifling the competition & most recently LACK of innovation.

    No product stays on top forever & apple knows this & are now running scared, for even if they end up getting their million bucks they have alerted a whole new bunch of people that there are alternatives out there at much cheaper costs that aren’t bully boys & people will assume that you pay more for Apple to cover future legal action against anyone who takes away potential business.

    1. “Apple Dominates Q3 U.S. Smartphone Sales Through Big Three Carriers”

      Running scared??? From what???

      1. Because there are only three carriers in the US and Global markets don’t matter right?
        Using only a sub-set of the total evidence (a small part that supports your hypothesis) only works if people don’t know that’s what you’re doing.

        If you look at Global stats:
        Samsung sold 56.3 million smartphones during Q3 2012. Apple sold 26.9 million iPhones. (source: IDC)

        Good try at spinning the facts though.

        1. then factor in htc, moto and every other android manufacturer apple has to be shi##ing bricks.

        2. Funny….when it was reported that the Android tablet market was only trailing the iPad 52%-48% I didn’t read a lot of commentary on here that those were just US market numbers…and that the iPad still holds a commanding 61% of the global tablet market :-)

          Sub-set of the total evidence??? You mean the 10,000 plus people that they SURVEYED to come up with that 52-48 figure (talk about a sub-set of evidence!)???? At least these are REAL sales figures from carriers, who by the way comprise 80% of the smartphone market in the USA:
          Such hypocrisy :-)

          1. So now you’re trying to use someone else’s comment to refute a point I never made in order to save face…
            Real nice.

            The IDC (MY source) doesn’t survey people to get its numbers, it uses hard data. And the hard data shows that Samsung sold more than double the amount of smartphones Globally than Apple did in Q3 2012.

          2. Double the sales, less than a third of the profits…..nice “win” Sammy… :-)

          3. So now you’re applauding Apple for ripping off its customers.
            Again, Real nice.

          4. Nope…I’m applauding Apple for having a viable business model that ensures that their products will be available for their customers for years to come, unlike the extremely poor commodity-based, race-to-the-bottom business model that will eventually result in the shutting down of operations for most of Android OEM’s as continue to lose money on Android….

          5. You mean, the “business model” of lowering your prices to entice more buyers? The one that is used in basically every market?

          6. No I mean the “business model” of lowering prices, seeing your already paper-thin profit margins reduced to zero or in many cases selling product below cost, gaining more adopters but losing money. Now I don’t know what business school you graduated from, but losing money is never a recipe for staying in business…

          7. Unless you have other sources that claim otherwise the only 2 Android device lines that I have heard actually sell at or below cost are the Nexus devices and the Amazon Kindle line. I doubt you’ll see ANY android manufacturer go out of business because they didn’t make a profit from individual device sales. Rather if they do go out of business it is because they were not able to sell the quantity of devices to at least break even on producing them due to competition. At the rate Apple is going the iPad mini may cause the same effect in the iPad line to some degree.

      2. two out of the five top carriers don’t sell the iphone. all regional carriers don’t sell the iphone, nor do prepaid with the exception of virgin mobile. but, that’s just sprint trying to move stock they couldn’t move because they got screwed on their deal of selling their sole to the devil aka apple.

      3. Typical, if you look hard enough you may actually notice that there is life beyond the USA !

      4. they dominate single phone sales. they only offer 1 choice (unless you include last years model) android kicks crapples ass if you add up all android devices vs all apples devices. spin it if you want, but you only lie to yourself, not anyone with a brain. Also just heard this morning that apple had to report lower then expected earnings for the quarter and guess who they blamed for the epic fail… you guessed it, samsung.

      5. They’re the only iOS maker.
        There are many Android OEMs, which is where choice comes in, hence market share is… shared amongst them. Look @ Android/Windows/iOS shares over the quarters and tell me their not losing.

        And that’s before you take account of INTERNATIONAL sales and OTHER carriers.
        If you’re being sarcastic, at least leave a hint.

        1. No need for sarcasm….the question I always have for fandroids when you all scream that Apple is “losing”…losing WHAT? Profits? Nope. Apps? Nope. Customer satisfaction? Nope. Developer interest? Nope. For all of the talk of Android’s marketshare lead (aided greatly by cheap throwaways, 2 for 1 deals, and penny deals from sites like Amazon), it has not produced a single advantage that matters. It’s an extremely poor business model when you have over a hundred OEM’s selling Android phones and only ONE (Samsung) is profiting from it. And the distance between Apple and Samsung in terms of profits is laughable. So again I ask, what is Android actually “winning”??

    1. You shouldn’t throw stones if you live in a glass house

      1. Makes no sense bro. None.

  17. I’ve read it and it is NOT an apology. Fine them and make them say it.

  18. They ended with a “Samsung did infringe..”.

    Classic spin there….ending on what you want people to remember the most.

    I’ll be shocked if the judge allows it to stay.

    1. I wonder if this can be considered a form of ‘comtempt of court’.

  19. I don’t agree with their business practices, therefore is why I personally boycott their product. Android is making them paranoid, just wait until Oct. 29th!

  20. Apple has ALWAYS been a bunch of whiny ass bitches and always will be.
    They have always stole other peoples ideas and hard work on technology
    and wrapped it in pretty paper and called it innovation. They have
    always felt that when they take from others it isn’t stealing or
    infringing, it is “improving”. Why does Apple feel it necessary to
    patent rounded rectangles, rounded squares and the color purple??
    because they have never actually “invented” anything of their own..
    ever. This is why I will never own an apple product.

  21. “they are not as cool” Apple you got that right Samsung products are COOLER and by the way they are more innovative.

  22. Line 10 Apple: “Did too!”
    Line 20 Samsung: “Did not!”
    Line 30 Goto Line 10
    Line 40 End


  23. Who’s surprised? I’m not surprised! Were you surprised! NO!

  24. Why don’t Apple post what their patents were? Little do they realize the judge is talking about the shape of the tablet. So Apple just told the crowd that they were suing Samsung because of the shape of their device was the same. How sad and pathetic.

  25. Maybe the iSorry isn’t ready for release yet…

  26. I sort of have mixed feelings about this. The UK court never requires stuff like that, so if they did that to my company id certainly respond with posting the least rewarding message I could think of, yet still fulfill the court’s orders. I think most of us would have responded in the same manner.

  27. I agree, totally uncool Samsung ; how uncool is it to be walking around with a device that is cheaper and does more than a Apple device, yep pretty uncool to Apple.

  28. This is what happens when you let Apple decide what the text will be. I am sure some Apple lawyer will see an apology in there…..somewhere……

    Judge, next time, maybe you should write this text for Apple…just a suggestion.

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if the judge basically says “I gave you a chance to do it yourself, now I’ll have to do it for you and you won’t like it.”

  29. Wow! Apple slammed both Samesung and Judge Magoo. I can imagine the ribbing he’s going to get from his fellow judges. “Hey Judge Magoo, do these twins look alike to you?” They walk away laughing not even waiting for his answer. Apple’s posting was shear genius and I’m sure the judge and Samedung aren’t too pleased. They handed Apple a tool to take their argument to the public and Apple, very cleverly, used the judges own words against him and Shamesung. In the court of public opinion, Apple won this one. The judge made two bad decisions.

  30. I’ve owned both android phones and iphones. the fact of the matter apple makes gorgeous products that work great. the problem is they are more for a certain class of people. that is, people with money. for instance, if I won the lottery tomorrow and had money to throw away. do you think I’d spend 500 dollars on android tablet when I could buy an ipad for the same price. hell no I wouldn’t. I suspect a lot of android fanboys wouldn’t either if they won the lottery. as expensive as apple products are. they at least look and act the part. does anyone here honestly think hundreds of millions of them are sold to insane people or stupid people. because if being insane or stupid mean’t I’d have that kind of money. then sign me up. all be stupid all day just to have enough money to buy mac or ipad on a whim. but most don’t have that kind of money. and that’s where android comes in as a great alternative. my first phone was the g1. and like most people here I was all like, screw the iphone and screw apple. I got android phone. but lets be realistic people. apple is not crap. they are the lamborghini of the phone and computer world. and anyone here would buy a lamborghini if they could. that being said I am not an apple fanboy. I currently own the galaxy nexus which I got for trading my iphone 4s to someone on craigslist. they point is. actually tryout and use apple stuff before you bash it. or you will sound just as petty as the guys running apple right now. just remember if they come across as douche bags. then what about you?

    1. Stating you have owned both doesn’t negate you having any bias. Even if I won the lottery I’d still wouldn’t buy an iPad…. I’d still buy an Android Tab that does more or a Windows 8 tab which would do even more… because I’m not an idiot with money even if I would have money to blow. They look expensive? How? Oh you mean the Apple logo? because I prefer the look of the GS3 to the iPhone any generation. Millions of them are sold because Apple as a company is viewed as Premium. They sell millions because its a big fad. To say most don’t have money to buy an iPhone is 100% idiotic you don’t know what most people can afford. Apple is crap… Bullshiit you aren’t an apple fanboy. GTFO with your retarded teenager argument.

      1. Nah, you are an idiot if you think this comment of yours makes sense.

        1. Where’s your mother child? you are not old enough to be online without parental supervision.

    2. You’re quite right, I would probably buy an iPad if I won the lottery but that would be in addition to all the other Android devices I would also buy that better fit certain uses. Sometimes one size (ok, 2 sizes) fits all does NOT make sense.

  31. You have to be computer literate to understand memory and processors specs. And Doctors and Lawyers while experts in their field are not computer experts. You who wrote the last comment are not either no offense but the gs3 has betfer specs than both the iphone 4 gs and iphone 5. So people who are not very computer savvy are being taken advantage of by apple. One of the lg optimus phones, lg optimus g is one of the most powerful phones in the world.Apple doesnt isnt even in the same league with its hardware. Apples hardware is a joke and its selling because of people blindly purchasing it for the name. Its very pretty and its advertisers are marketing geniuses. Nexus 7 has better hardware than ipad but only a 7 inch screen.however ipad retina screen has more pixels but human eye cant distinguish it enough to make a difference. Samsungs new oled will probably beat it. Apple bit the hand that feeds it. Both Samsung and LG. They robbed. The iphone design from lg in the beginning and tried to cover it up. Without Jobs Apple is a sinking ship. Apple maps is a failure. More google functionality will be stripped. ABANDONE SHIP BEFORE ITS TO LATE!

  32. Of course Samsung’s products aren’t “cool enough”… they are actually “TOO COOL” to be infringing upon an Apple product!!!

    1. Yep, they’re not ‘cool’ enough because they’re actually HOT now.. Hahaha

  33. All da lil samdung girls on here are crying??? Lil quentyn squentyn calls this “bully bully”??? Awwwww. you retards are cute.

    1. Where’s your mommy and daddy? You shouldn’t be on the internet alone, US law requires you to be 13years old to be online without parental supervision.

  34. Every apple device has a crappy overheat problem. So none of them are cool. I have never had an overheat problem on any android. I have no intetest in buying overhyped overpriced inferior i devices. Banning competitors product to sell their ifeces should be illegal!

  35. Are that’s cute Apple is still in junior high.

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