Nov 10th, 2012 publishUpdated   Nov 28th, 2012, 6:23 pm

Samsung’s victory against Apple in the UK was everything but unnoticed. The court went as far as ordering Apple to publish a notice in their official website stating that Samsung did not infringe on the patents at hand. Of course, Apple didn’t see this through with crossed arms and managed to publish a statement that gave more credit to the iPhone maker than it did to the case’s results. UK authorities then forced Apple to edit the statement, which they did, but not without a bit more trickery.

We knew this was all going to come back and bite Apple in the rear, and so it did. The Court of Appeal of England and Wales is now forcing Apple to pay for all of Samsung’s legal fees, due to their “false and misleading” notice.

We must keep in mind that such practices are usual in the UK: losers usually do end up paying for the winners’ legal fees. But the fact that this decision was based on an indemnity basis makes for a very sound slap with a white glove. It is meant to remind Apple, and everyone else, that what they did was wrong.

Now that this one is out of the way, let’s get ready for the hundreds of lawsuits to come. This game is not ending any time soon, guys. It won’t until we change our legal system to get rid of all these problems, which many times are based on insignificant factors.

[Source: Bailii Via: The Verge]

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