Apple vs Samsung: UK orders Apple to pay all legal fees due to site’s misleading statement


Samsung’s victory against Apple in the UK was everything but unnoticed. The court went as far as ordering Apple to publish a notice in their official website stating that Samsung did not infringe on the patents at hand. Of course, Apple didn’t see this through with crossed arms and managed to publish a statement that gave more credit to the iPhone maker than it did to the case’s results. UK authorities then forced Apple to edit the statement, which they did, but not without a bit more trickery.

We knew this was all going to come back and bite Apple in the rear, and so it did. The Court of Appeal of England and Wales is now forcing Apple to pay for all of Samsung’s legal fees, due to their “false and misleading” notice.

We must keep in mind that such practices are usual in the UK: losers usually do end up paying for the winners’ legal fees. But the fact that this decision was based on an indemnity basis makes for a very sound slap with a white glove. It is meant to remind Apple, and everyone else, that what they did was wrong.

Now that this one is out of the way, let’s get ready for the hundreds of lawsuits to come. This game is not ending any time soon, guys. It won’t until we change our legal system to get rid of all these problems, which many times are based on insignificant factors.

[Source: Bailii Via: The Verge]

Edgar Cervantes

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  1. FU Apple, and don’t cite the verge, pos crapple site. i took them off my favs loooong time ago and never go there.

    1. i think Josh T has a bro-mance going on with Matias Duarte. I follow The Verge because of their almost always exclusive on Android Design.

    2. Not sure what your problem with them is, outside of specialized sites like this one, The Verge is the closest you’ll get to a neutral and fairly unbiased Tech reporting

  2. Rotten Apple…

  3. I’m so loving the U.K. courts.

    1. No wonder the stock holders are getting nervous…pissing away $$$ like this, and $20 mill to the Swiss (that may be the all time high payment for a clock app)

      precipitous drop in percentage of tablet sales
      loss of Scott Forstall
      Androids impressive 3rd qtr.
      Samsung selling boat loads of phones
      the fruit is starting to look a little mushy…?

  4. i really want to know where you guys came up with the samsung/apple planets colliding. its an amazing piece of art and i want it as a wallpaper. 1920×1080 prease.

    1. Here’s the largest I could find:

    2. @nightscout13:disqus @disqus_i2RedjAoeZ:disqus thanks guys but it just looks crappy stretched that far at my desktop resolution.

  5. apply cold water to burned area

    1. oh hey there, we have the same avatar

  6. We may be a small country and we may just suck up to the US from time to time [and why not – we can no longer defend ourselves :–)] but I’m still proud to be an Englishman especially on days like this !

    1. “[and why not – we can no longer defend ourselves :–)]”

      Don’t feel bad…neither can we!

    2. Who says you can’t defend yourselves? That’s what nukes are for.

      1. we no longer even own an aircraft carrier :–[

        1. ICBMs don’t require aircraft carriers.

          1. good job

          2. Doubt nukes will be used. The next time a nuke is used count is as the precurser to ww3. U can’t be stupid enough to believe the next nuke in warfare in today’s landscape won’t trigger such a thing. The next nuke attack on whatever country should spell doom for all of us. Good thing is some nations will survive and would be the new leaders.

          3. E.U. will be the next lone super power, resurrected holy roman empire, revelation. I know it seems impossible right now.

          4. …Germany shall continue to lead the E.U. like it does today. That’s it for me. On a serious note…Apple should start to lighten up.

          5. The point I was making is that the UK isn’t completely defenseless with nuclear missile capability. I wasn’t commenting on what would happen if they did use nukes.

          6. Fair enough. :-)

          7. “Good thing is some nations will survive and would be the new leaders. ”

            Guess that means we should work on our Farsi.

          8. Let us all not forget whats really important here which is SUCK IT apple.

        2. I thought England still possessed air craft carriers? What gives?

          1. the governments have been cutting spending year after year whilst still committing to Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya etc. they gamble that we can do without them or shout across the pond if it all goes tits up :–]

      2. Yeah because nuclear war benefits everybody.

    3. Just like Israel the UK likes to have ..a crazy country like America watching their back. Political comment.

    4. Cheers!

    5. As a Yank, I feel I must correct you on something you pointed out in your post. You claim you can’t defend yourselves. That’s funny because the English supposedly have the best trained soldiers in the world. I think that’s saying a lot. Don’t you?

      1. i am VERY proud of our troops, they get lousy pay, have to put up with massive cuts to equipment – the equipment they do have is often 2nd grade [no bomb proof hummers or abrams tanks] So they are only as good as the equipment allows them.

        1. Lest we forget.

      2. It’s not that they can’t fight or are not trained… But it’s bad when u have to catch a ride to make it to the fight…

        The Brits can fight with our boys any time… They train with them every year in Arizona & at other places… But the Brits get shortchange on how they get their equipment to a theater…

    6. I don’t know if England can defend itself from Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man, but Britain as a whole is under no threat from outside militaries. What England/the U.K. needs the U.S. military to help it defend are the overseas interests of the City of London and the 0.01%, just as that military defends the global interests of Wall Street and the U.S. 0.01%.

  7. This whole thing makes Apple look very childish. They needed the slap in the face.

  8. Awesome news.

  9. They should have to pay all the court fees too

  10. lmfaoo. i love UK.

  11. One of our Judges may of said it isn’t as “Cool” as crapples thing but we do know how to dish out punishments

    1. It’s the law that counts, not personal opinion.

  12. Too bad Apple gets away with all their games in the USA courts. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why Apple tries their hardest to keep their law suites filed in the USA. Seems our courts are taking bribes or they are just stupid. Being a US citizen I find this outrageous. What a freaken joke, the US Courts should be ashamed of themselves.

    1. yes but one of the things i admire most about the american way, is the home grown loyalty – the stars & stripes everywhere you look and this extends to US products. so this is kinda the bad bit [if that makes any sense]

      1. Oh Lord, a Brit that likes the US! Love your comments. Brit courts are doing a much more unbiased job in these tech matters… probably because they don’t have the political divide we have in ours. BTW, Brits were great to work with where I deployed. Very professional, well trained, and just great people.

        1. The reason i feel so strongly about the patriotic loyalty in the states is that in the UK everything is so pc that just a few yrs ago during the football World Cup and other occasions local councils were ordering our taxi drivers – factories and various other workers/workplaces to take DOWN the National flag — because it may offend the ethnic minorities !!! Its good to hear that the love is not just one way traffic :–] honestly we have had wall to wall coverage of the last 2 US elections on our 24/7 news channels and of course Sandy.

  13. Apple is making it more painful than it has to be by being stupid.

    1. It’s beneath Apple to do as requested by the court. After all, they are always right. Everything to do is the best too – at least that’s how they think…

      1. About time someone put them in their place. Microsoft took so much crap from the Justice Department over Internet Explorer back in the ’90s. Here is Apple doing much worse, trying to bury competition under litigation, and it’s the UK that has to put them in their place. Apple is way more anti-competitive today than Microsoft was 15 years ago.

  14. Good news for the holidays.

  15. The judge even took a bite out of the logo as well…

  16. Soooo there is a god!! poetic justice, HAHAHAHA.

  17. I think that image should be 2 fetuses fighting in the womb, trying to kill each other.

  18. OOOh, a fee.. billions of dollars in the bank and they are worried about a fee? no.

    they will happily take care of the check in exchange for getting away with evading the courts order to publicly humiliate themselves.

    1. Ah, but the article does not make it clear whether Apple had to also redo their ads once more..

  19. And the biggest looser to this is HTC… With their new 10 year patent deal with Apple… HTC paid MS and now Apple… Sucksville HTC… I will never buy a non Nexus HTC product… Because that would mean paying off Apple & MS…

    The problem with HTC is not the patent problems.. But the carrier exclusivity… Just imagine how many HTC One + & HTC DNA’s would HTC have sold if they would of copied Samsung & done a 4 carrier release in the US within weeks…

  20. Apple must take apple products out of UK. Screw UK. Leave them alone with galaxy only option. Why google desperately making Samsung richer? It is sad to see Dough going to different country. I mean android is a open-source software and google is not making enough profit and but allowing foreign companies to use their software for free? Indirectly, it is hurting US economy.

    1. So is Apples blatant patent trolling

    2. WTF ? ? ? Are you smoking Sir ?

  21. Haha Apple, way to go to the UK Judge standing up to the bully known as Apple.

  22. The UK has handled Apple the most sensibly throughout all this. If only other courts had the same sense, the (tech) world would be a much better place :)

  23. Little does Apple care, little does Apple care.

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