HTC Droid DNA (DLX) shows up at the FCC, cleared for takeoff on Verizon Wireless


Customers on the nation’s largest wireless network who have been eyeballing the HTC Droid DNA (DLX) better have most of their pennies saved up. A filing at the FCC today hints that the moster-spec’d device is making a b-line straight for Verizon Wireless. Okay, so that part we’ve known for quite sometime, but without a specific date on when we should crack open our piggy banks, it looks like we’re finally one step closer.

What is essentially a US variant of the HTC J Butterfly we told you guys about a few weeks back, the HTC Droid DNA will feature an industry first 1080p 5-inch SCLD3 display, 1.5GHz Qualcomm S4 Pro quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM and possible 8MP camera (that part is still a little fuzzy). While those specs might seem like overkill to the uninitiated, that means a display that will faithfully produce images equal to real world print. Count me in.

The filing lists the device’s product number (HTC6435LVW) as well as the usual radio bands showing support for Verizon’s unique CDMA/LTE combo, as well as global bands for the Android globetrotter.

Hopefully this device wont suffer from any delays (Verizon has a history of extensively testing devices on their network), in which case we should expect it in time for the holidays. Still up in the air is whether or not we’ll see other variants for other carriers (like AT&T, T-Mobile, or Sprint). But with AT&T set to receive the One X+ next month, T-Mobile on a limited budget, I’d be willing to bet we’ll see this arrive as an EVO sequel for Sprint (yes, that’s pure and baseless speculation). Those of you not on Verizon, would you like an opportunity to pick up for your carrier?

[via FCC | Engadget]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. My next phone for sure

  2. Yay ANOTHER Verizon phone…

  3. I hope they don’t actually call or the Droid DNA.

    1. They should call it the J Butterfly since thats already its name.

      1. I rather see that then DROID DNA.

    2. DROID DIX is pretty awesome, if you’re into sausage fests.

      1. Lolllll I wouldn’t even touch that phone if that’s what it was called

  4. ugh. depends on the release date but I think my heart is still set on the Note 2. 1080p vs stylus and multi window among other things….

  5. Def no EVO Variant. This would be flagship and that doesn’t happen until the summer/spring of every year.

    1. There are no guarantees in life. Hoping Sprint will break tradition.

  6. Should of just named it a “One” series phone.

    1. Verizon wasn’t having it.

      1. Understood. But honestly……… Isn’t this whole DROID naming with Verizon getting old?

        1. it’s not that old, just SEVERELY overused

        2. Very old. Unfortunately, someone at big red knew what they were doing when they came up with the idea of licensing the Droid name…it’s synonymous with Android for most folks. Drives me nuts. >.<

          1. It’s a brand Verizon has created and consumers instantly recognize. Android….. not so much :/

      2. So forgive my ignorance as I don’t know how things work in US but when you say “Verizon wasn’t having it” are you meaning that the Network is ‘bigger’ than HTC & Has so much clout that it can rename another manufacturer device ? It sounds like another Apple ?

        1. Here in the states Verizon is the largest carrier so they have PLENTY of clout, take the HTC Hero, Verizon was allowed to rename it the HTC Droid Eris, because HTC is a “Vagina” company, unlike Samsung they have no balls, unless you’re Apple or Samsung the carriers don’t respect you here.

          1. Ok I understand, so its a case of “unless we rename your phone – we won’t stock it and you’ll miss out on our huge customer base”. Now pls don’t be offended by this but it sounds VERY american – “screw you, we do things our way here” . It is almost a bully boy culture [by the companies, not you guys :–}]

          2. Carriers hold all the power. This is the sole reason why Android was created and why Google is trying to change that with the insanely low priced Nexus.

          3. That was THE weirdest example ever.

          4. Weird…NO, Rushed maybe, but it got my point across to Bladesman 1889,(S)He understood what I wanted to say, Kind of like when you Phandroid guys write an article and forget to proof read it.

    2. DROID ONE? haha Droid DNA sounds pretty badass, but too bad you start to get a chubby and then find out it’s an HTC phone.

    3. *should’ve. Come on, that’s grammar taught in second grade.

      1. Sorry if I offended u. R u going to correct me on “are you” too?

        1. I’m not a grammar Nazi, but “should of” is not even close to being correct. “Should’ve” is a contraction formed from should have.


    1. ^^Aka I want this on AT&T, but Im not willing to wait for it. Note II here I come.

  8. Any ideas on whether this is coming to the UK ?

    1. Other than Japan and Verizon in the US I haven’t heard of it coming the UK as of yet, rather shocking to me seeing how you guys usually get new phones released there before we do here.

      1. hmmm, f*cking typical – the 1 phone I actually like/want and not a sniff !

        1. Me myself, I’m eyeing the Galaxy Note 2 for Sprint since I have a upgrade available next month, this carrier exclusive bullshit drives me crazy, I have no desire to be on Verizon’s network.

  9. Oh hell no! I’ll be mad if this is the next Evo… Way too beastly of a phone, and I’ll be jealous!

  10. meh…

  11. If the radios are better in this Vs the n4 I will pay the ‘premium’

  12. Can’t stand the note ii hard home button…dumbest thing…. I’m getting this for sure

    1. You get used to it. Fast.

  13. Unfortunately HTC is the new lg, their phones are constantly resetting, battery only lasting a few months, when they go back to quality over quantity I’ll go back

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