5 inch HTC phone for Verizon to be named DROID DNA?


Verizon has long been rumored to carry a 5 inch phone from the HTC camp. We expect that phone to get here before the snow really starts packing on, but to date we haven’t had much in the way of information. Well, it looks like we might get an early indication of what its name will be once Verizon begins marketing it.

A Verizon support page that exists for showing users how to insert and remove their batteries curiously includes a device that isn’t supposed to exist yet. The model number is ADR6435 — the same aforementioned 5 inch phone — and its name is conveniently revealed to be the HTC DROID DNA.

We initially thought the 5 inch device was going to be another entry for the Incredible series, and while this may still be true this is the first hint we’ve gotten from Verizon themselves even if it is hiding in plain sight.

Perhaps more important than the name is the fact that this sighting almost confirms Verizon is gearing up to release the device at some point this month. Support documents and the like have to be prepared beforehand, and they are usually one of the last steps before the marketing campaign is sured up and launched. It’s facing stiff competition from Samsung with its Galaxy Note 2 coming and the still-popular Galaxy S3 so it’ll be interesting to see whether or not this new HTC device can survive the oncoming holiday onslaught.

[via Verizon, thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. The Droid Deoxyribonucleic Acid. That’s ingenious corporate marketing right there.

    1. I lol’d at this.

  2. And here I thought Butterfly was a stupid name.

  3. I really wish carrier exclusives would just stop.

    1. I think this is the reason that HTC is losing so much marketshare…they have no brand recognition. They should be launching devices across carriers with the “One” moniker and marketing the hell out of them.

      1. Yeah I feel both Moto and HTC have both been hurt by it. Hopefully now that Moto is controlled by El Goog they will cut out the carrier exclusives, but I have little hope HTC will learn their lesson.

      2. Well sadly Verizon turned away the One X because they wanted another Droid Incredible. So Verizon got the Incredible 4G, which was based on the One S, not the One X. Sprint pulled that same crap but at least the Evo LTE was based on the One X and got the goodies that the One X has been touting.

    2. USA always has to be different in the wrongest of ways. -_-

    3. I’ve never purchased (or avoided) a phone based on “gee, I don’t like the name” reasons.

      Don’t like the phone’s name… name it “Debby” if you want.

      1. What? I don’t think you meant this as a reply to me.

  4. This is going to be my next device for sure since the Nexus 4 doesn’t support Verizon bands.

  5. Wondering why HTC has not making a profit recently? Carrier exclusives just like this…
    When will HTC learn?

  6. And once again HTC launches what should be a company-saving flagship… as a carrier exclusive, on the most expensive network in the country no less. This is why they are hemorrhaging money. Learn from Apple and Samsung – you need to launch the SAME product with the SAME specs and the SAME name across all carriers at once.

  7. Wonder what will happen if/when this product comes to the UK.

  8. I thought this news was reported a couple weeks back. perhaps it was from another news site.

  9. htc would do everyone a huge favor by just focusing on a well rounded 720p handset at 5″. i’m not so sure the rumored puny 2000mah battery will be able to push all those pixels for a full day use. look at the note 2 at 5.5″ with 720p screen and it houses a huge 3100mah battery.

    1. this phone has a 2500mah battery…………………………….

      1. if 2500 then it’s not too bad. i was going off of the specs for the j butterfly which is 2000mah from what i remembered.

  10. Laughtastic

  11. Your “Droid” named device is getting old Verizon!

  12. If it had a removable battery i guess I’d be OK with a 2000 mah

  13. The way HTC’s been doing lately, this phone might be the Droid DOA.

  14. DNA? Do Not Announce?

    DNA, sounds interesting, but for a phone name, especially one with Droid branding in front, that sounds stupid. Seriously, I could think up a dozen names on the spot that would go well with “Droid”. At least better than “DNA” at any rate.

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