First Angry Birds Star Wars gameplay trailer is up [VIDEO]


We’ve been hearing a lot about how Angry Birds Star Wars will change up the Angry Birds formula a great deal, but Rovio hasn’t been very keen on sharing details until just recently. The developer has released the first gameplay footage from the new game and it’s every bit as fresh as we’d imagined it would be.

This first trailer features Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia recreated in the Angry Birds universe, and it gives a glimpse at some of the new powers and techniques the birds will use to defeat their age-old foes — the pigs.

One of the most notable new additions is that the red bird –Luke — finally has an ability. It can now use a light saber to zap away some of the structure surrounding the pigs.

Leia, a pink bird, features a triple-beam laser that seemingly takes care of an AT-AT with ease. I don’t need to tell you how excited I am, nor is it hard to imagine how excited many of you are for what’s shaping up to be a great new take on the series. Be sure to head to the Play Store November 8th when it launches for Android! Watch the trailer above.

PS: Disney now owns Lucas Arts. Implications for Angry Birds Star Wars? Unlikely. But something to know, anyway.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. WOW…

    Now that Disney is going to own Star Wars I guess they will get the royalties…

    1. Oh wow if the prequel series didn’t destroy the franchise Disney certainly will.

      1. I have a ton more faith in disney being able to make a legit new star wars film than lucas.

  2. The fact they have powers now is pretty cool. It hasn’t gotten old to me yet. They do just enough with each release to make it feel exciting as it did when it first came out

    1. Agreed. Rio was probably the smallest jump they made outside of Seasons (which we already know was Angry Birds with holiday themes) and I still thought it was great.

  3. “Leia, a pink bird, features a triple-beam laser that seemingly takes care of an AT-AT with ease.”

    I dunno… looks more like a tractor beam to me. Still awesome!

    1. That was my thought, looked like tractor beam.

  4. Use the force…..

  5. love it. i may actually play this itteration. haven’t really played angry birds hardcore since the original

  6. Soooo downloading that.

  7. The first angry birds that i’m going to bother to beat

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