Google details Android 4.2: Photo Sphere, Gesture Typing, and multiple users included


Google has officially announced Android 4.2, the next update to their mobile operating system. The new software version, which retains the Jelly Bean name introduced with Android 4.1, brings about several new features, including Photo Sphere, a 360-degree panorama mode that captures “larger than life” images stitching together a complete view of a users surroundings.

Also new to the OS is Gesture Typing, a keyboard input mode that allows users to swipe through letters to type, something that users of the popular Swype keyboard should be quite familiar with. For devices shared among multiple users, specifically tablets, Google has implemented the ability to wuickly and easily switch between accounts directly from the lockscreen.Other updates in Android 4.2 includes wireless display support for Miracast compatible HDTVs as well as an improved Google Now experience with new cards for flight information, restaurant reservations, hotel confirmations, and shipping details.

Android 4.2 will ship with the LG Nexus 4 and Samsung’s Nexus 10 tablet, but plans for the new version of Jelly Bean to reach other devices have not been announced. The Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus are presumably next in line.

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  1. EDIT, I take back what I say….Google Now update adds a TON of new stuff and it just showed up on my phone. Sweet.

  2. I JUST figured out why it’s called Nexus 4, Nexus 7, and Nexus 10 …. and yes I did have this epiphany moment while on the can …

    1. Its also the 4th nexus device so it’s doubly 4

      1. Correction its the fourth Nexus Phone not device.

        1. Ah yes, quite right. I meant phone, but for some reason device came out. I guess the 4th would be the Nexus 7 or Q. Whichever came first.

    2. That’s where I do some of my best thinking too :-P

    3. For Google 4.7 inches is still 4… Not so much for Apple, a 7.9 iPad mini is not even close to 7, is much more…

      1. I caught that too. haha. They clearly think opposite.

    4. Care to illuminate?

  3. … and also coming soon to a WiFi Xoom near you, I’m sure. That’s virtually the first Nexus 10, frankly.

    1. Speaking of WiFi Xoom, mine is for sale for $300. Comes with original box and everything. NEVER ROOTED (she’s a virgin) Hardly used and not a single scratch anywhere on the Tab. Belkin Folio case as well. just throwing it out there. ;)

      1. legit trade for a N7?

        1. Im still debateing on N7 or N10 now. If I go with N7 its only $199 now for the 16 gig I need so I wouldnt trade for a used one. Sorry but thank you for the offer. Love seeing whats out there.

          1. Okay offer allways open.

          2. Is it a 8gig or 16gig? Where you located? Just thinking

          3. 16 Puyallup WA

  4. Wow, very boring update…

    1. Yeah….Now watch Apple sue Google for infringing on boring updates.

    2. Im sure thats why they are still keeping the Jelly Bean monicker. Most major updates have the cooler or major offerings (UI changes/fixes, new apps, etc).

  5. no update yet on my 7

  6. Unfortunately I have Verizon. So I won’t see the update in my galaxy nexus until next summer at least

    1. Pretty optimistic thinking there man.. at the very least I say late fall 2013

  7. I cannot wait until I get 4.2 on my Nexus 7. Will be stalking XDA for quite sometime.

  8. I want it for my already beastly EVO LTE!

  9. I hope this lockscreen login only lets users set up their own homescreens or whatever, and doesn’t restrict apps to the account that purchased them. I don’t know why I have a bad feeling about this…

  10. Now I need a tiny Miracast box to plug into my TV’s. Anyone hear about those coming out? Hell, google should sell them as accesories, or build it into google tv.

    1. saw one from netgear for 70. if/when I get a nexus 10 i will surely will be getting one

  11. OK- So WHEN will current NEXUS devices be upgraded to Android 4.2?

  12. When does it hit aosp? I’m guessing launch day for the n4 and n10?

  13. 4.2 just doesn’t seem as big of an update as 4.1 was. So it won’t be a dealbreaker if my phone won’t get 4.2.

  14. Does anyone know how to do spaces with gesture typing or do you have to lift your finger up every time you want a space?

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