Here is Android 4.2’s 360-degree Photo Sphere camera


Wondering exactly how that snazzy new Photo Sphere camera mode in Android 4.2 will work? Here’s a quick video demo showcasing just that. Instead of your traditional side-to-side panorama sweep, Photo Sphere asks the user to align the camera with a blue guide dot to capture up to a full 360-degree view. After the photo is stitched together, the image can be panned, rotated, and zoomed to get a full look.

It’s sort of like having a street view camera, but it’s in your phone. For that matter, the captured images can be pinned to a location in Google Maps to add your own look at the world around you for others exploring the digital atlas.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. sweeet

  2. Well done el Googs

  3. I give it a month before Apple uses this to make their own Street View and sues El Goog for panorama and Street View.

  4. Now all we need is 360 degree projectors to make our rooms favorite outdoor places.

    1. that would be awesome

    2. google holodeck?

      1. So full of win!

      2. you know Google will invent something like that and I wont be surprised. plus Samsung similar to that it is a special glass.

    3. Maybe something could be done with the oculus rift? They did say it would have android support.

  5. the newest feature of the iPhone 5s apple will claim to have created it

    1. It’ll take them a couple of years to get there (until when they’ll claim its a pointless feature that nobody wants)

      1. and then release it 6 months later

  6. i love how iOS finally gets panarama built in and then Google takes picture taking one step further.

    1. lmao, I was just about to say that. :P

    2. I love how engadget said the photo sphere was made to compete with Apple’s Panorama Mode? what?

      1. lol ridiculous.
        That reminds me of why I don’t read it anymore.

      2. lol they are in apple pockets

    3. I love how the new nexus flagship doesn’t support lte and the iphone does lol

      1. you’re talking about 1 phone compared to an army of LTE enabled phones :P

        Google will probably succumb to the pressure and release an LTE version sometime down the line.

    4. Apple rejoices this feature today because that means ios 10 has its first new feature.

  7. now can we have a 4.2 rom for the gs3 already

  8. I would update to that for no other reason! So cool.

  9. useless since I won’t be able to use it on a CDMA network

    1. so sad. This camera function might be taking one step forward, but no LTE is two steps back. The price tag is tempting, but how do you expect me to go back from true 4G at this point?

      1. A lot of people don’t even use their 4g because they have a 1-2gb data cap so are forced to be on Wifi whenever they get the chance, but it sucks for all of us that have unlimited for the time being.

  10. eat that apple! talking like you invented the panoramic camera. now what apple? uh? your move

    1. I have already seen an app for that.

      1. Yea. So did I. It was called stereoscopic view, or something lyk that. But it only worked from left to right. You can view a 3D image of items, but the app really used many different pictures instead of combining them into one picture.

  11. O wow, Apple catch up with panorama mode a year late and weeks later get left behind again. I downloaded a very buggy app (forget the name) a couple of years ago that did something similar but this looks very polished. If only I had this a few months ago on holiday.

  12. Will the galaxy nexus get this feature on 4.2 or is it just for the new Nexus

    1. This isn’t an iphone or windows phone 7, so you will get all the new features, not just some few selected ones ;)

      1. lol i know but some of the sites mentioning it are making it sound as though the Nexus 4 is the only one getting it, so had to ask.

        1. Well if you still have some doubt, go to and you will see it is showed with galaxy nexus

      2. Thank you!! I hate how people always say that their iPhone gets updated. My iPod Touch 2G only got the folders ability with the 4.x update. I couldn’t even have a wallpaper because my iPod didn’t have the hardware. Bunch of lies and people believe that bull. Oh well, done ranting. LoL!!

  13. This is really cool

  14. Did you know the Droid X had panorama 2 years ago? Well the nexus 4 has 360-degree Photo Sphere camera consider that a 1-up Apple since you just got it this year

  15. That’s quite interesting. I wonder how this will do.

  16. I’m impressed!

  17. PLEASE tell me Google applied for a patent on this for “all mobile devices”.

    1. They might already have some relevant IP for it since it’s based on their Street View cars tech. Hope they make it comprehensive though

    2. not sure if Google has it yet or not, but Microsoft photosynth (currently only on iOS) does exactly this

  18. okay, that’s badass. That should just be a simple update to Camera App. Not sure why they have to bump to 4.2 to do this.

    1. If this is just in the 4.2 camera apk, wii may be able to side-load it. Just like Google Now. I’m hoping for that. I want this, but I don’t think my E4GT will be seeing 4.2 for quite sometime. =.S

      1. Let’s hope so!!

  19. Well done, Señor El Google!!

  20. Apple cannot copy it…it is patented.

    1. Apple will apply for a patent anyway. And the patent office will award them the patent.

  21. Take that apple

    1. yup my i5 wont have it.. yet, but my gnexus will.

  22. I bet GS3 will not be seeing this update. All carriers, all continents.

  23. Make your own Google Street View!

  24. This well definitely be on the iPhone 7s!

  25. Flagged as SPAM. If you can’t mention anything specific about the article, you’re probably not even reading it.

  26. This feature is irrelevant because more than half the US customer base can’t get a Nexus 4, and non-Nexus phones never get updates (mine never did). Meanwhile 100% of the US customer base can get an iPhone 5.

  27. Sorry guys Google is not first to do this but Microsoft with its photosynth app and which is also available or iOS and built in WP8

    1. That’s great! Can you pin that to a shared maps too? Or is it simply a file you have to view in only in the photosynth app?

      1. I only said that google was not first i din’t say about features,Photosynth only allows you to show in their app whereas google allows you to pin it in there maps, so google is better.

        1. I guess that’s a feature Photosynth should be working on for a future version then. It would be useful to share such files on different mapping systems including Google Maps and Apple’s Mapping system.

  28. Now…pair this with Project Glass. Where you look stitched together as a fully manipulable area.

  29. Oh man… how awesome will it be 10,20,30 years from now when you’ll be able to access these 360 panoramas from your mobile device (implant?) while standing in the exact same spot? It’ll be like a virtual museum!

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