Google announces 32GB Nexus 7 with mobile data for $299, available unlocked Nov. 13



Google has announced a series of updates to their Nexus 7 lineup to coincide with the launch of the LG Nexus 4 and Samsung Nexus 10. The biggest addition is the introduction of a mobile data-enabled version of the slate with 32GB of internal storage. The HSPA+ Nexus 7, which is compatible with over 200 service providers worldwide (including AT&T in the US) will launch on November 13th and will retail unlocked for $299.

Additionally, Google has announced a WiFi-only 32GB version of the Nexus 7, which will replace the 16GB model at the $249 price point. The 16GB model will see a price cut to $199, taking over for the 8GB model. As has been seen on numerous retailer websites, the new WiFi models should be available as of today.

To join the discussion on the latest updates to the Nexus 7 line, head on over to the Nexus 7 section of our very own Android Forums. For more info on Google’s latest tablets, including the Nexus 10, as well as the newly launched Nexus 4, head on over to Google’s official announcement post.

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  1. With the 1700, 1900, and 2100 bands, shouldn’t this also work on HSPA+ on T-Mobile?

    1. Yup…sweet, sweet 4G!

  2. google: add $50 to upgrade to 32Gb and another $50 to get mobile data
    apple: add $100 to upgrade to 32Gb and another $130 to get mobile data
    that is clear, this has nothing to do with quality products or better feature, this is just a rip off

    1. nexus 7 32Gb with mobile data is sold for $299 while apple selling less powerful device for $559, come one, it is almost double the price

        1. you heard it right

      1. The consumer will speak with their wallet. These tabs will sell very well. Was on a plane with my N7 last week and 4 people asked me what it was and I told them the story. I think there are 4 happy people with new tabs out there this week.

    2. can you honestly saythat Android tablets look as good as Apple tablets or work is well or have equally good apps. On my iPhone 4s I had street fighter vs texxen. Now on my galaxy nexus running jelly bean I have no street fighter at all. And on my days off when I didn’t have to wake up at a specific time. I could just launch Siri and ask her to wake me up 7 and a half hours from now. And guess what? She would do it. And those are just a couple of things I miss. Would you like me to go down the line. As far as im concerned just a hand of features had made it worth the price for. Which is why I’m going back to apple till go fixes these problem. There little problems yes. But its the little things that kill me

      1. obvious douche is obvious.

      2. In my honest opinion, the Nexus 7 looks far sexier than the iPad. It’s the only tablet I’ve ever considered buying, after scoffing at all tablets for their identity crisis between phone and laptop. You could get apps that do what Siri does and more on the market, or just not make your phone wake you up if you don’t need to wake up.
        At any rate, I would NEVER pay an extra £160 for ‘the little things’ – with little things you just grit your teeth, and after a very short time, you don’t even notice them. That short period of minor inconvenience is a lot cheaper…

      3. With Jellybean, you can tell Google Now to set an alarm for whenever. As for Street Fighter on a touch screen? Fail. Hell, on Android, you could fire up the MAME emulator and play the arcade version of Street Fighter, and wire up a controller to it. Would love to see you do that on iOS :)

      4. And your iPhone can also send you to the wrong place with Apple Maps

  3. these prices will not be enough to sway independent tech lovers from buying iPads or iPad minis. 299 and 400, with better storage. But an Ugly design. Vs 349 and 499 with inferior storage and a gorgeous design. To me the choice is look like Ugly Betty with a great personality or a gorgeous babe with a terrible personality. I guess it just comes down to how shallow I’m feeling this holiday season

    1. The difference in your analogy is that a female should be something you are attracted to. Where as a tablet should function better than it looks. Your price point is also wrong.

      Apple iPad Mini 16GB wifi only 349.
      Google Nexus 7 16GB wifi only 199.

      Compare apples to apples…. Not Apples to nazi oranges… Side note, I actually think the iPad look has gotten extremely stale. The nexus lineup will sell just fine.

  4. My question is HOW MUCH DATA per month???

    1. You use your own SIM

  5. I’m getting that there 32gig nexus 7 for sure! I love android! Fo Life!

  6. Will this work on Verizon?

    1. Verizon = CDMA. So the answer is no.

  7. Ugh, just got a 16GB Nexus 7 for SGD $399 when it launched here 3 weeks ago.
    Played the fool, should have waited.
    But no used crying over money spent, suck thumb.

    I wonder if USD $199 is selling at a loss?
    Or is the hardware actually truly costs $199 or below?

  8. I hate these new black bar ads. Clicking the x always either does nothing or opens the ad on both my gnex and n7 using chrome or dolphin. Ahhh

  9. This tell you Apple is over priced, over hyped, and overly sucks.

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