Oct 11th, 2012 publishUpdated   Dec 11th, 2012, 3:25 pm

Dolphin has just announced a great new companion app for its Android browser. They’re calling it “Dolphin Jetpack” and the app is said to bring 5-10 times faster HTML5 rendering performance than the stock Android browser, and performance that’s two times faster than Google Chrome. This is possible to Dolphin’s own HTML5 rendering engine.

The app must be used in conjunction with Dolphin 9.0, so call it a plugin of sorts. But this plugin is supposed to be make Dolphin Browser so fast that it scores highest on most industry-standard browser tests. Apparently it also got to the “final ring” of the Ringmark benchmark test, something that has never been done before, supposedly.

More than that, Dolphin Jetpack will save next and previous pages in memory so that you won’t have to reload a page when moving forward or backward. They’ve also improved night support.

Since Dolphin doesn’t have a desktop presence it didn’t enjoy the luxury of coming to Android with a reputation, but it’s built a name for itself in mobile through significant support and numerous updates and we couldn’t be any happier that things are getting even better. Find Dolphin Browser and Dolphin Jetpack in the Play Store.

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