Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5 – “It doesn’t take a genius”


A rather controversial advertisement has been hitting the inter webs today, with a bold statement that is bound to make some people upset. Samsung took a huge hit after losing against Apple in Northern California, but Sammy is here to prove that the war is far from over. The company’s latest ad is a direct comparison between the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S3, with the play-on-words “It doesn’t take a genius” plastered all over the top.

For those that may not know, an Apple Genius is an Apple expert working at one of the company’s stores. Samsung makes reference to this, while playfully stating the idea that Samsung’s products are obviously different from Apple’s smartphones. And based on what they use to prove that (the specs), they re also hinting at the fact that the Galaxy S3 is much better.

Of course, there is much more to quality than hard specs. A device doesn’t need to have better specs to be a better phone, right? It is all relative. Regardless, many of us would say the iPhone 5 is still no competition for Android’s creme de la creme. Regardless, in a world where competition is key, anything goes. Samsung has been very active lately, letting us all now “The next big thing is already here.”

Samsung needs to recover from that lawsuit and from the looks of it, the company is more than ready for this fight. So what do you guys say, does it take a genius to figure out who the winner is?

[Via: CNET]

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  1. Ouch. Lol

    Sometimes I wonder if Samsung’s tactics aren’t just drawing deeper lines into the sand. It’s almost as if they’re insulting the consumers they want to convert to their products. Interesting move from a marketing perspective.

    1. The smart ones will convert. The clueless sheep won’t. And that’s a good thing. If everyone used Android who would we have left to laugh at?

      1. ….Windows Phone users? :p

        1. idk windows phone users don’t seem as pathetic as iPhans, the new lumia 920 is a honorable adversary.

          1. Nokia isn’t, not after they were caught lying about it.

          2. That’s because there’s what, a dozen, windows phone users? :P

          3. hey at least they don’t go out buying relatively the same looking phone just for one or two added features like siri that don’t even work half the time. You could turn on your laptop and google a question faster then you will get an answer from Siri lol

          4. And on top of Nokia’s lying (per ari_free), you’ve got Microsoft behind the rest of this. If you think Apple is a dirty opponent, you should familiarize yourself with some Microsoft history. Screw them both.

          5. Nokia still brings something new to the table like the augmented reality feature and new display technology, the iPhone brings nothing new whatsoever, they just took a bunch of our features

        2. That was funny but I wouldn’t laugh at them, they have great phone but the industry itself has not yet developed, not enough apps but they are far more creative than isheep

      2. You realize your just a sheep on a different farm. Have fun blowing your money all over Samsung galaxy sheep. I’ll stick with htc.

        1. I’ve used different devices. You cannot call me this animal. LoL!!

        2. You’re, not your.

          1. Lmao.. Dont try to correct someone and still be wrong!

        3. HTC still makes phones?

        4. You make good points but do it with poor form. Can I click the up arrow AND down arrow on your comment? :)

        5. I have the S3, but I have only had HTC prior to that (Incredible, Thunderbolt, One X). I actually think they make really sleek hardware, sadly Sense is still bloated like me after going to a buffet

      3. The sad thing is, there are some people meant to use a dump phone or Iphone. Case in point, when I look at a few of my friend’s Android, their phone are totally on factory setting mode, nothing is changed or customized, with all the useless factory widgets still there!! Never update, still on 2.3 version, and still using whatever apps i install for them last time,but never install any update,etc. These people should go Apple without us laughing at them..pls have mercy:)

        1. 2.3 is a good thing in some respects – ICS removed connectivity with some car stereos via bluetooth (seems to be an issue with Sony stereos and ICS by all accounts). Had to roll mine back to 2.3 to get bluetooth audio/handsfree back up and running.

      4. Chris – Hawkeyes fully answers your wondering here. Anyone insulted by it wasn’t going to convert anyway. And it is the type of smackdown that those who already like them will enjoy.

      5. not all iphone users are sheep. read “Dan’s” comment above. btw u should check the benchmarks that were just released. not 100% sure if there completely accurate but if it is.. wow pretty embarrassing for the s3

    2. it seems to be working for them; they are selling millions of galaxy devices. Unlike HTC, LG, and motorola.

      1. True, but then Apple sells craptons. Thing is, Samsung is on a good cycle right now, and that’s great for them, Android, and us. I hope however that Samsung can keep it up. I don’t have loads of faith in them based on their history.

        1. Yeah. That Billion dollar lawsuit doesn’t help either…

        2. The thing people don’t consider is that Apple sells a crapton beacuse they refuse to allow other manufacturers or form factors. You’re pigeonholed into buying from them if you want iOS. IMO that’s not good business for the consumer.

          1. @google-4273622ac312a8d73c88567bac46c75d:disqus This has *always* been Apple’s modus operandi. It has failed for them in the past, and it will fail for them again given time. However, my point was more along the lines of the idea that Samsung is not some great white savior. They’re just riding that horse at the moment.

          2. I know what you mean, and I hope it does fail. I love Android, not Samsung, nor HTC, nor Motorola. But that’s what makes it great is I can find a device that will suit my needs. It’s a joke that Apple doesn’t even consider putting out a 4″, 4.5″, and 5″ iPhone all running iOS 6. They hate their customers and their customers love it for lord knows what reason.

    3. Confrontational ads can work very well. Last year’s ad campaign (“But you’re a barista!”) insulted a particular sub-group of Apple fans, and it was a big success for Samsung.

    4. nah, you cant convert them. but just like myspace died, the iphone will too one day.

      1. yeah MySpace = Apple. My Space was the most valuable company in the world in 2002 and now they are gone. Apple has been around for like what 4 years? They will die soon.

        1. apple has been around for 4 years?????? u made me fall off my seat. apologise now! :P

          1. David was obviously ironic… Put down your guns gentlemen, this is just an internet discussion…

    5. I am agreeing with you. It seems that Samsung wants us to buy their products mandatory. They are always saying the best here and the best there, they can not seem to fix their plastic problems and radios. Motorola all the way and if given a change to make a nexus Sony all the way too.

    6. Hardcore fans won’t be converted, but remember that most people aren’t that. But with all the unfair hype the media give Apple, many people are either unaware of alternatives, or have been misled by the media myth that Apple’s phones are the best; or maybe they’re just waiting, assuming it’ll be better than things already available. So it’s good to have some facts to counter that. (Even if they’re suspicious about whether the claims are true, some people might decide to research further.)

      1. i agree , media gives (cr)apple unreasonable hype
        many sites that ive seen on iphone 5 make is sound like its so Awesome , innovative and just the Best
        when if you really break it down its old nothing new and just plain
        new cpu 1.7 times faster , really thats fast ?
        new cable , which isnt faster just different and now fanbots have to buy all new adapters

    7. How do you figure?
      They simply created a side by side spec comparison.

      1. lol, funny how they add many of samsung’s os/software features but leave out many of apple’s corresponding or unique os/software features

  2. I like the “totally different plug” lol

    1. The “Removable Battery” gave me a giggle too.

      1. Giggle all you want about the removeable battery. i expect iphone users are all girls anyway so giggle, but riddle me this batman. On my galaxy note which is a computer compared to any phone out there. I can buy half a dozen batteries for $10 each so if i wanted to go hikeing for a few days or camping i can always pop a new battery in, CAN YOU! i dont giggle i laugh!

        1. I want to agree with you, your argument is valid, but it’s just so.. well, douchey.
          Maybe if you had come at it like an adult and stated some facts instead of being a teen about it.

        2. Who said I was an iphone user o.o I prefer removable batteries.

      2. When you accidentally sunk your iPhone in water… you cannot remove the battery to prevent short-circuit…and cannot save your phone.. :(

        unlike those phone with removable battery you can save your phone after being sunk and easily to apply a blower to dry the water in the circuit of the phone..that one advantage of removable battery

        ….another is that you can have a spare everywhere you go to keep your phone working haha..and that makes sense….

        I cannot imagine myself being out a week for hiking that I will bring 3 iPhones just to keep me updated in the cyber world!! come on!! thats to impractically!! it’s more practical to bring 1 phone with 5 spare of batteries..hehehe!!

    2. I wonder if the different plug is faster … Standard micro USB (2)? and not all S3 has a 2GB of RAM

      1. The S3 with 1GB of RAM is quad-core, so it’d just kill the iPhone 5 in another comparison.

        1. not really, IPhone 5 is 1.2 Ghz of 1 processor with 2 cores. that makes it 1.2Ghz AT EACH CORE. engineering people engineering. the difference of RAM size is not an applicable argument. you need to understand how the software manage its data. It’ll only be Android that needs all this RAM. the managing tasks on the android is cumbersome, system OS efficiency is definitely not better than Windows mobile or IOS. sometime I open task manager while driving because my phone is too slow to run Nav! but in IOS you don’t need that. it is a matter of preference, but as of now read this article http://pocketnow.com/2012/05/23/do-we-really-need-2gb-of-ram-on-our-phones/

          1. You so obviously have no idea what you’re talking about. If you’re going to tell someone they don’t understand something, it’d be better if you actually did. If you spoke in any more generality I wouldn’t have known you were talking about a phone. And FYI using an article written by a webdeveloper in which the title is a question is not a viable source for your argument.

      2. It still connects to USB, so it is limited to the speed of that port. It really is just a cash grab, so people can no longer use all their iPhone accessories.

  3. Love it.

  4. Anybody else notice that outside of NFC and a removable battery, all the other ‘extended bullet point’ differences are based purely in software–many of them already in other programs that people are already using?

    Come on Samsung… Don’t resort to low blows like this. It makes you look bitter, and childish.

    1. i kinda agree, but iphone users or other users dont really know what shareshot is, shake to update what? S-Beam? isnt it related to NFC? i mean i have a samsung sg3 and dont even use some of those stuff… im on jelly bean though… no need to mention all that crap, it just confuses people.

      1. It should confuse people into doing research since they’re spending $200-$800 here.

      2. Great and useful features, you should check them out.

    2. There are other things as well. microUSB port for connection (host mode as well as slave mode) and charging. RAM, MicroSD support and bluetooth which you can use with bluetooth headphones and also transfer files from other devices not like of iphone which can only be paired with the bluetooth headphones and other iDevice. And there are other things such as custom ROMs as well.

    3. Siri is software, and Apple used it to sell the iPhone 4s. Otherwise, it’s almost the same as the iPhone 4. When Siri was still available on the App Store and before Apple bought the company, it could run on the 3gs but Apple made Siri a 4s exclusive. People were able to port Siri to 3GS and proved it could run there.

  5. I don’t think many people are stupid enough to see an advertisement funded by Samsung that compares its phone to another phone and actually believe they were trying their best to list all of the iPhone 5’s good qualities to make it a fair comparison. Its just free advertising for apple and I hate it.

    1. You extremely overestimate the intelligence of the general public.

      1. I second that. Watch “God Bless America”.

        1. No, watch this, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdIWKytq_q4 . Humanity is doomed.

      2. Agreed. Apple has one thing right: most people are dumb.

    2. What have Samsung said in that advert that is actually inaccurate? One of the great things about this kind of ad which makes explicit statements is that it has to be truthful, or it will be banned under FTC rules.

  6. SGS3 running Android OS 4.0.4 not 4.0 ! Just correction…..

    1. well, technically the base is still 4.0. Apple doesn’t advertise running 5.0.1 (or does it?)
      All I know is mines running 4.1(.1to be specific) :)

      1. Well… There is a 4.0.3. LoL!!

    2. Running last years software. What a advantage.

      1. Galaxy S3 update to Jelly Bean is to be released this October.

  7. did anyone noticed the time? the time before the iphone was announced… lol

    1. Good observation

  8. Real, Genius Samsung!!!

  9. what do you mean it’s not any competition for iphone 5? of course it is. honestly, it IS the superior phone. the only thing it’s not a competition for is the social stigma that comes along with buying an iphone and ease and accessibility because a lot of the world operates on iphone BECAUSE of said social stigma. the galaxy has many of the problems that the motorola droid had fixed and made the whole thing better to boot.

  10. GS3 is too big for my taste. I’d rather have an iPhone 5 if I had to choose.

    Hopefully the Nexus 4 will be king.

    1. I doubt Samsung will get the next Nexus. Samsung are already too strong driving some OEMs to WP8 to seek better profitability.

    2. Get a Droid Razr M, it is made for people like you that want a small iPhone sized phone but it offers so much more…

      1. That’s what i love about Android phones, a phone for everyone’s tastes! :)

      2. I like it, but need a higher res screen (1280×720), suggestions?

        1. Well not even the new iPhone 5 has a proper HD screen. If you want that resolution, you will have to get a bigger device like the Samsung Galaxy S3, Motorola Razr HD, Sony Xperia T, HTC One X, LG Optimus G.

          1. But the iPhone has a 4″ screen so I assumed there would be an HD android phone at 4.3″.
            Any ~4.3″ android phones with similar PPI to iPhone 5 then?

            And I must say, the white Razr M looks really good.

          2. The Sony XPeria S is 4.3″, and 1280×720. (Though I think PPI is a flawed metric. If a phone is larger and with higher res, but the density isn’t as high, that’s not a reason to say it’s not as good.)

          3. Doesn’t mean it’s not good, means the screen/image is not as sharp.
            I prefer sharper smaller screens than large not as sharp screens.

            Anyway, would love to see a phone similar to the Razr M with a sharper screen. In other words, an iPhone with Android is what I am looking for.

    3. Can’t believe you’d post this in a site dedicated to Android. #Trollen

    4. I’m going to get one at McDonalds. I have these tiny hands.


  11. IPhone 5 looks like a very nice phone, fast, light, good call quality. But, no SD card is a deal breaker for me. Not micro USB, deal breaker, can’t save and manage files, deal breaker. No swype, you guessed it, deal breaker. You can’t change the battery (I can go on and on). But apples target consumer is not me, its the average person who wants a phone that looks nice, easy to use and works. I’ve always had an android phone because I control everything about it, make it unique to what I use it for. With the iPhone you are stuck with what apple wants you do. Again, great for most people, not for me.

    1. Thank you for that. Not many people realize that. BTW, non-removable battery? Really? LoL!! But I don’t want to start a discussion. =.P

    2. What are you talking about? Android has nice mid range and high end devices for the average consumers. The hackers are the ones that want boot loader and all that crap.

      1. Blasphemer! None shall refer to my unlocked bootloader as crap!!! ;P

        The problem is, for the average consumer, the mid range devices are not marketed the same as the high end Androids, whereas the iPhone is infused in pop culture. People buy what they know, and as it stands the iPhone is what they know.

        1. They I phone sheeps need to open their eyes. They have been buying the same devices for years.

          1. Or you could jailbreak your iPhone and have the best of both worlds…but based on everyone’s spelling and grammar that would be like asking for ice water in hell…..

          2. You mean the same iphone since 2007 lol. Android is the best period. The iphone is good to take pictures that’s it.

    3. Dan how do you open gmail attachments on drod??? I switched from I phone to s3 and hate the s3 because I can’t automatically open my email attachments and everything is so hard to access and figure out!!! It didn’t even come with user manual!,,, not to mention the battery died in 3 hours and I wasn’t even talking or on Internet!!! When i try to text it puts in crazy words and is awful… Help me before I switch back to I phone!!!

      1. youre suppose to let your phone die when its new then charge it qhen its off to full uninterupted….. my s3 has amazing battery life… and jus click the little settings wheel on the keypad and you disable text predict..

      2. Agree! I could not even sync that damn Android phone the first time. Figured out I needed to turn on USB debug mode after 15 minutes search in Google! WTF is USB debug mode? And when it crashed, it is not recoverable! I had to remove the battery! I guess that’s the purpose of “removable battery” in Android, to recover from a crash! The GS3 will be returned and iphone 5 will replace it!

        1. Your ignorance does not speak to the quality of the product, but rather the quantity of your IQ(i.e. ability to learn something new)

  12. Why do people compare build quality? I’ve always used a case, all I care about is the quality of the screen.

    1. because most people don’t use cases, especially if the phone is of high build quality

      1. I haven’t seen anyone use their iPhone without a case in Asia. And lots of stores and stalls sell a huge selection of iphone cases.

        1. That’s why he said that peple don’t use cases with phones with HIGH build quality, not fragile iPhones.

          1. Lol now I get it. But to be fair a lot of people use cases with their phones whatever the brand, not just for protection but also to personalize their phone. Easier to tell your phone from the others that way too. It just seems funny to hear Apple talk about the work they did designing their iPhone to be beautiful knowing that people will just cover it up anyway.

      2. The build “quality” of the Iphone is the reason why the screen shatters all the time.. metal is great.. but not on a smartphone

        1. Metal would make the phone stronger

          1. But it doesn’t absorb shocks very well.

  13. Im an android guy (i own a Galaxy Nexus), but… Memory (RAM) on the Iphone 5 was not confirmed, i believe, and… Galaxy S3 has 1gb here in Argentina :P (and everywhere else where the Samsung Exynos is its SoC, besides Korea, that is)

    1. This ad’s from Samsung Mobile USA.

    2. Samsung probably knows because they sell them the memory.

    3. Anandtech have confirmed it and I assume Samsung know already as they make a lot of the iPhone components.

  14. Love it… Lol, that pic will definitely be sent to any friend of mine with an iPhone.

  15. 2GB RAM? Since when? :|

    1. Since always on the US dual core late versions

      1. Ooops… I totally missed the “SamsungMobileUSA” on the picture. I thought it was comparing international version haha…

  16. They already did, and this is how. Apple was saying that Samsung devices looked like theirs. Consumers are now saying, “If Apple says Samsung devices are the same as theirs, why am I paying so much for an Apple device?” This means before consumers DIDN’T think that Samsung devices looked like theirs. That means Apple’s entire lawsuit was wrong. They’re supposed lost was wrong and everything about Samsung “copying” them was wrong, since the consumers have already come out and say they knew the difference between the two.

    I am done.

    1. u people and your opinions

    2. Wasn’t just about looks. it was about technology. Specifically touch-screen technology that Samsung *ahem* borrowed…

    3. one comment the judge said was to apple lawers, is you dont own rounded corners! on handsets, thats how extreme their going, crazy

  17. I love how the galaxy S 3 being heavier is an advantage.

    1. It’s not exactly a disadvantage. The difference in weight is less than an ounce. Would you want to sacrifice battery life, screen size, etc., for the sake of 0.75 oz? How frail would you have to be in order for that to be worthwhile?

    2. They never said they won ever category.

    3. Just in case you need to beat someone over the head with it.

  18. i knew theres a catch. its Android. oh well

    1. If you’re going to troll, at least be clever or amusing.

      1. hahahahahahha am i not on android troll party?

  19. it only looks good on paper. android phones are crappy like that one that im using

    1. What phone are u using lol

      1. same as urs. with custom rom i got from xda.u notice the rom threads in xda? it can reach 1000k pages. 80% are people askin solition to their phone problems

        1. I have an Iphone lol..thats why im asking what phone ur using

      2. He’s using the iPhone 3GS, and wants people to believe it is an Android. Probably because they got the Android Notification bar and think their modern now.

  20. i have a Samsung galaxy tab. it has a non removable battery. does anybody here thinks samsung suck?

    1. Uhhhh, Beavis. Remove the back cover, then the phillips screw holding the battery down…and unplug it.

      Might not be as simple as one-button push removable cover, but still.

      my (almost) 2 year old OG Tab’s battery is as good as it was the day I
      got it. Unlike those “other guys”, they’ve never designed their
      batteries to die after 18 months.

      Go drink some more apple juice……..

      1. if u can do that, u can replace an iphone battery. u can buy it all over ebay. ill link u to the disassemble instruction. nice try. go drink ur android piss buthead

        1. But you seem to be missing a big distinction, Beavis.

          The iPhone’s don’t have a “user-replaceable battery”, because even Apple knows that if you are intelligent enough, and technical enough, to be able to actually replace the battery in an iPhone, then you probably wouldn’t have purchased an iPhone in the first place.

          Oh, an being a fine example of an Apple user yourself, it probably comes as a surprise to you that an Android (being a “robot”) most likely wouldn’t urinate. So, maybe you should go ask your virtual girlfriend, Siri, for help coming up with something more intelligent. Okay?

          1. Your point is? Android users need an idiot proof battery cover? HAHAHAHA! Smart Android users cannot open an iPhone. I think U need a brain

          2. Whoooooosh goes the clue buzzing over your head……

          3. the point is you replace your battery on android phone you dont void your warranty
            replace the battery on ifake phones you void the warranty

          4. why would you replace a good battery?

        2. yeah you can replace the battery yourself at cost of your warranty , once you crack the case you void your warranty

          1. the fact of the matter is,You don’t open a brand new iPhone. It’s battery will is fine. if ever your battery is not working as is should, warranty will replace the phone itself. You do that if you bought an old iPhone from ebay. Would you replace the battery from a brand new Android phone? why would you do that? You will buy a second battery? why would you do that? That just tells you that the reason they gave you a removable battery is because they gave you a crappy one. replace it yourself or buy a spare. is that a good thing?

          2. I replace the battery on my phone for the times I will need the extra battery. For example, I travel quite a bit and sometimes I won’t have the time to charge my battery. Therefore, if you carry a spare you essentially double the time your phone can go without a charge. Imagine you fall asleep listening to music, you wake up late for work (or school) and you battery is completely drained. If you have an Apple, you are kinda screwed. If you have an Android swap out the battery and you are good to go for the rest of the day.

            To answer your questions: Would I replace the battery on a new Android phone? Not permanently. Yep, definitely bought a second battery for the reason mentioned above. Apple conditions you to think inside the box … think outside the box and you will find that having an extra battery to swap around is more effective.

            Oh a side note, how do you boost your iPhone’s memory from 16GB to 80GB? Oh right, you can’t they don’t offer that size … Well, for Android it’s about $50 – $60. You buy the micro SD and put it in. Essentially, Android can have as much memory as you want through the micro SD… sucks for crApple.

  21. Why did Samsung include Tilt to Zoom as one of their features? That thing is as useless as poop. I think they just wanted their list to look longer :O

    1. Whoever said poop was useless?!! Makes good fertilizer, dang it !!

    2. thats like asking why apple doesn’t come out with a desktop with current specs all they ever do is take last year’s tech put it in a fancy case thow one of their fancy lokking fumed down os’s on it and tripple the price

      1. agree
        3x the price for 1 year old tech , that you may not upgrade yourself

    3. ecause apple has the patent on the logical way to zoom:P

    4. That’s exactly what they are doing. It’s hilarious that they use the word genius, when they are clearly targeting droid drones and not making realistic comparisons between the phones… oh Samsung, you really are sore losers aren’t you?

  22. I’m becoming almost as tired of Samsung as I am of Apple lately.
    Apple seem to be determined to conquer the smart phone market by getting anything that even smells like competition banned from the shops.
    Samsung seem determined to conquer the market by flooding every possible area with as many different variations of the same handsets as they can – Galaxy Ace, Galaxy S, Galaxy y, Galaxy Ace Mini, Galaxy Y junior Galaxy M7 micro whatever other name isn’t taken yet.
    I’m pretty sure there will soon be a separate Galaxy phone for every single person on the planet, just to be sure they aren’t missing anyone.
    But having said that, not only is the Galaxy S3 a fantastic phone but it’s also cool, so I’m suprised the Apple geniuses didn’t come up with something higher spec.

    1. So on the one hand, we have using the courts to get products legally banned, taking away people’s choice. On the other hand, we have releasing new products providing the consumer with more choice of devices.

      Umm, no sorry – I don’t see this as remotely the same kind of thing. (Plus having lots of products is normal, this is what most companies do – including Apple, if you look at the number of different Macs in their computer range, or the large number of different “Ipod” mp3 players they have.)

      Agree on the last paragraph.

      1. There are making enough devices to fill your market segment, and then there’s making enough devices to over saturate your market segment. There doesn’t need to be fifteen variants of the Galaxy Ace hardware, there just needs to be maybe 2 at most.
        Samsung is making way too much and in some cases it shows through the build quality.
        The Ace is a hit, and the S and Note are great too, but the Y and the Q and the GIO and the APOLLO aren’t needed at all. Granted the APOLLO is gone now.
        If you give people too many options across devices that are too similar, people will get upset and ignore them all.
        Alternatively, if you give them too few choices with something that doesn’t make innovative changes on some fundamental levels, people will get bored and search somewhere else.
        So both Samsung and Apple aren’t making the greatest decisions right now.

    2. Not only do I like you, but if your name is Shane then we share the same name. :D

  23. This is just bad. If Samsung wanted to throw all of those useless keywords at the end, they might as well have used Apple’s BS terms like HD Facetime Camera and whatnot.. I mean seriously, it’s no different from Samsung.

    1. Good call. They should have stuck to the hard facts. But then, that would be playing fair…

      1. Samsung doesn’t have any concept of playing fair. They are behind and they are desperate to compete.

        1. I think you missed my point. Apple doesn’t play fair, so what’s in it for a competitor to do so?

          I’m not a huge Samsung fan – they’re kind of the Apple of the Android world. But I just can’t fault many if any tactics vs Apple at this point.

        2. Cute.

    2. How are they useless keywords? They’re actual features on the phone that enhance the user experience and certain qualities of life.

      1. They are real words, but they are uncompariable functions. Why not point out that iphone has imovie, iWork, facetime, iPhoto, pinch to zoom, etc, etc, etc. The point is that you could list “features” all day for either phone and none of them are comparable. when you look at siri vs. s voice, however, siri has proven to be faster and a bit more reliable. The iphone’s retina display has a higher resolution than samsung as well. So when you look ONLY at comparable features, it changes the conversation completely.

        1. Show me a video comparison where Siri is better.
          The resolution on the iPhone is lower than the S3.
          Even the PPI count is enough to be considered a retina display.
          SO, in short, no.

        2. True. Can’t really argue with that!

  24. Sammy ftw

  25. isheep will never get this ….

  26. I fucking love it.

  27. I favor android and I own a galaxy S3. I’m lucky enough to have 2 phones so I’m willing to give the new iphone a shot. The best part is if I don’t like it, I can get good money reselling so I can grab a lumia 920 and still keep my s3 the whole time.

  28. And this is what happens when you’ve forgotten how to innovate and just use the courts to try to kill the competition. Consumers lose and the company looks like incompetent money grabbers…

    1. I agree. Samsung looks completely incompetent right now.

  29. I bet Samsung had this ad ready even before iPhone 5 launched .
    Just because, you know, they probably supplied half the hardware on it

    1. Lol, so true.

  30. Crown Samsung king already IP5 is a f n joke Samsung knows what people want. Apple gives u what they want to give u apple wants to spoon feed u there BS Samsung let take the jag out for a ride. I stay wit Sammy no thanks apple I like to feed my self.

  31. lol…Shake to update…a key feature of the S3…as well as direct call…

  32. Samsung = #CharlieSheenWinning!

  33. Samsung took it to apple on this ad, they need better lawyers to beat them in court.

  34. I like it, but I think Apple has a patent on smug commercials.

    1. ROFL! Best comment I’ve seen yet.

  35. if samsung was a better company and produced better phones, it wouldnt have to compare itself to the iphone. the product would speak for itself.

    1. @facebook-714501567:disqus if Apple was a better company and produced better phones, it wouldn’t
      have to sue all those android supporting firms. the product would speak for

    2. If Apple was such a bad-ass company, 25% of components of the iPhone wouldn’t be Samsung parts… but it is.

  36. Apple can continue their courtroom innovations and fake hype while Samsung innovates in the lab, time will tell eventually who wins.

  37. Is it just me, or does it look like Samsung were trying to accentuate the apparent length of the Apple longPhone. Or maybe it’s just really that long.

  38. I had a good image of Apple couple of years ago, but now I’m disappointed on how Apple utilize the patent laws to take advantage of Samsung. Their justice is flawed and therefore, whether their product is good or bad, I’ve lost faith in them.

    1. I KNOW! Samsung should be allowed to steal any of Apple’s patents in order to boost their lesser-quality product. I can’t believe Apple won’t let them do that. If Samsung could just make iPads with their own logo on them, that would be true JUSTICE. SHAME ON YOU APPPPPPLE

  39. desperate samsung bragging … I would go for Sony Experia for android and Windows 8 Phones, no body want a ferarri on hyundai body

  40. what’s this? another apple fan? oops did I just hurt myself?? yes Im an apple fan but also have an S3… who’s the genius? leave it to the USERS – they’re the genius not the maker of those smartphones – my take? S3 wins the battle $1B lost is just a small money for samsung.. – just sayin :)

  41. I’m not so sure they should have touted S Voice as an improved feature over Siri.

    1. why not they both suck lol
      Edit: they are not listing improvements their listing stats side by side.

    2. No kidding. S-Voice is cool, but it’s Siri, Jr. at this point. Not as fast, not quite as accurate. Definitely not BETTER. This is classic misleading advertising. They know that most people won’t even read the list and just assume that everyone will think a longer list is a better list… Geniuses, indeed.

      1. Actually siri is a lot better then s-voice in terms of understanding you voice and accent. Makes sense because Apple didn’t make siri either, they bought it. Anyway googlenow will trump siri when jelly bean comes to the s3.

      2. Remember, with Jellybean, there’s google voice search.

  42. and despite all this the “new iphone” is gonna sell millions upon millions.

    “the iphone 5, you’ll buy it anyway”

    1. to dummies and fanbots of course they are
      fool and his money are soon parted

  43. I really need to get a poster of this.

  44. “We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology wherein nobody knows anything about science and technology.”
    This is true, which is why the iPhone is so popular. There’s no “tech” side of it, so the general populace can still feel techy and smart without having to know anything. Much like automatic cars vs manual cars. With automatics, you just point it in the direction and hit the pedal on the right and it goes, and if you wanna slow down or stop, you press the left peddle. With a manual, you have to be aware of what’s going on, shifting gears means you have to pay attention to your speed and RPMs, you have to get a feel for the vehicle and the clutch, and it winds up making you pay a lot more attention. It forces you to become much smarter about the thing you have, which has only good side effects!

  45. Samsung should just come out with a diamond shaped smartphone that blows all the competition out of the water.


  47. LOL typical Samsung, bottom feeders.

    1. ? Tegra 3 more powerful then the Exynos 4412 ? i don’t think so lol

  48. iPhone has iphoto, facetime, icloud, apple maps, earpods, etc… either company could make a long list of “features” that the other doesn’t have. If you look at legitimate head-to-head specs, I’ll take the iphone. Not too big, better screen resolution, siri>s voice, NOT MADE OF PLASTIC.

    1. I prefer Google now to siri and s voice. I hope Samsung throws away svoice when jelly bean comes kor makes Google now an option

    2. Until now, facetime only worked over wifi so it was pretty useless for most people out and about. Icloud is a joke in comparison to the competition. Apple maps is a new contender and so far it seems to lack many features Google Maps has. BTW Android has alternatives to Apple’s offerings (most better) so NO, it’s not that Android doesn’t have it, it DOES.

      As for Siri, hardly anyone uses it except for simple stuff. It’s pretty inaccurate when asked to do anything fairly complex. On both sides of the fence no one truly cares about voice anyway. Both companies are simply touting it to sell more phones.

      As for resolution. With a bigger screen, the S3 is easier to see and read and at the ppi that it is, most won’t be able to tell the pixel density difference from normal viewing distances. What matters is that it’s more comfortable on the eyes and you can really enjoy the web / multimedia experience rather than squint. Even the iPhone 5’s 4″ screen is old news.

    3. The screen resolution is lower, but because it’s a smaller physical display the PPI count is higher. If something has a PPI count of 300 or higher it’s technically a retina display.

  49. totally different plug so make there customers by all BRAND new adapters , add ons and yup make more money from their fanbots

  50. The 64Gb version of the S3 is notably absent from the list. 16 or 32Gb only.

    1. It’s coming. Also, who cares? For a few extra bucks you can add 32GB to your device if you so choose. Can’t do that with an iPhone.

    2. Why would you want a 64 versions? Android supports sd cards which range up to 64 gigs, you can pretty much control how much space you want on your phone. The sd card wont come into play for iphone til maby iphone 8x?

  51. UM lets see,
    SAMSUNG 3:
    1. Back cover breaks when taking battery out,
    2. Says the battery will last when it dies in 1/2 the time or less.
    3. 1/3 of the apps in google play are spam and crash.
    4. Will lock up and needs to reset.
    5. Takes 5 to 10 times longer to load than my 3rd gen Ipod (web)
    6. Is so large someone thought I was wearing a shoe
    7. Will have 9 to 33 programs going at the same time killing may battery and speed.
    8. Has terrible pictures when moving or making a movie.
    9. Feels like I have a glass book on my face when calling.
    10. Is a phone mostly used by people that have never owned an apple and think cheaper is better.


    1. I’ve never heard of this happening with any Samsung device.
      All smartphones have shitty batteries and, under the specific lab conditions they tested under, I’m sure it will get the same battery life they say it does. The iPhone doesn’t get the listed battery life either, nor the iPad, nor any device from anyone.
      Same with the App store.
      iPhones do this too. It happens so little on both that it’s a non-issue.
      That is carrier based, and not an accurate complaint as it wouldn’t be a high selling device then, and also cause the one right in front of my face vs my iPhone 3GS is proving against your theory.
      Personal taste. I like the larger display.
      Most iPhone users don’t know how to shut down apps, so they usually have as many apps running in the background, however Android doesn’t actually have a lot of apps RUNNING in the background. Just cached or in wait mode.
      The camera is great, what are you talking about?
      What are you on about? Glass book?
      Not really, no. Many people have switched between devices, this includes blackberry users too. It’s all about finding what works for you.

    2. Hrm… you must be going off of rumors because:
      1. I’ve gone through 3 different android devices, none have had their backs break when I swap batteries or exchange micro SD cards. (sorry you can’t swap batteries or expand your memory… maybe next generation)
      2. I’ve gotten my phones to exceed the stated limit. With the standard battery app in the settings, I can see exactly how much each program is using and how long my phone stays alive … longest uptime was 28 hours. (also not a standard app in apple).
      3. 100% of the apps I download function without any issue on my phone. Since Play doesn’t monitor and restrict apps like the AppStore and the Androids source code is open development, there are some developers out there that are less skilled than others. You should download from respectable developers.
      4. You probably downloaded some app that was created by a novice developer
      5. Really? speed tests show that the GS3 is faster than the iPhone4S … are you saying that the 3rd Gen iPod loads web pages faster than the iPhone 4S?
      6. You have the feet of a small child if the GS3 is the size of your shoe and what are you doing with putting your phone on your feet??
      7. Simple to solve – open up task manager and hit close all, then go to RAM and click clear ram… but I wouldn’t expect you to know that since this doesn’t exist in Apple… yet.
      8. Adjust your camera settings, put on anti-shake, change the ISO you are using, adjust the white balance… but once again, I don’t hold you accountable since the iPhone doesn’t give you these options.
      9. This isn’t the iPhone, the Galaxy S3 doesn’t have glass so you must be confused. Also, the Galaxy S3 is lighter than the iPhone 4S so your “glass book” would apply more to your iPhone 4S.
      10. I have owned an iPhone before, my mom and dad use an iPhone because it’s simple and easy for them to understand. The Galaxy S3 IS cheaper and better than the iPhone.

      Have you ever owned a Galaxy S3? Probably not because you wouldn’t be posting a bunch rumors and non-sense. If you have, well it was probably too much “out of the box” thinking that you are used to. The iPhone limits your creativity by keeping it simple. What can you customize with your iPhone?? The wallpaper, the lock screen, your pin code, and the order your apps are sorted… you don’t even get to put them on your screen in the spot you want … sadness…

  52. You’ll never convince a real Iphone fan that the GS3 is better. Most Iphone users like being told what they want it comes naturally to them. I own an S3 and I love it, it’s easily the best phone that I have used. It decimates my wife’s Iphone 4S so I’m sure it’s a good match against the Iphone 5.
    For me, it’s not Apples hardware that bothers me, it’s IOS. I just can’t stand having the same interface for 5 years… Oh sorry, I guess it has 5 rows of icons now….

  53. It doesn’t take a genius to see that Samsung is waging its appeal to the legal verdict in the public’s minds. It does take a heap of naiveté to buy into this ill conceived, incomplete list of comparisons that focus mainly on hardware, completely omit comparable software technologies and border on deceptive advertising. For example:

    Apple ~ Samsung Galaxy S III …
    Fixed Storage + iCloud ~ Fixed + microSD
    Passbook ~ NFC
    Auto Screen Brightness ~ Smart Stay (sometimes in light, never in the dark)
    Bump (App Store) ~ S Beam
    Shared Photo Stream ~ ShareShot
    FaceTime ~ Group Cast
    iMessage / FaceTime / AT&T Free Mobile-to-Mobile  ~ Direct Call
    Reminders / Alarms ~ Smart Alerts
    Pinch/Tap To Zoom ~ Tilt To Zoom
    Swipe To Camera From Locked Screen ~ Palm Swipe To Capture
    Finger Tap Mute ~ Palm Touch Mute Pause
    Tap Button To Mute ~ Turn Over To Mute
    Shake To Undo / Wireless Updates ~ Shake To Update
    3- To 4-Year Rechargeable Battery ~ Removable Batteries
    Panorama ~ 
    Find My Phone ~
    Find My Friends ~
    Text Message During Call ~ 
    Three-Year iOS Updates ~ 

    1. I would like to add in that you get Fixed + MicroSD + Cloud services with most Android devices.
      You get auto screen brightness option, and then also smart stay.
      You can also pinch to zoom and tap to zoom as well as tilt.
      You can swipe to Camera from the lock screen in ICS and JB too.
      Batteries have only so many recharge cycles, the battery in the iPhone is not actually different than the battery in any other mobile device. They will all last less time than their advertised rating.
      Panorama was a feature first released almost a year ago on the Galaxy Nexus and since then has been on almost every Android device with a camera.
      Location services to find your device exist for the majority of android devices and works in much the same way.
      Android supports text during call, and anything else during a call.
      Most new devices will receive updates for longer, the rapid advancement and expansion of the hardware that runs the device is, much like with general computers, slowing.
      However, it’s not always a good thing to get newer updates on older devices. My 3GS is slow as hell after the 5.1.1 update comparatively. And it doesn’t get the same update, either, as there are obvious hardware differences and over all compatibility issues, so it’s really no different from most older android devices being cut off at 2.3.
      Plus, when you look at the functionality differences between iOS and Android, the hardware required to run the less demanding iOS is lower performance so you can therefor run it on an older device, whereas Android has a lot more functionality so as it evolves it requires faster hardware.

  54. These comments and debates are getting
    So redonkulous I keep expecting someone
    To start talking about ” blast processing ”
    Makes their product the best.

    Kudos to any of you who get that reference
    If your under 27 google it. It’s quite amusing
    How defensive people get over their toys

  55. It’s classier than my title “F*CK APPLE” would have been.

  56. guys…somebody made Facebook community page for iSheep http://www.facebook.com/iSheep.Apple

  57. People have their own opinions. The SIII is a beast I will admit, but quad core? Come on, what app out there is gonna use all that. I’m sticking with my iPhone just because I’ve used an iPhone since 2007. I’ve switched to the darkside(android)using a Galaxy SII to see what it was all about. I must say, it was very nice, but I still preferred Apple’s iPhone.

    1. It’s not about 1 app running on all 4 cores. It’s more about multitasking. If you look at an android phone right now you can look at “running programs”. Kinda like task manager. There are a lot of things running in the background. With more cores you can spread those apps to run on different cores. So 5 apps on 4 cores or 10 apps on 2 cores. The 4 core will have less apps per core and it would have more headroom for more apps.

  58. lol i like how samsung plays their ‘higher display resolution’ as an advantage… but fails to mention actual ppi. When you’re looking at phone displays it’s not even about screen realestate anymore…

  59. I have an iphone.. do android users (seriously now) carry extra batteries in their pocket? I know if my iphone had a removable battery i would never buy an extra one or carry one around.
    or is it mostly used as a way to do a hard reset, lol.

  60. Can’t wait for the revealing of galaxy S4 this Feb 2013.i hope it will have something new!!how about putting the function of galaxy beam.the phone will be epic !!..a thin quad-core projector smartphone.haha..

  61. seriously people, there just phones at the end of the day. no need to be insulting about it but apple suck and anyone who uses one is an idiot, including my mum and half my friends.

  62. i compared my s 3 with mt friends iphone 5 both on rogers 4gs and his was honestly a bit faster at loading pages but sometimes mine was faster. my opinion is ios 6 is pretty damn good but i dont have jelly bean im sure itll be better once i get that update :) either way id take either phone theyre both fuckin dope. i jus like s3 cuz of the android apps like nova 3 and cuz i dono everyone has a ducking iphone xD

  63. The S3 has much better features and more than the iPhone. The removable battery is very useful. And all the extra features such as picture in picture, turnover to mute, and group cast as many other features. I believe Samsung went a little far with the apple mock commercial but the S3 is much better.

  64. Wow! Many one-sided opinions. I’m an avid android user, so to me, s3 wins hands down; but here’s what people aren’t truly thinking about.
    The iphone is about high technology with very easy simplicity. Translation; if you want the best without having to figure it out, you’ll choose iphone.
    The s3 is about high technology that you can have “fun” tweaking to give your own extremely “personal” touch to.
    Standard high tech (iphone) vs personalization high tech (andriod); bottom line, it really depends on what’s comfortable to the individual. Specs wise, they BOTH have their ups&downs, but overall, they’re both top of the line good phones!
    My personal preference…. S3 ALL DAY, EVERY DAY!!! At least until a better android phone comes out, lol.

  65. samsung forgot one thing Galaxy s3= Cheap plastic Iphone5= Aluminum and Glass build.

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