Sep 15th, 2012

Isn’t it frustrating when you are in a meeting and your phone starts ringing? Or when you are watching the last 5 minutes of that awesome movie or show and you just want to smack the heck out of your phone when it rings. Well, Microsoft has already thought of this and has filed a patent to achieve this.

That is right, Windows Phone users will probably be able to give their phones a slap and keep them quiet. This is a very fun way to interact with a device, one must say. Certain Android devices have similar features, with the most popular being turning your phone face down, which then silences the device. This can be replicated with some apps out there, but compared to smacking your device these techniques just seem too cute.

Now that Microsoft has its hands on this patent, it will be harder for us Android users to get this feature. Certainly, I wouldn’t mind paying a bit more if a manufacturer gets this licensed. Or maybe a way to do this (or something similar) without infringing on this patent can be found. Come on, developers!

While this is humorous, it solves an issue Android smartphones have no way of doing so. A device would theoretically be able to be silenced in many convenient ways. You wouldn’t even have to hold it. One could simply hit a smartphone that is located inside a bag, or in a pocket. We currently have no easy solutions for silencing a device this easily. It definitely has its advantages, aside from anger release.

Would you like to be able to whack your phone to shut it up, or would you consider this just another gimmick? Are you more than happy with turning your smartphone face down?

[Source: USPTO Via: Mashable]