New rumored specs for the 5-inch HTC device emerge – quad-core, 1.5 GB of RAM and more


We have just received tangible evidence of the Galaxy Note 2 being prepped to be released by Verizon, but maybe you are looking for something a bit different. If HTC is your manufacturer of choice, you probably have your eyes on that rumored 5-inch HTC “phablet,” and we have some more juicy leaks for you today.

Our friends from HTC Source have gotten a hold of a few new details regarding the device, which they call DIx (DROID Incredible X?). We don’t know what the name will be, but the source is almost sure it will come with the DROID branding. The device is said to make the iconic “DROID” notification sound, and the colors are parallel with past DROID devices.

Some of these specs don’t match past leaks and rumors, but HTC Source’s insiders have been right on spot lately. We can only wait for the official announcement to be sure, but this source claims the device will feature a 1080p display with a 480 ppi (pixels-per-inch) density.

Other specs include a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor, 1.5 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage. Qualcomm’s S4 processor has been known to outperform even quad-core processor like NVIDIA’s Tegra 3, so this bad boy will rock some power under its hood.

Another small, but very welcomed improvement is the addition of a second notification light, which is said to be located in the back, near the camera. This will notify you of any messages, emails, missed calls any any other happenings while the phone is face down. But there has to be a downside, right? No device is perfect, and the exclusion of a microSD card slot might very well be a deal breaker for many of you.

The source also says there is no active pen support like HTC Scribe or Samsung’s S-Pen. The Scribe Stylus seems to not work with the device, so instead of being a device with more functionality it will be a large smartphone. Not that the extra screen real-estate isn’t welcome, but Samsung definitely takes this round.

Sure seems like it could make many of you happy campers, though. Maybe we will see more of this at HTC’s September 19 event. I am personally debating between this one and the Galaxy Note 2. Which one would you get?

[Via: HTC Source]

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  1. What, they couldn’t give us that extra .5 of RAM?? *blinks**

  2. It should have some type of fancy multitask features, split screens, or something to really take advantage of that big screen. Just a bigger phone UI would be silly. Let’s see.

  3. Untested = unpurchased by me

  4. No pen support? No expandable storage? No thanks.

    1. That’s what I thought after reading this. Am I a fag too?
      1.5gb for a tablet? Cmon….and 16gb with no external SD card support? Fail

      1. It’s not balanced. 1080p videos will require more storage space and this comes with less than non-1080p phones.

        1. I hope these arent the actual specs of HTC 5 incher. With the sIII having 2gb I would want atleast that much from a phablet, and it is absolutely a deal breaker for me if it wont take my SD card.

          1. 1.5g is probably fine. it’s the lack of storage that bothers me.

          2. Have you played with the sIII? It’s so smooth. With a 5 inch screen you’re not going to be as smooth without that.

          3. I don’t think you understand what memory does. Ram stores pertinent data nearby. It’s not really going to increase the smoothness. It’s going to increase how fast things like app switching happens.

          4. I’ve never played with a phone that was so silky through the home screens no matter the processor speed. AFAIK this is the only phone available in the US with more then 1gb or ram.

          5. The sIII feels totally different then anything I’ve used.

          6. That’s a huge logical fallacy. Correlation is very different than causation.

          7. This very statement is a logical fallacy.

          8. Pointing out a logical fallacy (of which mistaking correlation for causation is one of the more common in my experience) is not a logical fallacy in and of itself.

          9. The amount of available RAM will affect much more than just app switching. ALL the processing done inside a program will use RAM, the more data the program uses and the bigger the program, the larger the program template will be and the more RAM it will need to run. If there isn’t enough available, something’s going to get killed or swapped, and that takes precious processor cycles.

          10. I take it you’ve never wrote anything for android? First off, lets look at your statements. “All processing will use RAM” Yes. Bytes of it. A GB is a hair over a Billion bytes. You aren’t going to feel it.

            “A bigger program will use more ram”. Again true as far as it goes. How much RAM do you think that is exactly? Did you know there is a limit of about 30-50mb (depending on the phone) of ram in your app before it crashes with an out of memory error? There is a flag meant for games and the like that informs the system that you need a larger RAM allotment, but very very very few apps use that. Most games don’t even.

            30MB isn’t much in the scheme of 1024MB. In other words, the app has plenty of RAM to run. Saying 2Gb is better than 1GB on a per app basis is like saying a 10 gallon drum holds a cup of water better than a 5gallon drum. It’s moot.

            It’s the act of switching tasks that sees the biggest benefit. Apps call 3 functions from android when they start. OnCreate, OnStart, OnResume. Of the three, the ost intense by far is usually OnCreate. It’s what causes most of the pre-launch slow downs. An app saved in memory doesn’t have to call that. Hence, the biggest speed boost is utting out that process. Switching tasks faster.

          11. 30mb is a lot if there’s only 20mb of free memory, there’s nothing moot about saying 2gb is better than 1gb, it all depends on how much you have running simultaneously. The program size limit is there because of the limited amount of ram on legacy devices. The future is more ram.

          12. Again, you show you don’t understand how RAM works. There is always a buffer of over 30mb, for that reason. So it can dynamically allocate. Also, as I said, there is a sliding scale of memory limits. Devices like the SGS3 may have 50mb, while devices like the SGS1 may have 30. The future is more ram, but you really don’t seem to understand the memory efficiency that’s already there.

            Let’s look at an atypical app. This app is all decked out in fancy graphics. You still aren’t really using much memory. A standard 1280*2000 background image uses about 10mb of ram. Lets add decorators. Most of these are about 96*96, and about 40kb. Add a hundred of them. That’s how many it would take to COMPLETELY cover your screen. That’s another 3.9mb. So far, you have completely and stupidly decked out your app, and haven’t broken 14mb. Most class objects are measured in bytes, not even kilobytes. Pictures are by FAR the most quantity intensive item to load into memory, and even a stupid amount doesn’t get you near the 30mb limit for an older phone.

            The only other items that might use more memory are games (which they can flag). However, even games don’t use stupid amounts of memory, even with the massive arrays that they use, and all the textures.

            Again, more RAM is primarily used for faster app switching on android as it is now. Maybe version K will go even more in depth into background tasking, rather than the limited thing we have today (compared to larger desktop OS’s). Maybe google has something else up it’s sleeve. For now though, more than a GB of ram is nice, but the utility of that extra space is limited at best for now.

          13. You keep insisting that I don’t understand, yet you strangely seem to agree with everything I say. Why is more RAM “nice” if it’s not needed?

          14. More RAM is nice. Nobody is going to argue that. You just keep giving reasons that don’t actually make sense in a world of android, which I explain why.

            There is a huge difference between nice and needed by the way. Nice things to have are bonuses (such as that extra GB of ram in the SGS3). Needed things are, well, needed. A big difference.

          15. The SIII is not that great, sent it back, touch wiz is rubbish.

          16. You’ve never owned an S3, lying fanboy.

          17. Yes I have you wanker

          18. I’m not a big fan of touchwiz either.

          19. It’s not about the size of the screen but the number of pixels. If you don’t have the ram, the apps will jam.

          20. yep 1.5 gb ram is a lot. yeah we need external storage or 32gb model. but the screen better stay as it is

          21. It’s only “a lot” when compared with the meagre amount of RAM in every other HTC device. Forget the quad core cpu, give me a dual core with twice the RAM instead!

          22. FYI the original sIII has 1GB ram.

          23. I work at a store that sells phones for multiple carriers. So I get to check out a lot of phones.

    2. I never really got the idea of using a pen for a 5-inch screen… I think it is because my hand writing is crap and I prefer typing… lol

    3. Seriously, pen support? Give me a break.

  5. Pushing 1080p would be tricky and resource intensive

    1. Not for the S4 pro and some LPDDR2 RAM it won’t.

    2. Some of us would really like the pixels and don’t care about frame rates… well you know, assuming it can do expected things like full-rate 1080p video and stuff… Just sayin I don’t need 5000fps gaming performance.

      However, 16G no card slot is an issue. This cpu should be a beast though.

      1. Hyperbole will get you nowhere. You may not need 5000fps, but you probably want at least 30, ideally more. If you aren’t getting nearly 70fps on a 720p screen, then you won’t be getting even 30 on a 1080p screen. It’s over 2x the pixels.

  6. Galaxy Note 2. Not even close

    1. N2 is fucking ugly though

      1. Your opinion

      2. Well, what do you think about the design on the SGSIII then?

  7. If it has Nexus on it, its mine!

  8. Verizon only, I’ll pass, I wish the FCC or whoever would stop all of this carrier exclusive bullshit.

  9. So my choices now is SG3, Droid Razr Maxx HD, Note 2(if verizon), and this. Hopefully the next nexus phone comes out soon so I can have a clear choice

    1. I could be wrong, but I don’t see how vzw gets another Nexus. I would truly be shocked to see that happen.

  10. 16GB storage without any micro sd card slot in one of the biggest most powerful phones out there? That has to be a mistake. That phone would be beyond limited without at least 32GB of storage, though a micro sd card slot would be preferable obviously. If it only has 16GB max, I’d totally have to skip on it.

    1. I want 64 gig storage plus SD. It’s 2012. Even the original droid came with a a 16 gig sd card that could be swapped for a bigger one.

      1. +10000000000000
        There is no excuse not to have expandable storage. It’s the only reason I will not buy a Nexus device, and now a HTC device.

      2. It’s 2012 and will be 2013 soon and everyone will be in the clouds.

        1. And very few will have unlimited 4G data plans.

  11. The leak makes no sense considering the benchmarks from months ago clearly showed a S4 pro & and Adreno 320…

    1. The quad core S4 IS the S4 pro and IS coupled with the Adreno 320. I have a dev tablet with that processor and GPU and it’s one hot piece of @$$. I just wish I could get more games to run on it. But what I have tested on it are fantastic.

  12. Even if this thing made dinner and did the washing up for me, I wouldn’t buy it as long as it has HTC Sense.

    1. What’s your preference? I’m curious as I like it and hate the touch wiz on SIII.

  13. I want it to have the Pro processor and 2 gig of RAM or i will pass

  14. What’s the bet it has a 1900mAh battery?

  15. The Note 2. It’s going to be best device to launch this year.. (in terms of hardware). HTC slick fell of. They rode the EVO’s cock too long and forgot how to make something great!

    1. Software as well. Picks up where the S3 left off. “Screen recording” , “air view” , “personalized handwriting” , and “best faces”. Don’t know if they invented them but packaged them nicely in a sexy device.

  16. I love it, hope at&t Will get it.

  17. Faggot. The evo line up is pretty nice especially the evo 3d and evo 4g lte.

    1. Ha! What’s with with all the faggot calling today? I love Fridays, I get paid, laid and then smoke some good ass haze. Oh yes! That sticky Cali bud. Android bitches!

  18. I’ve got the ONE X right now and its beautiful. I’d defiantly pic this up but the only thing i hate with the One X is that my 16GB internal is full and i can’t expand any more. Its a pain so I’d love to buy this over the Note 2 because i think 5 inch is my breaking point but it’ll be useless if it only has that 16GB internal with no expansion.

    As for as sense its been stripped from my ONE X and i’m running CM10, to people who don’t know how to flash roms on android and complain about stock firmware. Shut up and buy an iPhone.

  19. HTC fail

  20. Interesting comment I found. Can’t confirm if true:
    “not having an SD card actually improves the data transfer speeds and
    thus speeds up the entire platform. One of the reasons nexus devices are
    usually faster than others. Not a major reason by any measure, but it

    1. This might be a good excuse…. if it shipped in 64G and 128G versions instead of a 16G. :)

      1. Exactly. Besides, a fast phone that doesn’t hold what you need is useless.

    2. That’s probably only true if you are installing to or streaming things from the SD card vs internal storage.

  21. HTC all the way

  22. Well I have always liked HTC in fact it was the only manufacturer I used when I switched to android. Then reading up on all the new devices that were coming soon I decided it was time to get familiar with other UI’s then went with the droid x only to go back to HTC hello first LTE device. Which led to a Bionic what a let down that was well 4 Bionics later I have an SIII only after playing with my wife’s galaxy nexus did I know Sammy would be my next manufacturer. This SIII is awesome so if the articles are correct and the Note2 is a bigger SIII with even more features you will see me taking my calls via Bluetooth because I don’t want people to think I’m trying to hide my face when on a call so I guess I’m trying to say

    NOTE 2 hands down

    1. I have to disagree on SIII, just sent mine back and got my old desire hd out, I much prefer the sense than touch wiz and what is it with that hard press home button on galaxy, I hate that.

  23. “Our friends from HTC Source have gotten a hold of a few new details regarding the device, which they call DIx”
    Very unfortunate name… I’ll just call it Fort Dix

  24. ‘dix” is an appropriate name for a verizon device. Otherwise nothing about this makes sense. I had very high hopes for the new htc devices but no removable battery and storage and memory and no 2gb ram = fail.

  25. Note 2 outperforms this in every way. That is going to be my next phone.

    1. Considering that this info is a leak (= rumor, essentially), how could you possibly say that the “Note 2 outperforms this in every way”?!

      1. Obviously my statement is based on the leaked specs, and based on them, the Note 2 outperforms this in every way.

        1. Sorry, but the unqualified use of “outperforms” is a statement of fact which, in this case, is based on rumor! Besides, even if the rumor were absolutely true, specs alone are wholly insufficient to establish performance comparisons (which is why hands-on reviews are of great interest to most of us.) I’m sure that you’re aware that camera specs (X mega pixels vs Y megapixels) don’t determine picture quality, or that processor cores (or clock speed) don’t translate to faster, or smoother, performance.

          1. Everything HTC puts out is utter crap. They make giant bricks of phones with awful battery life, horrible screens, and bloated UI’s. The One X was disappointing and that was suppose to be their “Flagship device”. It didn’t even support multitasking, something my nearly 3 year old Moto Droid supports.

            If this thing is launching with half a gig less RAM than the S3, there’s no way it will out perform in any RAM-based tests, no matter how you skew the results. That’s not even mentioning the other lackluster specs.

            Again, this is all speculation, but these specs have been leaked from several sources, and the phone is due out pretty soon, so they’re pretty accurate.

  26. DIx?? The HTC Dicks lmao

  27. if its going to be over 5 inches than stylus support should be a necessity, coz the extra real estate allows the use of a stylus for the user to be more productive and its just creative. If it doesn’t than i absolutely don’t see the point in carrying something this size without the TRUE benefits that it could allow. But hey…it’s not like its my new companies flagship device with my millions invested in it…its their design, their money so just talking about what it should and shouldn’t have is not going to make any difference to it at all..the end device has already been made, we now have to just wait to see how its like instead of complaining about something that has not even been released yet…soo save your thoughts and disagreements tor when the device and its features are actually announced, than you can decide if you want it or not..and than you should speak your voice , to tell big cooperation who take YOUR money on what YOU want… : /

  28. …or just don’t buy it..that’ll teach them a lesson about not including a stylus… ; )

  29. 1920×1080 resolution at 480ppi would only be around 4.59 inches, and 1794×1080 at 480ppi would only be around 4.36 inches, no?


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