iPhone 5 vs Android: The Patent Troll Presentation


This is unlike anything we or anyone else in our industry has made before, said Tim Cook regarding the iPhone 5 at Apple’s press conference in California today. That’s a bold statement considering the state of the current patent wars, with Apple filing silly lawsuits for things like making similarly shaped phones and having slide-to-unlock features.

The iPhone 5 will surely be one of the hottest smartphones of the year, but check out all these “new” features that are “unlike anything” the industry has ever seen: 4-inch display, 8 megapixel 1080p HD camera, HD front-facing camera, A6 processor that is two times faster than the A5X, 4G LTE, and more.

Funnily enough, this all sounds rather dusty in the world of Android. Let’s show you what we mean.

For starters, this thing is supposed to be “the world’s thinnest smartphone.” Sure, for the moment, but we all know that claim won’t last too long. It seems like there’s a new “thinnest smartphone” every month or two; remember the Huawei Ascend P1 S announcement? Or more recently, the Oppo Finder which at 6.65mm is thinner than the iPhone 5’s 7.6mm. Even the Galaxy S3 is8.6mm… will anyone notice that 1mm?

The new screen on iPhone 5 is a 4-inch display.” You don’t say? The 4-inch display might be unique in its aspect ratio, but it’s still just a 4-inch display. The original Samsung Galaxy S launched with a 4-inch display way back in June 2010 and many phones have since launched with the varying sizes while remaining beautifully thin. Want to try a Galaxy Nexus with a 4.65-inch screen? Galaxy Note with a 5.3-inch screen? How about the HTC EVO 3D with a 4.3-inch screen? That’s what we thought.

And with that revolutionary new 4-inch iPhone 5 screen size, Apple has just gotten their first taste of “fragmentation.” Wait… Tim, did you remember saying this:

“One thing is that we’re not fragmented. Look at the percentage of users who upgraded to iOS 5. We have one App Store. We have one phone with one screen size, one resolutionSo it’s pretty simple if you’re a developer.”

Tim Cook touts the device’s ability to automatically sensor the window of an app in the device’s old screen size and use letter-boxing to eat up the rest of that space. So apps can’t automatically scale or stretch? Developers now have to do extra work to make their apps fully compatible? Oh, we thought that was just an Android thing.

“You see we’re able to add a 5th row of icons.” That’s wonderful, Tim. And it would be more exciting if the iOS homescreen was more than just a row of icons. Stock Android doesn’t necessarily afford the same real estate for icons, but a stroll in the Google Play Store affords us the same ability without having to buy an entirely new phone. And what about them Android widgets from 2009? Zing.

Cook was even more excited to announce that they now have “…HSPA+, DC-HSDPA, and yes… LTE.” Surprise, surprise: the HTC Thunderbolt (an Android Phone) was one of the first with 4G LTE. And that was in March 2011. And now Samsung is poised to sue Apple for the iPhone 5 even HAVING 4G LTE.

Apple’s processors are always an interesting talking point. At the iPhone 5 event, the new A6 was processor was revealed to be two times faster than the A5. It’s a processor that boasts quad-core performance, and most of you know NVIDIA already beat Apple to that game. In fact, so did Samsung. Android phones have launched with quad-core chipsets since the beginning of 2012.

Apple touted its camera upgrades as if “8 megapixels” hasn’t become the standard since the EVO 4G’s launch. We all know that just as clothes don’t make a man, megapixels don’t make the camera. But OEMs have started using great, high quality sensors in their cameras, all while being able to shoot 1080p HD video with 60FPS for quite some time. Take the HTC One X for example.

Sticking with the camera theme, he continued “But perhaps the most amazing new feature in the iPhone 5 is called panorama.” The earliest phones I can remember having a panorama feature was the Motorola Droid X in July 2010. That’s an Android Phone. I guess it’s amazing if all you’ve ever owned is an iPhone. It’s been baked into Android ICS since the Galaxy Nexus launch. Oh, and a front-facing HD camera? Welcome to last year, Apple. Again.

Apple naturally showed off some “great, new” things in iOS. For starters, their Maps app had us in “snore” mode. Millions of points of interests, navigation, land-scape AND portrait? Oh, my! It would be like Christmas if Google didn’t have all this and more for its Android users since the original Motorola Droid in 2009.

iCloud tabs is supposed to be a feature that lets you sync your Safari tabs between your phone and browser. While Google Chrome for Android is still a bit new, we’ve been syncing tabs long enough to make this feature seem quite old. Don’t even get me started on the ability to answer a call with an SMS right from the incoming call screen — talk about copying someone else’s work!

As cynical as I may sound, does Apple not deserve to be ridiculed with the extent of today’s announcements? Not only is all of this yesteryear’s news, it’s all tasty enough for a big pot of irony that needs to be served to Apple and its legal team. While they’re in the courtrooms whining about rivals “stealing” rectangles and shapes, they’re pretty much taking a little bit of something from everyone and trying to pass it off as the greatest innovation this year.

Regardless, the iPhone WILL be one of the hottest phones of 2012/2013. With Apple collaging all these specs together into one device, how will it compare against Android’s top devices? Let’s take a look.

iPhone 5 vs. Galaxy S3 vs. HTC One X vs. Droid RAZR MAXX HD

And the annual question arises: should you defect to the land of the bitten fruit or are you on the fence and willing to try out some new Android phones? The iPhone 5 faces stiff competition from offerings by Samsung, HTC, and Motorola, and they’re worth just as much of your time as Apple’s.

(click to enlarge)

[polldaddy poll=6530279]

For starters, Samsung’s Galaxy S has been the pinnacle of the Android smartphone space and Samsung’s current iteration — the Galaxy S3 — is perhaps the iPhone’s most formidable foe yet. The cream of the crop for the summer offered up a lot of intriguing bells and whistles.

The hardware — consisting of a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor clocked at 1.5GHz, 2GB of RAM, 16-32GB of internal storage, an 8 megapixel 1080p camera sensor with a 2 megapixel front-facing camera, and a gorgeous 4.8 inch Super AMOLED HD display — is more satisfying than we could ask for at this point; and the strides Samsung’s made in TouchWiz are not to go unnoticed.

Things like S Voice, burst mode in the camera, picture-in-picture, and more pile atop Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (and soon to be Jelly Bean). Read our review of the Samsung Galaxy S3 here.

Motorola’s coming to town with a very compelling smartphone soon. They just wrapped up their event with Verizon in New York City, and from that we learned of the Motorola DROID RAZR HD and RAZR MAXX HD. These devices — with the former only differing in its high-capacity battery — will make it tough to decide on a holiday smartphone for you or loved ones.

It’ll sport a 4.7 inch display with an HD resolution, and under the hood you can expect to find the ever popular Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor clocked at 1.5GHz, as well as 1GB of RAM.

The 8 megapixel camera on the back with its 1080p HD video recording capabilities should please casual shooters, and the MAXX variant’s 3300 will give users nearly a full day’s worth of talk time without having to plug the thing up.

On the software side of things we can expect an updated version of Motorola’s UI (which many are still referring to as BLUR despite Motorola’s best attempts to move away from it), and from the looks of things Motorola has finally created a user interface that we can be happy with. You can take a look at our hands-on coverage of the device here.

Oh, and one more — the HTC One X is still alive and kicking, too. Although it may have been overshadowed by the glorious launch of the Samsung Galaxy S3, we tend to forget HTC still has some great devices on the market that are worth checking out. This phone marked the transformation of HTC and Sense, and it was met with well-deserved fanfare.

The HTC One X has a 4.7 inch HD display, either a 1.5GHz quad-core Tegra 3 processor or a dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor depending on your market and model, 1GB of RAM, 16-32GB of internal storage, an 8 megapixel camera with 1080p HD video recording and burst shooting, a 1.3 front-facing camera, and more.

The real star of the show was HTC’s much-improved Sense UI. They took out a lot of the bloat that many felt was bringing the UI down, and introduced new apps and design elements that make it more enjoyable, easy, and smooth to use than ever before. On top of Android 4.0 we believed — and still do believe — that HTC finally got it right..

So the moment of truth will come down to September 21st — will you or won’t you? We’ve already asked you in an earlier poll, but it might be good to get some fresh opinions after finally seeing the real deal, and within the context of some comparable phones from the Android side of things.

You can take a gander at the full specs of each device in the comparison chart above. Let’s hear your roar in the comments section below, and be sure to visit iSource.com for more iOS content than you can handle!


Chriz Chavez, Edgar Cervantes, Rob Jackson and Kevin Krause contributed to this post.

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  1. Rehash, like always with apple. Copy and say they made it.

  2. Failure of the year! R.I.P isheeps, 2 years of waiting for a device with late 2010 specs, oh poor you :)

    1. and paying top dollar

      1. Same price with contract.

        1. Most people buying the iFail5 are already on contract, they will likely just pay full price for it, contrary to popular belief, most people will not be switching to it, they will be upgrading

        2. I can get a Galaxy SII, which I would consider as good as the i5 (maybe except camera) for $50 on contract.

    2. LMAO!!! ;-)

  3. Just sue apple for iphone even being a phone.

  4. Honestly, I’m pretty disappointed that the iPhone 5 wasn’t something more.

    Apple has the resources to create new industry standards, and they’ve done it in the past, but the last few iterations of the iPhone haven’t added anything that other phones didn’t already have. They could have move cellphones forward in a big way, but they didn’t.

    Is it a nice phone? Sure. Is it better than last years? You betcha. Is it revolutionary in any way? No.

    1. In my opinion, the iPhone 5 is not about beating Android on features and specs. It’s about establishing the iPhone as the ONLY premium brand. We’ve all seen this phone design before! It’s not new! So that naturally leads us to question if Apple has run out of ideas or if they are not innovative anymore? Hardly! They’re still tops at innovating, but they are also very clever at marketing. I believe this design will define the look of the iPhone going forward. It will create distinction between it and the competition. It will strengthen the brand in consumer’s minds and establish it as the ONLY premium brand. At that level, you don’t compete on specs and features. You compete on mindset. People will see or hear about it and want it! Even more than they do now. Again, Apple is playing by their own rules.

      1. I wish I could say that you put a good spin on a par device but its obvious that you’ve read Jobs’ book and/or have just melded into the Qun. There is nothing innovative about the devices or services they announced today. Am I saying they are “bad”, no. Two years ago I was holding out for phones with those specs. Today its quad-core or bust. All they did was take popular features and stick them into a single device. Reminds me of Samsung’s Galaxy Series, HTC’s One series, Motorola’s Droid series….I’ll just save space and say everything.

        Enjoy your new iThing buddy. Next year, enjoy the iPhone 5s (which will be 2x faster than the iPhone 5 but about 75% as fast as the best Windows/Android phones) and the year after that, enjoy the iPhone 6 which will look EXACTLY the same as the 5 but come in at 4.3 inches. Maybe they should work on their software more because they just can’t seem to keep up with hardware anymore.

        1. Not sure if you are trolling here, but Darktanone has valid points. The vast majority of consumers don’t care about specs; they want easy and cool. The iPhone has always been really easy to use, and they have done a great job at marketing the hell out of it. While people that read these types of blog posts care about mega pixels and cpu speeds, the vast majority of consumers will want cool and easy. I am an Android user, but I do have to appreciate the tools that Apple used to become the most valuable company in the history of the earth.

          1. America Online: So Easy To Use, No Wonder It’s Number One!

          2. They are definitely the greatest marketing machine ever. I like to believe that at some point the hipsters start to look like hypnotized brain washed idiots because they pay a premium for something that isn’t set apart from the competition.

          3. And I take it you’re not brainwashed because you prefer Android? And that you are a free thinker able to resist becoming part of the iPhone buying minority. With Android’s more than 50% market share, you feel it’s the iPhone minority’s 33% market share who are the sheep? How do you justify that? The math just doesn’t add up! If you were to ask me, it would seem the 50% are the sheep, but that’s just me.

          4. Not trolling. Just presenting an alternative view void of the usual fanboism. Apple is competing on their strengths in industrial design, manufacturing, software design and marketing. They’re a company that has already reimagined and redefined the mobile phone industry that everyone is now “so called” innovating. They’ve done the major innovating and now they want to be the only premium brand in the space. They are a clever company. While the others are concerned about market share, specs, features… They’re focused on improving their products incrementally, profit share and mind share.

          5. The ‘vast majority.’ There are 500 million android activations. Don’t try to dumb down what ‘they’ want. Once upon a time there was AOL and Palm Pilot. Nobody uses them anymore because people adapt and move on.

      2. well you had one thing right, “very clever at marketing”.

        1. Asia is too smart to go for this.

      3. cult cult cult

      4. actually I agree with you…Androids could beat any iPhone any day. BUT at the end of the day it is a “premium mainstream” phone. so people WILL buy it. just like the Beats headphones. they are over priced yet people still buy them, why? because they are “hip/cool/mainstream/premium” headphones.

      5. The problem is that they aren’t the only premium product out there. Their premium brand gets hurt by that. It’s like going around bragging about how great your new car is because it’s a hybrid when that’s nothing new. At some point you’ve got to back up the brand before you’re considered an over-hyped brand. Wait maybe that’s already in the process of happening.

        1. I don’t think most consumers would consider the iPhone overhyped. It’s an asperational product…People buy it because it adds some sort of value to their lives. Whether that’s making them feel cool, part of the in crowd, or just the privilege of owning, what they consider, the best mobile phone, etc. It’s important to them and that’s what counts.

      6. you say the truth yet people still disagree with you …

    2. Guy, it is revolutionary… just because the fact that the material once again is not recycled plastic from bottles like android phones.

      1. Motorola is splash proof and made out of kevlar, aluminum and gorilla glass.

        1. where did they obtain the gorilla glass? Atlanta metro zoo and since when they obtained kevlar.. they went to war and stole bullets? Maybe.. I expect anything from Samsung these days specially they’ve been stealing 99% of apple’s design and ideas… Clever!

          1. Awww apple upset him with his hopes….apple, instantly outdated yet again :D

          2. @84ec232cd513e711dc7b9112dc054f37:disqus the iPhone came out exactly as I wanted it. I can’t complain like u guys all day here spending endless hours talking crap about how apple sucks… dont like it…dont buy it… its not there with all of ya’ll names on it for you to buy… keep buying your plastic devices as usual and keep your normal lifes Apple Free. :-)

          3. Yeah, if it had not come out as you wanted it, you’d have bought that other new iOS phone… oh wait…
            It’s not like you have a choice.

          4. Na he has a choice to go to crapdroid yet he decides to keep te better phone ;)

          5. I’m sorry, English is not my native language, what does “go to crapdroid” mean?

          6. I did notice that the author cherry picked features and then singled out Android devices that might be better, but there doesn’t seem to be one device that has them all.

            Also noticed that he didn’t mention that the A5 beat the Tegra in tests, so having a quad core A6 is actually pretty cool.
            Screen size fragmentation is not going to be an issue. Developers won’t need to do much of anything at all.
            Camera? It’s not all about megapixels. The lenses are good on the iPhone. It’s the #1 phone at Flickr, even.
            Panoramic? I think that they’re more referring to how the OS does it. Look at the demo images from the Moto review – they look stitched together, and that girl appears like 4 times in one pic. The iPhone can remove duplicate people. That IS pretty cool. And there have been panorama apps available since the thing first shipped with a camera.

            Really, this article just sounded like someone was itching to come up with some “Why the new iPhone sucks” bullet points, and frankly the arguments are beginning to bore me. If you’re in the Google world then fine, Android is probably a better choice. If you aren’t, then maybe the iPhone will be a good choice. I got so tired of the old Mac vs PC arguments of years past.. and I’m getting tired of Android vs iOS too. Ugh…

          7. I just wanna point out that the S3 DOES infact have the features the author listed

          8. I think you meant bulletproof vests not bullets.. Lol

          9. No wonder the isheep like you will buy whatever they release – you can’t actually read – he said Motorola NOT Samsung you grave nudger !

          10. I made the money to buy whatever the hell I want. If I chose to spend thousands on every iPhone is my problem. We r here again…to discuss quality and specs. Not to manage how others spend their hard earned money on.

          11. Wow, you have a lot of pent of anger. Relax, phones are meaningless objects. Enjoy your iPhone and be happy. I feel sad for you…

          12. shut up.

          13. Kevlar is a high strength fiber you moron, not a metal

          14. Guy, why the hell u have to offend me
            To tell me that. Useless idiot. We r here to discuss and talk crap about platforms not to offend with word ppl. I can assure u wouldn’t call me that I’m front of my face. Watch out who u call a moron.

          15. I would, moron. ^^

          16. @google-88c54b0fdbb63f65da0964015b853251:disqus aww poor baby, I can tell you are just jealous that your “new” iphone is already outdate… maybe next time champ.. hang in there kiddo!

          17. Oh. Yes. we should be scared now. Apple patented “ractangles” . Next, they will claim right to “circles” and “name our children”. I wish Apple fans accepted that they are a part of a herd, and they think it’s a cool heard to be a part of. But the moment they go down to detailed comparisons with Android phones, they realise Apple is playing catch-up.

            But it is not their fault. It is the story of capitalism and technology. What’s new today is going to be old tomorrow. And class effects are well explained in economics literature. Making a new adapter called ‘lightening’ which is incompatible with old phones, perpetuates class divides. I am rich and perhaps, idiotic enough to spend 30 dollars to buy the ‘lightening’ and lord over poor souls. This is exactly the kind of behaviour showed by snobs. And history tells us that snobs have always gone down.

            Apple was good earlier because they had nothing to benchmark against. They tried to outdo themselves and they ended up creating wonderful phones. But now, they refuse to listen and watch competition.

            iPhone 5 is going to sell in heaps. But investors buy stock in heap too when share prices are going up. It’s called herd mentality. Nothing new or revolutionary there.

            Another issue is that of pricing. Apple just makes premium products. Hence the premium pricing. Earlier, its features were premium. Not anymore. So, unless I am related to the owner, I really have no obligation to buy their phones. Let’s face it. Not everyone is born with a golden spoon in their mouth.

            To sum up, the latest Apple phone is good. But then it is nowhere near what even the most ardent Apple fans would have expected. But if they are gonna pay top dollar, might as well claim it is the best mankind has invented. So, if you are an android fan and own a top android phone, no need to worry. For a neutral, such arguments only bode well for he has more choices. For Apple fans, well wait till iPhone 6 adds ‘raining’ conductor or some other fancy term and sells it at premium prices. I wish people did not undermine themselves so much. As consumers, and consumers of Apple, One needs the very best as that has been the Apple promise. As an owner of both phones, android (Samsung Galaxy S2) and Apple (iPhone 4S), I feel cheated out of the latest offering by Apple. I owe no allegiance to Apple for I am no shareholder or some relative of anyone who owns Apple. As a person who chooses to invest his hard earned money into phones that I want to be impressed with.

      2. And what pray tell is wrong with recycling?

        Apple seems to do that with ideas all the time.

      3. So what you are saying is the Android handset are better AND helping the environment!? Could they get any better!!??

    3. There ability to create new industry standards died with Steve Jobs.

      1. Not the ability – the desire. They’ve got their market share and can keep it by releasing evolutionary products at this point. It’s got a much higher ROI and is much better for their stock price.

  5. Wasn’t the original Droid RAZR 7.1mm?

    1. Yes, but it don’t count because its not apple.

    2. Yeah, but only at it’s thinnest point…so I would say the iPhone 5 is still thinner.

      1. “at it’s thinnest point”? 90% of the phone is that thin except for a pinky width of bump on the top.

  6. Quentyn just a note, its not known if the A6 used in the iPhone 5 is quad core or not and its probably not because of it were Apple propaganda machine were took its place and started talking about that “innovation”!
    that said, just to be fair, Apple GPU’s has always been among the best in the business

    1. You TI because that is who they use, they do not design the GPU

  7. Breaking News: Apple invents sliced bread, then claims iPhone 5 is best thing since sliced bread.

    1. if sliced bread was invented by Apple, it will still be better than any bread that android could possibly make.

      1. You should be at the airport passing out pamphlets for your cult.

        1. For Apple? Hell Yes, An Honor!

          1. Too bad you can’t because you’re locked up in a mental institution.

          2. Y@ari_free:disqus That’s so true! Im currently taking care of my Apple Addiction at iAddiction 6 Center in Cupertino, CA.

          3. dude, wtf?? you truly are an isheep…. unless youre just trolling.?? theres liking something and then theres selling your nuts/ovaries to a cause.

          4. Dude I’m just here having fun…! I may seem like I’m taking this serious but at the end its all fun fun

      2. Only need two words for you: market share.

    2. apple should sue themselves for this travesty!!!

  8. Let’s remember that smartphones doesn’t exist until
    the iphone… The rest just start to “copy” or “take the

    1. Smartphones existed LONG before the iPhone.

    2. Karina are you on Crack? LMAO

    3. Thats weird… The Kyocera 6035 was one of the first smartphones I had seen… released back in 2001… 6 years before the iphone in 2007…..


      1. I was about to say Palm treo but I remember the kyocera. i think you are right.

        1. Guys, I think she was being sarcastic and/or satirical.

          1. No, there really are dumb isheep everywhere.

    4. Just like laptops didn’t exist before the MacBook, right?

    5. You definitely know a thing about smartphone. goto to wikipedia and try to educate yourself.

    6. Google “Windows Pocket PC” . Welcome to the light. That was 2002 waaay before iphone

    7. Umm Windows Mobile, Palm and Blackberry beat Apple to the punch just to name a few.

  9. Who ever patent “4 inch” display should Sue Apple now!!! Lulz

    凸(¬_¬)凸 Apple Fans

    1. Hope that someone also patented a widescreen on a phone…

    2. I don’t think anyone wants to make a screen that small.

    3. Lulz? Fken moron lmao

  10. Hell no. Can’t deal with apple telling you what you can and can’t do. Everything that they say is new and great, is all old news. They just now thought of an 8 megapixel camera? Android is trying to figure how to put a 13 megapixel camera in. The company once on top is now struggling to even be in the competition.

  11. Apple is definitely the new blackberry

    1. So guess that makes android the new nokia

      1. Bahahaha you are upset lololol

        1. @atg284:disqus Buddy, @IronHorse01:disqus is damn right! lol. He aint upset… He is just another smart human being that his eyes recognize premium quality and retina diplay. That’s Apple Smart.

          1. SAMSUNG MAKES THE RETINA DISPLAY. APPLE MAKES NO HARDWARE. THEY ARE A DESIGN COMPANY. Now you are educated….. Love that ignorance.

          2. Samsung’s display division makes the screens. Samsung’s mobile division doesn’t. It’s the same as SAMSUNG makes no software. They wrap a device around Google’s Android OS. No company manufactures its product in entirety. They design, develop, and outsource. How’s that for some enlightenment.

            Now, I wonder why Samsung hasn’t used the RETINA display in it’s own devices. Poor management? Apple gave them the specs to manufacture and so is, technically, not their own technology? They’re merely contractors?

          3. actually the retina display is just a marketing term created by apple. By Apples definition a retina display is a display where there resolution is high you cant see the pixels, so in reality all HD displays on are retina display.

            Lets not forget the screen on the iphones are just LCD’s with a high resolution but still not even HD

          4. Samsung has its own software it is called BADA OS!!it is not powerful and popular as Android so they do not incorporate it with their high end phones ..Make a research first before you show the world who ignorant you are!!

  12. Very small update for what Apple fans have been waiting for 2 years now. This is why I love Android you get choice, bleeding edge technology and much more. Have fun with that 4″ design you’ll probably be stuck with it for at least another 2 years. How boring… Go Android and the Nexus program!

  13. Also, Apple’s one size fits all is such a boring concept. If I were a fan I’d be very disappointed in what they just revealed.

  14. Agree with most of this, but the A6 seems likely to outperform anything else in the market; core count is a mostly irrelevant basis to assess performance. The S4 Pro starts hitting Android with the LG phone coming to AT&T in November, though, and that seems likely to best the A6. Hard to say, as the confusing thing about the A6 performance numbers from Apple are all comparisons, and it’s not clear if they’re comparing to the A5 or the A5X.

    1. But iPhone doesn’t multitask very well. Multitasking power users need more cores.

  15. Artists from ghost in shell should sue apple for the look of the Maps app

  16. “This is unlike anything we or anyone else in our industry has made before,“

    Nobody was able to sell last year’s mid-range phone at today’s high end prices…until now.

    1. I cannot believe Tim Cook actually said that…lol Does he not pay attention to the other folk sin the smartphone industry?

      I think I’m gonna make that my sig at a few forums….with a lmao smiley following it….

  17. I hope that Samsung do a commercial before the iPhone ships saying: See that magical new feature? we have it since 2010, and that other? since 2009. Could be very good to reestablish their image in the common public as not just a copy cat

    1. ^ This

    2. That would be brilliant. Point by point to show whose copying who.

      1. Maybe they’ll ship an English grammar dictionary to all their users as well.

        1. The dictionary has nothing to do with grammar. ;)

          1. No, but it can help you differentiate “who’s” and “whose”.

    3. Then add that none of it’s customers spent a whole day waiting in line for it.

    4. and finish with a “Oh!.. and one more thing..”

    5. See the project butter? iPhone have this since 2007.
      this ad would be awesome tho.

    6. I think Apple is fully aware that they’re copying Android. The problem is that none of these awesome features in Android are patented. Google should have patented the crap out of everything in Android, but they didn’t. I think they’ve learned their lesson.

      1. Google being a good citizen of technology doesn’t use patents to sue others or limit their abilities to use technologies. Lawsuits shouldn’t be used to keep others out of your market, your own technological superiority should do that. Good for Google.

        1. I agree this is how it SHOULD work.

        2. Yeahhh, that’s just plain incorrect. (About Google not patenting anything)

        3. “Google being a good citizen of technology” bwahahaha.



          he. cough.

        4. If that’s google’s attitude, i think they are playing right into apple’s hands. They do nothing while the patent troll known as apple goes out and files every lawsuits against everyone.

  18. Your entire arguement is flawed – you are comparing the i5 to several phones and their specs, not just one phone. Who cares if 3-5 other phones have already done it, they don’t have all the features the i5 has in one phone. Also the arguement that they ‘invented’ or came up with the camera or 4g LTE is ridiculous – please tell me a droid phone that was completely new and innovative?? Don’t get me wrong, iphone isn’t hands downt he best product ever, I actually really like the S3 but at least put up a decent arguement.

    1. Those 3-5 other phones are old.

      1. They also all have larger screens, LTE, 8 megapixel cameras, and panoramic pictures. What feature does the iPhone 5 have that these don’t?

        1. They don’t have ‘magical’ features that only Apple fans will understand.

    2. uh…I’d like to hear the long list of features the iPhone 5 has that my Galaxy Nexus doesn’t…and for every one from the small list you come up with, I’ll give you another feature mine has, that the iPhone 5 doesn’t…(but I’m sure the iPhone 5s will next year, lol)

    3. The point is those android manufactures don’t go around suing everyone because they “invented” trivial features. The point of this article is to highlight how Tim Cook tried to say the iPhone 5 is a world’s first etc. When that statement is simply not true.

      1. This. It’s not just about spec by spec. It’s not just about phone vs phone. It’s also about the entire conversation going on in the industry right now.

    4. I stopped reading after “DROID phone”. For the last time a DROID is a Verizon specific phone. Not all android phones.

  19. Geeze…people get emotional over phones almost as bad as the upcoming elections…i’m fortunate enough to have both an iphone and an Android HTC (one for work and one for personal). i5 is really a “catch up phone.” Of course the S3 will have better tech than any phone. They come out like every 3 to 6 months leaving the S2 and S1 worthless with no value. This is great if you have a lot of upgrades available. Having the latest tech is great, but it really comes down to personal preference on the Operating Systems and what integrates better with your life. If you’re comparing the S3, compare it just to other Android phones. Are you really going to switch OS’s just for a phone???

    1. galaxy s series of phones come out once a year?

      1. i was being facetious…hehe…but when i was buying my Android phone, I was deciding between HTC and Samsung…I passed on Samsung because the S2 was just about to come out right after the S1 was released…was thinking they just released the Galaxy…very happy with the HTC Android….for my personal life, it’s easier to link up my iphone, ipad, mac and apple tv….the iPhone 5 is far from revolutionary, but gets it on par with the other phones…just happy the 4S has a great resale value

        1. I take people iphones on trade and they walk out with free one x’s plus a case and a nice set of headphones. I do this all the time to convert people.

        2. Even though I am a Nexus owner I prefare the HTC phones. Maybe I just like the underdog or that HTC makes some damn fine phones. I joy of an android devices is that if I ever did want to jump from win7/ubuntu (which I use now) to Mac OS I could still sync up all my stuff from Google.

    2. You said if your comparing the s3 , compare it to just other android phones? So if im comparing the iphone 5 im gonna compare it to the 5 other old iphones? Are you serious? Obviously the new iphone is going to be better then last years. it took a whole year to work on it and that’s all they made? Thinner, faster, lighter? seriously? the only categories it wins is thin, It has a worse display then the new lumia 920, theres many quad core phones out there that blow it out of the water, better cameras, Phones that actually had LTE and it doesn’t even have nfc, microsd or a micro usb! Apple ruins there customers either make a charger that will work with everyphone or just keep the same one! now everyone has to get an adapter or port. Just face it the Iphone 5 announcement was so underwhelming its bad, its the best iphone out there yes and it should its brand new, but its not the top phone out there, and possibly not even top 5. You have the lumia 920, s3, one x, note, razzr such a variety with different screen sizes, im pretty sure people will get persuade to check out other phones then the same looking Iphone for the past 3 years. So no, you have to compare it to other phones out there cause that’s all you can do, its not better then the top phones out there and we wont see if it will be until next year… Unless they announce an iphone mini? The iphone 5 is such a joke after today shaking my head! So yes people will switch phones when they have updates from an outdated os to new ones

      1. like i said, it’s a catch up phone and everyone is comparing the i5 to the S3, nokia, razzr, etc. The bottom line is that it’s not “just” about the tech and it’s how it integrates into the other electronics you use. It’s all personal preference. Do you get so pissed about the car you drive and what others are driving? millions of people are looking forward to it. Sure Apple hypes it up does their marketing, but people buy it because they find value in it. does it really bother you so much that a company is not making a product that you would buy or is not up to par with your standards? if you have better ideas, then go replace the head designer at apple…lol i’m lucky to have the iphone and have an android HTC so I see both sides. There are pros/cons to both phones and Operating systems. take it easy..it’s just a phone

        1. And no why would I get pissed off about a car? That is a terrible analogy, do you buy a new car every year or two? Do you spend 20,000$+ on a phone like you do on a car? no so what are you even saying, making no sense just like before cause car companies don’t make catch up cars? And they make more then one type of car a year… Unlike apple who makes one phone a year and this is all we get. Im just saying its a huge disappointment from the ALL mighty Tech company. But that’s my opinion

          1. haha..ok…sorry that was a little out there and totally respect your opnion….since I have an iphone and Android phone, i really see both sides….but what Phandroids need to understand is that iphones can never have better tech than android phones since android manufacturers want to keep pushing out the latest tech. apple doesn’t care if the tech doesn’t compare to the latest android phones. they care if their customers are buying an iphone, then buying an ipad, mac, apple tv., etc. for customer experience, they integrate all of their devices so its customers are happy and keep upgrading…that’s what keeps driving their stock price up… ;) If Samsung keeps pushing out great phones, tvs, tablets, computers, and integrates them with kick ass software, they’ll definitely take over apple

  20. Wow, they finally invented Android. My 2011 HTC Sensation 4G has just about all this and it is considered a paperweight.

    1. hahah i was thinking the same. im watching the apple intro video for the ifail 5 on their website and holding my sensation like….LOLDAFUQ? i have all this already. only thing im launching my phone for is a note 2.

    2. No, they are still behind last year’s Android.

      1. wait…! was last year’s android designed with the premium quality described in my comment aboved… Wait! No!

        1. You mean like the iphone 4’s ‘premium’ quality antenna that didn’t work? Wait! No!

    3. ….and how good was the battery life of that HTC and the screen? Retina perhaps? No. Exactly! Cut with diamonds to enhanced perfection? Wait.. No way!

  21. The iPhone 5 could have been so much more. But, they diverted too many resources trying to name the wriststrap on the new iPod Touch.

    Wristpod? No.
    Podstrap? No.
    The Loop? Brilliant. Where’s that patent application?

  22. Actually we’ve seen this phone before Cook. It looks exactly as it did in 2007

  23. Samsung Behold 2 had panoramic photos. That was released in Nov 2009…

    1. sony ericsson w810i released in 2007 had panorama … I had one.

    2. Thats true, but for some reason with them this feature looks innovative and professional… probably because the device is freaking awesome, retina display, and the world’s most advanced operating system…and on top of that the quality is premium unlike recycled plastic that Samsung uses on their devices.

      1. It’s more because of the reality distortion field they implanted in your brain…

      2. recycled plastic
        recycled plastic
        recycled plastic
        recycled plastic
        recycled plastic
        recycled plastic
        recycled plastic
        recycled plastic
        recycled plastic
        recycled plastic ……. dude change the record !

      3. What is with you and hating on recycled plastic? There’s no fvcking difference between it and new plastic. It’s made from the same oil.

      4. recycled plastic is a bad thing?? we must be in parallel universes…. ok, fine so they made panorama better (although you forget ics has this feature already) that doesnt mean they should claim its unlike anything a competitor has done

  24. New lightning port means no backward compatibility! Yay!

    1. Such a shame (sarcasm) that all those manufactures that added docs for apple’s proprietary connector now have to redesign their products. Docking stations in cars, AVR’s, clocks, ect.

      1. And they get to pay more licensing fees!

  25. This poll is rigged!
    I wanted to vote iPhone, but I got confused and voted Galaxy S3!
    The wording was just so similar!!!

      1. Someone doesn’t understand sarcasm… Pitty…

        1. Wasn’t simple enough for Iphone users

        2. Depends on how you read it…

          1. I don’t want to start a war here.
            When I wrote that thing above, I was joking so I’m glad that most people understood it as a joke.

          2. you’re, as in “you are”.

          3. Good one Mr. Grammar Cop! Now point out the other one’s!

          4. Where is your capital letter, mister?

    1. you need to change your glass lol

    2. Seems like you couldn’t distinguish between an iphone and a samsung, so here’s a billion dollars for having idiots as fanboys, I hope that makes up for it

      1. dude, he’s being sarcastic.

        1. Dude, so was he.

        2. facepalm

    3. Brilliant +1

    4. you’re holding it wrong!

  26. The 4-inch display might be unique in its aspect ratio, but it’s still just a 4-inch display”

    Huh? It’s 16:9 like all Android phones.

  27. Apple doesn’t make phones they make fashion statements

  28. I agree with all that was said…but in addition, even BEFORE the Droid and Android, my old LG Voyager Pro from 2007 (which I still own), had Panorama mode. LOL!

  29. Well, I’m happy that all the Grandmas out there will finally have some of the features that we’ve been enjoying for quite a while now.

    Fewer features = Fewer choices = fewer steps = Grandma phone :)

    1. My Grandma already has one LOL

    2. Good point grandma, what you fail
      To realize is that while this features have been out apple has improved them, made them better and more efficient that your crapdroid

      1. PLEASE explain this logic

        1. He can’t. it’s ‘magical’ logic.

      2. Forgive them Ironhorse01!!! They don’t understand…Apple is written in the stars…hahahahah fun fun fun.

    3. Not necessarily a grandma phone, but what I describe as “a smartphone for people who hate smartphones.” Personally, I like smartphones, and bought the Thunderbolt and VZW Galaxy Nexus on their respective launch dates (and I’m a grandpa!)

  30. “[Apple is] pretty much taking a little bit of something from everyone and
    trying to pass it off as the greatest innovation this year.”

    Yup, that’s what they’ve been doing for a looong time now.

  31. I had a panoramic photo option on my 2005 Sony Ericsson K750i. Very innovative, not.

    1. I had dat w810i boom

  32. The iPhone5 is pretty underwhelming. I think Android does it better…with ONE exception: integrated and official apps (iLife). I love my Nexus 7, but I wish Google had stepped it up in the app department. Yes, third-party apps are available, but they often integrate poorly or are of inconsistent quality both in function and design.

  33. Apple finally created a device with run-of-the-mill Android specs, a midrange display size, and a wonderful OS (oh wait, it basically runs Android’s app drawer). Nice try Apple. You have successfully gone from “innovator” to “catcher-upper.”

  34. Now we wait……..
    ………………….>.> when we get the next nexus ?

    1. Careful with copyrights…it may end outta of the market as well. Apple is Rock-Solid Machinery

  35. One thing that i5 better than my gn, battery life. Beside that, mostly the same.

    1. Wish i had just one leaked corner of the next nexus to persuade me not to jump ship and get a galaxy s3 lol

      1. I am htc through and through but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to the nexus announcement. I might actually abandon htc lol

        1. Once you go Samsung, you will always be Samsung.

        2. Nexus might not have the flashiest specs but its a beast of a phone

        3. Would be nice if htc or Sony did the next nexus phone. Lot’s of choices…

        4. The next one could be an HTC, you know, just like the first one.

      2. I was saving money for the i5 but what a disappointment. Now I spent my saving on a new pc and wait for the super phone of 2013.

  36. Lol, biggest phone of the year has outdated tech

  37. Even the Microsoft fan boys are feeling bad for iPhans, that’s just sad

  38. Yawnnn….so yesterday….

    1. Just like android

  39. I haven’t really looked much into it, but I don’t understand how Google hasn’t sued the pants off of Apple for the pull-down shade. My guess is that they don’t have it patented (ahhh!!!), but if they do, why be nice?

    If Apple can patent slide to unlock and rounded icon edges, than how is the extremely unique feature of the pull-down shade (one of my main reasons for staying Android) not patented or patent-able? This seems genuinely crazy to me. Mind = Mush.

    1. the pull down notification screen has been patent pending since like 2009

  40. Nokia Lumia 920 smokes iPhone 5!

    1. An the galaxy s 3 too

  41. Gotta remember Phandroid crew if Apple didn’t do it then its new. So the I sheep have heard their calling. So iPhone user flock to the local Apple store and buy Old tech from a company that makes it seem its new.

  42. Heck, even my old Samsung Omnia i910 from 2008 had panorama…it wasn’t an Android device (it was Windows Mobile) but it’s crazy how Apple thinks that only the things they release on their iPhone are innovative…no, just no!

  43. Enjoy your dented iPhone.

    1. I will… as usual!

      1. Rene Marrero. As an Android fan boy through and through. I welcome you. Welcome to 4G, welcome to other features you have been missing out on. Even though I feel like Apple has sold out from their orginal branding..I don’t mind people loving their products. Just don’t disrespect ours eh?

        1. Thanks for the warm welcome! But I have not disrespect anything… as a matter fact this whole topic is just talking crap about Apple and last time I check this is a free country where we enjoy talking all we want and share our opinion in public about devices as well.

          1. I see you sidestepped the 4G comment. Oh well, they still don’t have a removable battery, big screen (not weirdly tall screen), expandable memory, Google Maps, native YouTube, true multitasking, and non-proprietary features (like microUSB or microHDMI). Enjoy switching your 30-pin connectors too. It’s okay though, Apple is primarily a fashion statement anyways.
            Ignorance is bliss.

          2. My question to you is why are you on an android based site if you are an apple fan boy?

          3. Because he/she’s a troll. Don’t feed the troll!

          4. Are you familiar with the term disrespect? Because I’m pretty sure your own words “get an shitdroid of low quality plastic possibly obtained from recycled bottles” wasn’t respectful … but it could just be me :)

        2. I’m sorry.. don’t disrespect ours? That is what this *entire article* is about! Disrespecting the iPhone, calling it crap, cherry picking features that Android or one of the other dozen device manufacturers might have added before, etc..

          Come on, man…

          1. It’s not disrespect if it’s true, this is by far the biggest letdown of a phone ever sold, there’s nothing that can be called magical or really revolutionary this time around, hell Apple themselves spent more time talking about iTunes and the “new” iPods than the new iPhone

          2. I disagree. Last year’s release was more of a let down. At least this one will have LTE… oh well, I’ll pick it up anyway. Some of us made the mistake of sinking too much money into apps to justify a switch at this point. Plus there’s the comfort in familiarity – even if it comes at the expense of “outdated” technologies, which, in reality, aren’t that outdated and will still be a welcomed upgrade.

          3. So, you’re settling, because it’s too hard to break away?

            As a former Palm WebOS user, take my advice: Just do it. The initial regret will be a memory when you realize just how smart your choice to move was in the long run.

          4. Settling because we have to pick our battles. Work, school, wife, kid – life catches up and time runs out. Anything other than an iphone would mean learning a new platform, and as one who wouldn’t be satisfied until the ins and outs were fully vetted, that would mean a considerable investment in time that I just don’t have…

            As Mr. Burbank above said, it’s still a pretty solid phone. It will have enough features to keep me satisfied, and with the LTE, I will most likely be satisfied for a while …. so long as ATT doesn’t look for new ways to suck more.

          5. The iPhone 5, while not as revolutionary as i had hoped, does still look like a solid ass phone.
            I’m an android man myself, and while i personally wouldn’t want an iPhone, I agree that if the iPhone 5 has the features YOU want, then hell yeah. Get that beast and I’m sure you’ll love it.
            But if you look at the spec sheet and find yourself longing for a little more…well then you might want to consider starting fresh on a different OS.
            Doesn’t even have to be Android!
            That Lumia 920 is looking mighty tantalizing (;

          6. If you started with android you could have almost all free apps and be free to switch to iphone with out loosing so much money… thats not including the apps that are paid in the play store but free elsewhere online.

          7. Apple wants to ban our phones and you want us to respect them?

          8. That is what you’ll get when you come to an Android forum.

          9. Those “cherry picked” features were touted by Tim Cook as the iPhone 5s latest innovations. The article isn’t treating the iPhone with disrespect, Tim Cook is doing that to iPhone users selling you day old bread at a premium.

          10. Love the day old bread reference!!!

          11. Cherry picking? He listed all the new features. Not our fault that every feature has already been done lol

          12. There’s no cherry picking. The iphone5 has *no* new features that Android didn’t already have. Granted, the actual case design (glass+aluminium) is different, but I’ll take a waterproof+dropproof Android device over an iPhone. You do know they make those, right?

          13. Sounds like an Apple Lawsuit that just recently went through…

        3. finally a nice android fan! i apologise for all the obnoxious apple fans out there but not all of us are like that.

  44. wow, its just pretty sad that not only did apple not bring anything new to the table, but they still haven’t got past 2011. iphone 5S , maybe it might have NFC and all new FULL 720p screen!!! woo hoo. Honestly kinda sad to see this cuz that’s just one less competitor to push the boundaries of innovation in the cell phone industry.

  45. Don’t get me wrong, the iphone5 looks weak in terms of specs, but my god those devices look gorgeous! Why can’t Android phones come looking that hood with that build quality. If they did, it truly would be RIP Apple.

    1. Why does appearance mean so much? Yeah….I got you wrong if you are more concerned about looks than function.

    2. I agree that they are gorgeous devices, but as long as I can only afford one smartphone I’ll be sticking with Android, for functional reasons.

  46. I find it hilarious that out of the phone on the poll 3 are android people still would rather have the iPhone 5 than The other 2 androids! And this is and android site hahaha Sad

    1. How did you come to that conclusion? Apple fanboys don’t visit this site? You should run for president, you are obviously a genius.

      1. Isn’t it a skewed poll then? To put it in an Android fanboy site? You should run for American President.

  47. The I5 is a decent phone, but it’s only that…….. decent! Samsung has taken on the market with their phones, features, and innovation! First, the S3 has taken the game up to a whole ‘nother level! It’s dam near perfect!!! And let’s not forget about the powerhouse behemoth…….. THE GALAXY NOTE 2!!!! Now this a device that wows me in all aroundness!

  48. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand FAIL!!

    so the only market apple has left is the tablet market and they’re gonna lose that one too within the next 5 years. steve jobs died, and apple will soon follow.

  49. I guess Tim is right by saying “This is unlike anything we or anyone else in our industry has made before.” In Apples “Industry”, there is no competition as no one is allowed to compete or create alternatives. So yes, they have revolutionized. But, if you leave that ecosystem, the technology used, goes back as far, as 2007.

  50. Why is having a phone made of recycled plastic water bottles bad or not cool? Seems good and really cool to me. You cant come out with a 30 mega pixel camera and still sell it for 199 bucks. That is why the specs will always be just 1 solid bump up from last years. As stuff gets cheaper, phones get better while the price doesnt change.

    No reason to reinvent the wheel every 12 months when the wheel infact is very good. This goes for apple and android. They are both great products-we all have preferences. For those that love apple or apples works best for them, this is a great update to an already great phone. Same goes for galaxy S III and soon Galaxy S IIII.

    I prefer android but this cock swinging is childish.

  51. the dedicated apple followers will think apple invented all of these features.

    1. The only place I read these BS claims in on android sites. I have yet to see a iphone site claim apple invented anything. Is this just some ploy so you can justify the hatred you have for a device that some people find suits their needs just fine?

  52. Is the iPhone 5 revolutionary….No
    Does the Samsung S3 have better specs…Yes
    Does that mean it’s a better phone…not necessary
    The devil is in the details and how it preforms in hand
    I’ll hold off judgement, until after we start seeing hands on reviews

  53. Is the iPhone 5 revolutionary…No
    Does the Samsung S3 have better specs…Yes
    Does that mean it’s a better phone…Not necessary
    The devil is in the details, and how it preforms in hand
    I’ll hold off judgement, until after it receives hands on reviews

    Also if you’re a Mac user, than the iPhone 5 has the advantage of syncing your “Numbers” and “Pages” docs with your desktop. Yeah Android has Google Drive, but it pales in comparison.

  54. and then cover the ”high quality device” in protective bumpers so that it won’t break !! :–) :–)

    1. So that it can make a phone call you mean … antennagate much? :)

  55. Well of course they can say their phone is like nothing you’ve seen before. Their iSheep eat that up like crazy.

  56. samsung and htc should now sue for the use of the 8mp camera, other companies should hop on board for the use of their old tech, the 4 inch size screen. doesnt samsung and sony make all the parts for the iphone/ipad/ipod anyway?

  57. Has anyone realized that its NOT the slimmest phone in the world. The Motorola Razor beats it at 7.2 mm

    1. You mean other then that ugly bump? Oh yes android fanbois like to ignore facts that don’t fit into their so called reality.

  58. Hey douche, apple sucks. Why are you on this site? I don’t go to apple sites and talk about android phones. Troll on

    1. apple sites don’t have posts about new android phones. Probably because apple fans aren’t afraid of android. Can’t say the same for android fans.

      1. Thank you Gary. U made my day. That’s what I’m talking about. We, the apple fans dont spend time in our apple sites talking crap about others

        1. Other iOS? LOL, that made perfect sense.

        2. They don’t talk about android phones, because they are afraid people might learn the truth. That the iPhone lost its magic 2 years ago. That android does now what iOS will in two years.

          1. Reality check…..they don’t talk about android phones because they cannot beat them…they ain’t doing anything that android hasn’t already done.

      2. Correction…..Apple sites don’t talk about android phones because there’s nothing about their iphone that is any better than the best android phone. They cannot claim to be superior because they’re not….the Samsung Galaxy S3 is far superior. Wonder if the ifail 5 will survive being dropped on the floor this time round?

        1. So by your logic Android sites talk about iPhones because they are better then android. Thanks at least we know why all android users are afraid of iphones.

      3. If apple hadn’t made a stink with its ridiculous patent suits to protect its diminishing sales, nobody here would be talking about apple. The troubling fact is that apple seems to have had a successful marketing campaign whereby its “fanboys” seems to believe “everything” apple says as truth with religious fervor. Apple brand is not consumerism..it is a religion. Apple copies like everyone else. Remember Braun? Look up Dieter Rams. The only difference is apple’s fanboys will religiously believe these designs are exclusively apple’s. After all, one simply does not question your deity.

    2. We will stop coming to android sites when they stop having iphone news.

  59. I think what obviously all people are not understanding is the fact that people are to lazy to learn about their phones and want it to be easy. It seems to be what everyone wants now a days. Sadly it only makes us more dumb and less likely to operate things like we used to so easily… who cares about the I sheep they come and talk crap about android and so do some of android people. All in all who is anyone to talk? Sides its all about user choice just respect the user and far as I’m concerned if you have to take someone’s ideas that were obviously meant to be free for technology and patent it in order to screw the competition then you clearly don’t understand what they first set out to do when Linux was made. Because he could have close sourced the code but didn’t so all could use it and make it better not for someone to take it and close it up.

  60. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CW0DUg63lqU
    Steve Jobs: “We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas”

  61. Two things… If they made the connector microUSB they couldn’t collect the royalties they to licensing out the proprietary connector like they do now.

    Second, they didn’t put NFC in the iPhone 5, because then they wouldn’t have anything new and groundbreaking for the iPhone 5S.

  62. I was really hoping Crapple came up with something that would motivate the Android vendors to come up with something to out do Apple, but seeing how that was done last year with these specs, our guys can hold off if they choose, but with the competitive nature of Android I seriously doubt that will happen.

  63. Reminds me of MS releasing IE7.
    Starting to play catch-up.

    The Hare is starting to run after the Tortoise.
    And its at the same time throwing banana peels hoping to slow the Tortoise down or paralyse it.
    One Hare against many Tortoises.

    After seeing how older phones wait longer to get the newest Android version.
    I would like to own the next Nexus phone.

    1. “Reminds me of MS releasing IE7.”

  64. Another sidestep, no facts. Just SheepLovin ;)

    1. Rene, You didn’t disrespect Android eh? How about claiming that our phone is made from recycled bottles? Which I hope that my phone was, I am into recycling but I know you didn’t mean it in a good way. Are you enjoying multitasking and cut copy and paste? Just a gift from Android. Want you to feel welcomed. Want you to feel at home.

  65. Hello iPhone 5! Welcome to 2011! Where my Sony Xperia Arc S with Google android phone is already bored of having all of your “new” features!

  66. I believe my old samsung behold 2 was able to do panoramic pictures back in 2009.

  67. “”Samsung’s current iteration — the Galaxy S3 — is perhaps the iPhone’s most formidable foe yet.”” Seriously? I the ip5 fails in Every category as a phone that’s been out shined by a android phone (sgs3) that’s been out damn near half a year!

  68. Who the hell voted iphone?

  69. Remember when some big shot at Foxconn said that the iphone5 was going to be superior to the Galaxy S3? Looks like he was wrong. :D

    1. The way he said it too, he was so sure of it. But now that this phone has been revealed, he should just kill himself.

  70. This article was briliant. I hope people realize the truth. Watch the iSheep yelling from the roof tops : there’s this new thing on my iPhone it’s called 4G! and a 4″ screen!

    1. Now the isheep will finally be right when they say they have 4G. Not like “I do have a 4G phone because I have a Iphone 4”!

      1. Maybe they’ll claim they have 5G because it’s an iPhone5?

      2. Actually, from what I learnt on the ATT website and elsewhere, the 4S did have 4G, but it was 4G – HSPA+ or something like that, and not the 4G-LTE, which is much faster.

        1. The problem is that the carriers got everyone confuses with their fake 4G, specifically t-mobile and AT&T. Verizon went from their crappy 3g to LTE, where as the other 2 fudged 4g. Also it was only after a updated was pushed to the AT&T iphones did it start using the 4G logo. At release it was the standard 3g.

  71. As an environmentalist I am offended by your statement.

    1. I know right.

      It’s the Apple (troll) mentality that even recycled plastic is somehow low-quality and only for “poor people”. Apple zealots must have NEW plastic refined from fresh Chinese oil, glass made from Hawaiian sand, and non-recycled aluminum smelted from the dirtiest process.

      1. Cool story!

      2. I’m enjoying how the troll has been reduced to 2 word statements in response to everyone’s actually thought out statements. Well played, Dude.

  72. one x was belittled here its screen and camera are better than gs3 both great phones
    my one s camera is out of control and is 7.8mm almost too thin the iphone 5 basically the same

  73. “All the newer ones, the good ones-they have it like this Galaxy Nexus”
    That’s a One X

    1. 4:11 in the video

    2. lol its a white Galaxy nexus lol

  74. Best article so far i’ve read since the iphone5 announce . very detail comparison . 5 is really a big dissapointment indeed by taller + old spec but girls will buy becoz most of them have no idea about the spec but the brand name . this is very bad news for people who sold 4s for 5

  75. Every single Android phone looks like a cheap, plastic child’s toy next to the iPhone 5. And while nothing here is ‘revolutionary,’ no single platform brings it together better than the iPhone. Every single Android I’ve used feels hacked together and sloppy. Sorry kids. It’s true and you know it.

    1. You buying a new iPhone 5 ? You Snapping into a slim jIm ?

  76. Sue anyone in future who’ll try to make thinnest phone… ‘Thinnest’ is patented by Apple, you can’t be thinner than iPhones

  77. The iPhone 5 is clearly the best phone here in my opinion, and I’ve been an Android fan from Day 1.

    To be completely honest I’d never buy a non-Nexus Android phone again anyway. The mediocre build quality, horrible GUI changes, oversized phones, and poor OS upgrade support makes me considering moving back to Apple.

    Basically if the Nexus 4 coming this winter doesn’t impress me, I’ll be getting an iPhone 5. I’m a huge Google fan, but their lack of support alone is enough to make me want to switch. I just wish the iPhone 5 hardware could somehow run Jelly Bean, or Google could learn to build a good phone and sell and support it on all carriers.

  78. Before any of you jump down my throat I HAVE THE HTC EVO 3D….for now..anyways, the iPhone 5 is sexy (and yeah it looks like the iPhone 4) I don’t care. Samsung phones have looked the same throughout their journey. Don’t even get me started on Motorola. I love my htc but next to an iPhone it never felt as sleek, and smooth. One thing I really have to commend Apple on is that their products don’t depreciate like android phones. My evo was outdated 4 months after it came out and same with the Galaxy Note. Look at the iPhone 4 still being sold and updated. I wish my two year old Android phone would get the newest OS. If the htc One X came to sprint (I mean the ONE X not evo 4g lte) and the phone isn’t going to depreciate within a couple of months then I would stay on the android bandwagon but my ship is sailing to Apple land.

  79. Blame carriers for that, they control the updates that get pushed to your phone. As for all this back forth rubbish. Isheep and fan droids need to stop fighting we are all consumers we all enjoy what each bring to the table in technology if no one tries to outdo the other then there’s no room for improvement. IDC if your iPhone is better all this brings is more $ out of all of our pockets. We all should just enjoy our products of choice but I guess we all have to act like each others stuff is better when relatively they’re the same just some have better enhancements then others. Let the phone companies battle it out or are we all just as blind to the b.s of all of this? I’m not hopefully your not either….

  80. And yes android is my phone of choice I’m happy with my recycled plastic phone cause hey it means less waste at the landfill. I’d gladly pick a company who cares for the environment and is actually trying to help clean it up vs. add more trash to it…

  81. I would also rather wait quite some time to get an iphone over an android. Why would people want to get a DROID!? They always come out with these huge phones made out of plastic that try and sell you on features like “4G” and “LTE”…. IDK man. I trust Apple. I mean does the DROIDs have an iSight camera? How about a Retina display? Can they Facetime or do the iCloud? Does the Galaxy 3 have a Lightning charge port? Do they use Helicopter glass? How thin are DROIDs!? I am so unique… You can’t even jailbreak them to get cool stuff on them. LOL. Stupid robots.
    (keep in mind none of this is sarcasm… I am seriously this ignorant)

    1. can you change the battery your self on your 4G ? or do you have to send it to a bench engineer APPLE SUCK LOADS & RIP YOU OFF.

  82. 207 comments, and so far nobody’s mentioned the glaring feature MISSING from the iPhone 5: NFC!

    That was the only feature I was eagerly hoping Apple would adopt, in order to spur the mobile payment industry forward for all, but, nope, no NFC.

    This deserves more discussion IMO…

    1. I agree. I have a suspicion Apple deliberately intoduced the Passport app now and retained NFC for later, so they will have something to show in a 5S update? I love Apple, but I have no reservation in saying they’re more cunning and manipulative than any other manufacturer out there (No one isn’t one)

    2. Yeah like Keshav said, they’re just saving it for later, which is just BS. They have the ability to further the industry but they don’t.

    3. Adding to a device isn’t going to make it useful or popular. You need to get business lined up for it first. Much like apple did with iTunes store. If they can get everyone or most people to agree to use it, then you put it in the device. It doesn’t work the other way around as proof I can only use my google wallet in lilke 6 places.

      1. I take it you’re not familiar with the chicken & egg concept? :)

        It wouldn’t have hurt to put NFC in the iPhone; it would only have helped.

        1. I am familiar with that, but that is far to simplistic for the problem we have. Everyone wants to make money off a mobile solution, banks and credit card companies and 3rd parties. So no one can agree on the way to do that. Just sticking NFC in everything won’t help. Get everyone on board with a solution, which might not even be NFC, it could be Bluetooth. Then release the hardware that can support it.

      2. NFC (in the battery) is razor-thin, so would’ve added virtually nothing to an already too-thine iFone5.

  83. As much as I love Android, I can’t wait to try out some of the upcoming ecosystems. Windows Phone should really make a splash, especially with the integration with entire Windows 8 ecosystem. Blackberry coming to market with a newer and more updated smartphone might even help them not fall into oblivion. Samsung is getting ballsy and ready to make a move. It really looks great for the future.

    I really though I was an Android fan until recently. Then I realized I was just a huge fan of mobile technology as a whole. This lawsuit nonsense is stifling further innovation and potential technology to make life even better… and more portable!

    1. Windows 8 may be a contender for sure… but RIM may have used up all of their 9 lives by now. Apple is taking it to them on Enterprise deployments… and Microsoft will certainly go hard for Enterprise accounts as well. If they lose sizable chunks of that market, RIM is finished.

  84. Quite possibly the best post I’ve read on Phandroid, ever! And I read it every day!

  85. I own a Galaxy S3. Love it. But i also have two lines of service. I think i will get an iphone 5 for the second line. Just so i can have both. Fuuuuuuk it

  86. When has the iphone ever been ahead on specs? The first iphone didn’t have bluetooth, had one of the worst cameras available, poor sound quality, couldn’t drag and drop mp3s from the computer. Every iphone has been behind on specs but they had more apps, that’s why people bought them. This is the closest the iphone has ever been to current.

  87. I just can even fathom that Tim cook has totally absorbed Jobs’ nutcase narcissism and that he would actually come out and say the iphone 5 is unlike anything they or anyone else has done. All the new features were kanged straight from other OEMs(mostly Android) and everything else is the same old iphone its always been.

  88. so you guys are arguing over what? who makes better phones? Its middle school all over again! I know what we should do! Lets all get into a heated debate about which os system is better and totally forget about the real world and all of its problems! :)

  89. Only thing that irrks me is that my friends that are apple fanboys/ignorant to mobile tech, will actually believe that Apple has “done it again.” They can’t deny that android phones have had bigger screens..But I have already seen comments about the panorama feature, maps, and LTE. They think this is new tech just because apple announced it in their next phone. I respect apple to an extent. I admire the iphone’s hardware and how well it operates and how smooth it is. Never could own one because I love some freedom and wiggle room. I like having to choose between different android offering. I love to customize my experience. I admire how they have successfully brainwashed millions of people. How some folks automatically get an iphone no matter what. It is just what you do every summer. It’s like 2nd nature.

  90. Ahahaha…at least I can say my S3 is not made from recycled Yugos or recycled tin cans for that matter like the ifail5! Wait…wait, let me catch my breath….1136×640…Ahahaha, that’s not even a true 720p screen! Yeah, you go ahead and wait a thousand years, because, that is how long it will take for you to enjoy today’s Android features on a iCrap, and while Android users will enjoy 4k resolution on Samsung’s revolutionary see through screen in a few years to come. Give it up dude, iCrap is….well…crappie!

    1. Dude, lol

  91. Other – Galaxy Note 2.

    If the “other” option weren’t there, then it would have been the SGS III.

  92. The thinnest, eh? I guess the 7.1mm Droid RAZR doesn’t count anymore since it’s over a year old.

    1. Camera hump disqualifies it.

  93. Tim Cook is a failure. Steve Jobs would never have allowed this.
    As an Android loyal (S2),it is good for there to be competition so we consumers can reap from it with better devices.
    See how far phones have come with competition?……….not litigation.

  94. Thanks a lot for your article and video. I agree.

    But i miss one question: How much will have Apple to pay to the Android ecosystem for copying them? if courts and jurys keep the same criteria.

  95. Quentyn, Rob, Chris, Edgar, Kevin – Amazing article! You guys grilled Apple!

  96. The Xperia X10 had a 4″ screen and launched a few months before the galaxy s, sorry, Sony diehard here and I just couldnt let Samsung take the glory for that haha

  97. Just compared the features of about 20 different android devices with one iPhone, rubbish..
    I got two words for you.. Jony Ive! Bam!

  98. Apple makes me so Angry (with a Capital A) with their smug BS. I would rather have a dumb phone than buy anything from the Rotten Fruit. And this is not a pro Android fanboy statement… This is an Anti Crapple Statement!!!

  99. I think its curious that they haven’t released the specs on the process,
    RAM or battery size yet?! To me it seems like they will only release it
    after most users have already pre-ordered and/or already have the phones
    in their hands! I think the latest iPhone is a disappointment in the
    specs and they know it. Most Android phones are Quad-Core and I would be
    willing to be my life that the new iPhone 5 is a dual-core. Also
    according to earlier leaks the battery is ONLY 10mAh bigger than the old
    iPhone 4S battery! And as for the RAM everyone knows most new Androids
    are coming with 2GB and Apple knows their top tiers will only have 1GB
    for another year! I was really surprised by Apples lackluster launch with nothing really “NEW”?!

    Yesterday they needed users hearing that the new iPhone is twice as fast
    as the old one without the info that mentions the facts. Also I think
    most people would crap if they knew the screen wasn’t 720P, the battery
    wasn’t any different and the camera is almost the same. Don’t get me
    wrong though as they will still buy it in droves! I still believe that
    iPhone is the way to go if you are new to computers and don’t know much
    about them. However, anyone who has been using Windows for years will
    have a much better time with Android and its customization abilities.
    Just my two pennies though. This iPhone IMHO was a failure, as I say
    with the total hope yesterday that Apple was going to knock it out of
    the park! I really wanted them to do something special so that it would
    drive Android development farther! Competition is great and is why we
    have so many great features now and so fast! Apple really just pushed
    out an incremental update and it was really pathetic.

    1. Apple didn’t say anything about core counts and clock speeds, but it did give us a good indication of performance: 2x faster CPU and GPU. Based on the performance gains, Apple’s history of SoC naming and some other stuff we’ve heard recently, it looks like Apple has integrated two ARM Cortex A15 cores on Samsung’s 32nm LP HK+MG process. This is a huge deal because it means Apple beat both TI and Samsung on bringing A15s to market.- AnandTech

  100. I’m neither Android nor iOS ‘fanboy’. I’ve owned both kinds.
    I think the problem here is with expectation. iPhone5 is a marvelous device in the sense that there is no device out there is such a good overall package. Retina screen, best color gamut (I’ve seen comparisons of the best Android phones and iPhone 4S for color reproduction on the screen), Quad-Core chip, 4G-LTE (while a late entrant, they have ‘innovated’ by managing to put this and the phone radio in a single chip), the finish of the product (come on you have to give it to the design and manufacturing perfection of the hardware), camera glass materials and construction (sapphire, etc.).
    Many of these features have been in Android over the last one and half years, but the concerns with Android has always been the multitude of device manufacturers that put some features and leave out a few. The S3 has a nice quad-core processer, but the One-X makes do with dual-core (still fast). While I like the way One-X looks, I think the S3 is bland and boring. S-Voice on Samsung has been reviewed to be still very unreliable compared to Siri (which itself is still a maturing technology). While Samsung claims many LTE patents, I wonder if they have the technology rights to putting the LTE standard in the same chip, rather than a standalone chip.

    This is not a revolutionary iPhone release by any means. The first iPhone was revolutionary because it was a first of its kind — the touchscreen smartphone. Was an Android release ever revolutionary? Except maybe the slight excitement over the first Google Nexus. This is because all subsequent smartphone releases (iOS and Android) have just been improvements and additions of features.
    To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to be awed by iPhone5. I still like it and I understand it’s mostly just a catchup to newer standards and technologies. What was REALLY disappointing yesterday were the iPods. They look so cheap and not Apple like. I can see Apple is missing Steve already.

  101. All of your arguments can be defeated with 1 comment from Apple:

    “Who is going to make more money?”

    1. I’m glad that some companies care about innovation, as well as making money.

  102. …..gnex

  103. People……Do we really need to be piling on the iPhone and Apple crowd?

    I say YES!!!

  104. Apple since 1980 was nothing more about than fashion design and flashy adds. Sadly the average world IQ is 100 and thus marketing like Hollywood make apple rich. Let us not forget that apple was the first company to steal patents from Xerox. Iphone, IMAC, and the rest of crap apple is making is sold only to because they are flashy. Even me sometimes get tempted to bite one. The only bravo that apple deserves is about design which in a certain way looks gay.

    1. Thanks for showing us how stupid you are in falling for the fud that is put out by the android fanbois. Had you taken just a moment to google it you would have found that apple paid Xerox for their tech. As I have pointed out before, flashy will get someone to buy something once, but if it sucks, they won’t keep buying them by the millions. 0/10

      1. Let me try to shake your jelly brain for a moment in hope of some flashy sparks of energy between the endless void. From wikipedia ”
        Midway through the suit (Apple VS Microsoft 1984), Xerox filed a lawsuit against Apple claiming Apple had infringed copyrights Xerox held on its GUIs. Xerox had invited the Macintosh design team to view their GUI computers at the PARC research lab; these visits had been very influential on the development of the Macintosh GUI. Xerox’s lawsuit appeared to be a defensive move to ensure that if Apple v. Microsoft established that “look and feel” was copyrightable, then Xerox would be the primary beneficiary, rather than Apple.” Now what does this comment prove jelly brain? :) That you are totally moron ^^ :) Now about your other giant moronic comment concerning “flashy would get someone to buy something once” :) EVEN when apple was CRUSHED be microsoft and IBM in the 80s people STILL continue to buy MAC computers just for “style”. So the same morons that spend a FORTUNE on iphones today are the same IQ idiots who bought apple crap computers 2 decades ago. But everything goes over your head isnt it Gary? :) You should go to jamaica and become a Limbo Dancer ^^

        1. Flashy and shitty means someone will buy it once. Flashy and works *For them* (<- See this is the important part) means they keep coming back. Just because you find no use in it, doesn't make it a huge pile of steaming crap. It means that there are other out there that have different needs. I know that is a hard concept to grasp, but it happens all the time.
          Second I really wouldn't use wikipedia to try and prove your point, but lets go with it. Yes xerox tried to sue, but it pretty much didn't go any where. They threw out 5 of the 6 counts. They one that Xerox won was "The one count the judge did not throw out was Xerox 's request for a
          declaration that it is the sole owner of the Star technology. But he
          said that to bring suit on that count, Xerox would have to show it had a
          reasonable fear that Apple would try to take away Xerox's copyrights.
          He gave Xerox 30 days to come up with the evidence and a list of
          So other then calling me names, which I have to admit really, really didn't hurt my feelings, you really didn't present any useful facts that backup your 'statements' that apple stole from xerox and that apple is all flash and no use.

          Also that lawsuit was over copyright, not patents. But I doubt we are letting facts get in the way.

        2. And what exactly your IQ is ?

  105. I had a panorama photo option on my Windows Mobile 5 UTStarcom 6700 back 6 years ago.
    But all the iSheep will say Apple invented it :)

  106. Oh Gosh… I have a HUGE problem same with other 50Million people… and that is which iPhone 5 color, to buy. Black or White?

  107. Oh yes we will! And the rest of the 50-80 million people who will enjoy the iPhone 5! We will enjoy it… as usual. ;)

  108. I love the iPhone and find the hardware design and its internals work more then close to flawlessly. But Android’s on hands customizing nature and the spec bumping done on new phones wins me over any day. The loyalty to Apple products is astounding from a more technical standpoint, and i can understand the swag the iPhones command because they are so well built and software is so feverishly worked on to perfection with every iteration. Us android users have had to see a worm morph into a butterfly since 2007. The ups and downs on multiple devices was more then enough to push the less technically savy to iPhone’s instead of rooting and fixing the problem. We have had to see the OEM’s manufacture phones powerful beyond our wildest thoughts to make android smooth till Google came out with a more cleaned up code. At this point I had my brother ask me if it was worth it to get the iPhone 5. I told him frankly that Android and iOS are technically as smooth as they are gonna get, the true choice is in customization or conformity to Apple and its brand of products. Whether your comfortable with Apple’s stellar products, or need a lil more feature on your phone. What catches my eye on the iPhone is its beauty, you can tell Apple went all out on perfecting its design and delivering the same fast, reliable experience, with 4g LTE added on. It’s got me itching just to get it even tho I have a GS3 which is ten times better. -1 for apple skipping NFC, this phone needed this feature and i’m assuming alot of iPhone users were hoping for this. Apples stance at holding off on a technology that is predicted to most likely take off within the next couple of years, is purely observational and strategical. Much like they did with LTE on the 4S, which now on the iPhone 5 performs phenomenally with battery life. Android on the other hand continues to embrace more power, more features, and an ever smoother experience with a battery consumption issues that still plague it Here and there……Alot of ups and downs since 2007 with tech on our smartphones

    1. Very well said. I think people forgot that Apple specifically skipped 4G LTE in the 4S because they were waiting until the technology was available to deliver decent battery life. I remember when the first Android LTE phone came out and a lot users were complaining about poor battery life. To me it seemed like a wise decision not to jump on that bandwagon right away. As far as NFC is concerned. How many of you guys actually use it? Seriously. I’ve never seen anyone in public or friends use to it to exchange pictures or data between phones nor have I yet to see any retailers accept payments via NFC. It seems like a cool feature but I just don’t see the masses adopting for a long time if ever.

      1. A ton of retailers have NFC. McDonald’s is the largest. You should download the PayPass app. It is all around you. I use it every day, at many different retailers, restaurants, and gas stations.

        1. So I just looked it up in my area and only 6 gas stations, a Jamba Juice (that went out of business, not sure why it’s still listed) and a Office Max takes them. No McDonalds’ in this area. I think it’s neat, I just definitely do not see the consumers embracing this technology so eventually it may just die off on its own.

          1. You may be right. It is definitely just a novelty at this point. Hong Kong has been using it for over 10 years. Yet, many Americans still see it as futuristic, and even unnecessary. I use it a lot, but it is just for novelty. I like seeing reactions.

          2. Did you look it up on pay pass? It can be used at any MasterCard pay pass location. I’m pretty sure all McDonald’s has that.

  109. A lot of you android lovers don’t realize you bring this
    Disrespect of your products upon yourselves. I’ve been a iPhone
    User since 2010. Loved it and still do. Yet I was verbally assaulted
    By all the android lovers I know. Especially by my brother in law.
    I as a result see most of you as haters, you can’t stand the fact
    That someone swears by a product you see as inferior. Well I’m here
    To say that even if droids have better tech. Apple must be doing something
    Right to sell so many iPhones / iPads. Apples not going anywhere get over it.

    1. Yes, Apple must be doing something right. It’s called marketing.

      1. Sorta. Marketing will get someone to buy a product once. But if it is crap, they won’t keep buying it. So I give your 2/10. In the future, please try harder when you troll.

        1. Not trolling. Truth is truth.

        2. I have a good friend who purchased his first smartphone back in 2007, it was an iPhone. He told me it was bar none the greatest marvel of hardware he’d ever used. I’ve offered him multiple times to test drive my Android phone since I moved from winmo to apple to android, and he says he doesn’t need to. This is the typical Apple smartphone user, they are so enamored with their device they don’t realize, nor do they want to realize how much better the competition has become.

          1. So because you think something else is better for you, they must be wrong?
            Wouldn’t this be the same as convincing someone who has been married for 20 years that they should dump their spouse and kids because there are young and better looking options out there?

  110. Another Apple patent infringement:

  111. One thing we now know is Tim cook is not near as good at hiding the fact that money is everything to him and he would push over his own grandma for a dollar
    as Steve jobs was.

  112. @ScroatFan:disqus You know what is interesting? On Apple forums, noone is bashing Android. They are discussing Apple’s latest products/offerings, and what they like, or don’t like, about them. Which is what SHOULD be happening on an Apple forum. Here, instead, there is a bunch of groveling, mud-throwing, and slamming the occasional Apple fan. It makes a person wonder, which company does attract normal, decent, loyal folk?? To be honest, it sounds like a bunch of jealous pigs feeding at a trough, who can’t get/afford/etc., the better feed that they would really like to have. Why do you feel the need to try so very hard to put Apple products down? For your information, before you hate on my comment as well(which is exactly what I expect), I run neither an Android or Apple phone. But in closing, I would like to ask you a few questions: Do you honestly believe that a company such as Apple inspires the popularity, following, and loyalty, that they have by offering sub-standards, lies, etc.?? Who pioneered, and defined the term ‘smartphone’? Can any one of your Android phones, speaking of one single brand here, boast the sales and following that the iPhone has since it was first sold in 2007? In the same way that the Yankees(love em or hate em) define baseball, and Dale Earnhardt(love him or hate him)defined Nascar, can you honestly say that you would like for Apple to be relegated to oblivion? Does Android offer a whole line of computers, phones, etc., that work as seamlessly together as Apple’s does? Would it hurt to have a tiny bit of decency here in this discussion, or would that be too much to ask?

    1. Spot on

    2. you’ve made a grave mistake. never ask questions.

      1. Do you honestly believe that a company such as Apple inspires the popularity, following, and loyalty, that they have by offering sub-standards, lies, etc.?

      the inspire popularity, following and loyalty through top notch marketing. they are not offering anything better or different from the competition, just a different package and people buy it.

      2. Who pioneered, and defined the term ‘smartphone’?

      Microsoft and RIM. Apple can be credited with bringing the smartphone to the masses and redefining the smartphone (for better or worse).

      3. Can any one of your Android phones, speaking of one single brand here, boast the sales and following that the iPhone has since it was first sold in 2007?

      No, but often times the highest volume products do not define the best there is to offer.

      4. can you honestly say that you would like for Apple to be relegated to oblivion?

      nope, it’s far too entertaining.

      5. Does Android offer a whole line of computers, phones, etc., that work as seamlessly together as Apple’s does?

      No, but due to their open standards and use of standardized hardware, they don’t have to work together with proprietary controllers, connectors and software to operate. That’s the beauty of it.

      It can’t be denied that this update from Apple is catching up to where Android is, both as an OS and the handset manufacturers are as hardware. It might be a harshly written article, but Apple does seem to deserve some mocking for their actions. Apple is wearing scumbag steve’s hat right now, cause that’s what they’re doing.

  113. So the iphone sucks becuase it doens’t have a removable battery or expandable storage, but the HTC One X is great because it has a better screen and specs?!?!?!?

    You see why no one can take android fanbois seriously??????

  114. The aspect ratio isn’t unique either; the Galaxy Nexus is also a 16:9 ratio device, at 4.7″ …

  115. As long as you’re willing to wait, Apple is quite willing to string you along. Enjoy.

  116. i think Tarik Husejinovic was just being sarcastic!! loooool!!! although it does not really show on text!! lol

  117. Aluminum is recyclable too, you know.
    Your brand new iPhone could be made of an old Kia Rio’s door panel.
    Or hinges from a high school bathroom stall frame.
    Just saying.

  118. Wow now the Iphone has almost the same features as my 2 year old droid x, but its still not quite there.

  119. But the iPhone 5 is shmexy lulz, a whole article devoted to trolling the iPhone 5. Pretty funny

  120. You might as well buy a ugly monster truck and say that it is as good as ferrari, just because it has the “biggest possible specs”. Dumb article.

    1. Oh and I am pretty sure Android geeks will not understand the comment above, it is beyond their “specs sheet”.

      1. Sorry you couldn’t understand the article you just read. Maybe they should make a dumbed down version for you iPhone owners.

        1. Wow I clearly didn’t see such a “smart” reply thrown at me!

    2. your analogy is great, and I’d go so far as to say, the iPhone is a Ferrari, it runs great so long as you drive it exactly as it is meant to be driven. the Android on the other hand is probably more of a rally car, great on tarmac, great on dirt roads, there are no walls or boundaries that hold back the android rally car!

  121. Very disappointing iPhone 5 specs. I actually was expecting more. But goes to show you, how everyone will still buy the iPhone 5 simply because its an iPhone.

    Those are just incremental upgrades and the article is true. Most of the specs found on the iPhone 5 have been on Android for the past 1-2 years. I’m guessing by the time the iPhone 6 comes out , Android will be far beyond what it is today.

  122. Went from an iPhone 4 to a Galaxy S3 last month. ICS was nice but flakey and stuttery. S Voice is a cheesy Siri knockoff. My biggest gripe was the horrible battery life over 4G data. If iPhone 5’s LTE data is really 8 hours then I’m dropping the S3. I’m still within the return period and the S3 is looking kind of ghetto now that I look at the new iPhone. Just my $.02

  123. This poll is as meaningless on an Android site as it would be on an Apple site.

    Personally, I’d go with the iPhone 5 compared to any non-Nexus Android phone. I love the hardware actually, if only it could run Jelly Bean. The fact that iPhone 5 is 2 out of 5 options on phandroid shows how decent it is.

  124. Well analyst say Apple is going to sell 58 million iPhone 5’s, so according to you majority of the population is stupid I guess. And although I am a android developer/programmer I would still prefer iPhone over any android phone. PS – I don’t own either a android or iOS smartphone, I have Nokia N9 (so no fanboy).

  125. say whatever u want.but apple always remains ahead of any one who want to compete with him.always means always :D

  126. THANK YOUUUUUU. This is exactly how I feel.

  127. Xperia V pwns the lot.

  128. As a long time crApple hater (well before the iPhone existed), I have to say that the 4S and 5 are the only models that approach respectability. The original iPhone deserved zero of the hype as it was a severely retarded device with no application support, 2G only, poor camera, sealed battery, non-expandable storage and an ugly aesthetic design that paled by comparison to Sony Ericsson.

    Still, no crApple device will ever approach respecability as long as they are restricted to proprietary application support. My only jealousy is that the aesthetic hardware design of Apple has now equalled that of Sony Ericsson feature phones back in the day and that for some odd reason Sony dropped the ball in this respect.

  129. Both the high end Android phones and the iPhone 5 are excellent options but for different reasons.

    The high end Android phones have much better specs than the iPhone, but the iPhone 5 has a much better selection of apps and games.

    In my opinion, the quality of the apps and games that are available for a phone is the most important thing when choosing a phone, which is why I’m buying the iPhone 5.

    Apple knows this and this is why Apple is able to get away with specs that aren’t the best.

  130. I love Apple computers (more so until they iOS-ified OS X), but my GS3 makes iPhones its b!tch on a regular basis.

  131. And here I thought Apple hipsters cared about the environment. SHAME ON YOU.

  132. @samagon:disqus

    Sir! I applaud you on your respectful reply. However, I beg to clarify/differ a couple things…
    On number 1, I wasn’t trying to imply that they are a sales leader because they are so cutting edge; however, right down to their machined and finished corners, the iPhone is a beautiful and quality piece of workmanship. There are almost no glitches/freezes, etc. I meant that they are not defrauding their customers, and that their quality is on par with the rest, etc. And on number 2, I understand and am aware of the truth of your statement; it WAS Microsoft and RIM. However, neither of them was able to bring all elements together to a working handset, complete with touchscreen, that was simple enough that the average person could operate, and mass market it…Apple did.

  133. Apple pointing out the “issue” of fragmentation with Android is just a twisted way of pointing out how much more people can do and have done with Android. Leave it to Apple to spin versatility as a negative.

  134. @samagon:disqus

    I have to tell you: I have a hard time defining exactly where my allegiance lies. I ran an iPhone for a couple years. I have a vintage Macbook, and also a 2012 Macbook Pro. I am extremely disappointed in Apple’s itching to sue for anything and everything these days. It is beneath them. But such is the way of almost any large company, powerful politician, etc., anymore, isn’t it? They ALL seem incapable of simply trying to do even better as a form of competition; instead they would rather throw trash at their competitors. And it also angers me the way Apple subtly changes their programs, OS’s, software, you name it, to slowly and carefully render old products obsolete, because they will not support the new, cutting edge offerings(here I am speaking more of their computers; their approach to iOS devices is entirely different, in my opinion. There are many users running the old, original iPhone, and these phones are still working beautifully, with many of the newer features(which, by the way, is yet another testament to their quality)) However, I, and I realize I am part of an extremely small minority here, like the iPhone because the idea of a ‘simple’ smartphone appeals to me. Several of my friends run Droids, in fact my best friend used to, but now runs an iPhone 4s. He and I used to trade phones for the fun of it for awhile, and he never had any complaints with my iPhone, whereas I, for the short periods of time that I used it, was never happy with his Droid. I have a pretty hectic schedule, and somehow, the myriad ways of performing any given task that the Android OS offers merely eats up my time and patience. You must admit that to truly become comfortable with an Android phone, you must devote time to understanding it. In comparison, when a new version is available for the iPhone, you just install it and go; their aren’t many hidden surprises, and even if you have never run an iPhone before, it is very intuitive and easy to figure out. And it cranks up perfectly every morning. What do you think?? Welcome your response…

  135. I am sticking with the little green robot ,Android.

  136. Nothing has really changed with the iPhone, a slightly bigger screen (that’s still too small) wont save it from its continually shrinking marketshare.

  137. This post does have a lot of valid points, but the iPhone has features that are better than android. Although Android has fixed a lot of these problems some still exist. The most notable is how smooth all the animations are on the iPhone. The quad core processors are making this less of a problem on Android, but it is still there more than on iOS. Plus if you really want to consider copying, Android copied the App Store, and so many of the iPhones features to begin with.

  138. I can’t help but call Apple a bunch of hypocrites after all they’ve said and done in the courtroom. I mean they keep saying that others are copying them and they only “defending innovation” by suing the living daylights out of anything with Android.

    Obvious to anyone who pay attention on tech is that Apple has “borrowed” just as many ideas and features from Android as they claim Android has “stolen” from them.

  139. Most
    of your arguments against the iPhone 5 are superficial. And this is
    coming from someone who supports Google and their mobile OS. For
    starters, you criticize Apple’s claim for being the thinest phone on
    the market. “Sure, for the moment, but we all know that claim won’t
    last too long.” This is not an valid argument, since it’s
    commonplace for manufactures to make such a claim. Sure, it’s
    short-lived, but to criticize Apple for making the claim that the
    iPhone 5 is “the world’s thinnest smart phone” holds no
    substance. Are we going to criticize the next Android Phone for
    making the similar claim? Probably, not. And we shouldn’t! After
    all, the right to be the world’s thinest smart phone is basically
    just that—the world’s thinest smart phone. No need to argue on this

    there is the argument against the 4 inch display. And you’re right,
    a 4 inch display is nothing new to the Android market. But why do I
    care if there is a phone with a 4.65-inch screen size or one with a
    5.3-inch? I only own 1 phone with one screen size—a 4.3-inch. For
    me, that’s my preference. The moment I change that 4.3 inch display
    for a 4.65 inch one, the the other screen sizes will not matter–just
    as much as an iPhone’s 4 -inch do not matter to me right now.

    Apple, and its users, I understand the excitement. Coming from a 3.5-
    inch to 4-inch is completely “New” for iPhone users.

    yes, I do remember Cook’s take on “fragmentation.” But developers
    only “have to do the extra work” if they want to. Their
    apps,unlike your claim, are compatible with the iPhone 5. So the
    question was not one of compatibility, but one of taking advantage of
    the iPhone’s new screen size. Applications that were designed for the
    3.5-inch display will be compatible with the new iPhone. So on this
    point, your argument is not sound.

    far as getting LTE is concerned, Apple felt the time was ripe. The
    fact that they did not invest in LTE connectivity with the 4s
    demonstrates the understanding Apple has for emerging markets.
    Remember the first 4G device? The Evo 4G on Sprint? Yes, that was an
    Android device that was first to the market, but as you know, the
    WiMAX network on Sprint was a disgrace. With many Android Phones
    being sold to an audience with no connectivity to WiMAX, and the 4G
    LTE market fairly fresh to carries, Apple had to hold off. And yeah,
    the Thunderbolt was the first headset to be on a 4G LTE network, but
    so was the Evo 4G on WiMAX—and we know the outcome of the latter.

    the 8 MP is not new. And even though this has been the standard for a
    while now, Android phones, just like Apple, too continue to bring out
    phones with an 8MP shooter. For example, Samsung Galaxy S2 and the
    Samsung Galaxy S3—both 8MP. Last I checked, Samsung mentioned that
    the S3 had an 8MP shooter at unveiling event a few moths back—no
    difference here.

  140. And still, people love the iPhone… Thank you for this post, everyone should read this

  141. I have been with apple since the release of the ibook. Every single iPhone that has released I have bought, but I cannot help to feel I am buying last years technology every time i throw away over 500 bucks. I for the first time am switching to Android. I sold my iPad and purchase the Nexus 7 and have loved every second of using it. Now I am waiting to see if Verizon will get the Galaxy note II, if they do.. that will be my next phone. If not the Galaxy S III will be

  142. Chriz u r in the minority,this is a android fanboy site, u just dont get it.

  143. the iphone 5 wont be fragmented, itll have letter boxing and will work just like the developer intended it to until they tweak it to take full advantage of the 4inch screen.

  144. My pos LG Dare took panoramic pictures

  145. 2 million iphones sold in 24 hours! That video the author made – snicker ***it just has a bigger screen*** snicker. Lol!

  146. The SGS3 is currently the best device made. Apple has copied so much from Android it is comical.On that Apple should be ashamed of their very sneaky business practice. This will come back and bite Apple in the ass. Apple has spent all their $$$$$ on litigation and nothing on innovation.

  147. The fact that this page even exists speaks volumes, what a sad bunch. And by the way, its the apps that make a smart phone, and Android is and always will be well behind iOS

    1. My point exactly, iphone apps are beaufully made even though they are next to useless. Android apps aren’t as flashy, but are powerful enough to entice the smart bunch that we are. We get it, the iphone crowd are a visual crowd. Kudos for that :) But when it comes down to power and speed, Android is clearly the king. I’m quite happy with android.

  148. I definitely love Android, I have a GSM Galaxy Nexus and I love the S3 as well, but as for the HTC One X, I don’t agree that they finally got Sense right, they may have tried to make Sense appear lighter and less intrusive, but Sense itself is still way too big, it still slows down the phones, takes up tons of ram and consequently results in poor multitasking.
    Touchwiz is ok, it’s livable, but the native google launcher or many of the launchers available in the app stores are much better than Sense or Touchwiz.

    1. Owning a One X I have to completely disagree with you there, it works superbly, looks fantastic and Sense adds a great many elements to Android seamlessly.

      As far as I’m concerned it beats the S3 in many ways and its a great shame its not getting the recognition it deserves.

  149. UNBELIEVABLE 2 million pre orders for this piece of junk – here in the UK fools are paying up to £699 for it – proving just how fickle & gullible some are.

    1. how many of those pre-orders are people gambling they can make a profit on ebay?

      1. True – but again that just shows what an overpriced joke of a phone this is – to be able to make a profit on a £699 rip-off just defies how they can be so gullable to think that its worth that kind of money anyway. I was looking at some 2nd hand shItephones yesterday and the 3gs is selling [in private ads] at £150 – £160 ?? How ?? Why ??

  150. I’m sorry since when does screen size make something better? Screen quality I understand but screen size is all personal preference. I loved the screen size on my Nexus S 4g and Original EVO. I know I am the minority but I just don’t want anything over 4.3-4.5 inches. And before anyone says it that’s not what she said because we all know women want bigger lol. In all seriousness I love the GS3 I just want a smaller screen.

    1. I think it depends on the media you are consuming. but even a webpage is going to display better on a bigger screen. I remember watching youtube videos on my friends iphone when it released, and was amazed. my winmo phone didn’t do that. and the screen was big for the time, I could see so much detail!

      Now a days, when a friend tries to show me the video on his iphone, I ask them to just send me a link, so I can watch on my 4.65″ screen. yeah, it’s better.

  151. Minor error: You inaccurately claim the A6 processor has double the performance of the A5X in your first paragraph. Later in the article, you correctly make that ‘double’ comparison against the A5 processor (that’s the one Apple made it’s comparisons against).

  152. *yawn*

    Apple never releases a product – or a feature – until they believe they can do it right. Nothing new here at all. Specs are not everything, and being “first” to slap a feature on a spec sheet means nothing to the end user. The market will choose the iPhone because – surprise – it’s a better product, not because it was first.

    This from a long-time Dell/Linux/Android fanboy who finally came to terms with reality.

  153. The HTC One X is so much prettier than your tiny little girl-phone that I don’t even know where to start.

  154. HI there I have to say android is and always will be the best but you missed out Sony because they also have some good phone and a 13mp camera.

  155. Article seems very similar to something I wrote on my blog… that targets iOS specifically:


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