Google Maps Navigation comes to Qatar, Egypt, Lebanon, and more


Google Maps with Navigation is a great service that much of the world has been enjoying for quite some time, and now even more of our friends will be able to enjoy it. Folks in the beautiful countries of Lebanon, Egypt, Qatar, Algeria, Kuwait, Bahrain, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates will now be able to let Google guide them using their Android phones. Users will be afforded many of the same features that those around the world do, but some region-specific exclusions may apply. For the most part, though, this is Google Navigation at its finest. Be sure to find the app in the Play Store.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. شكرا جوجل :)

  2. Does it include quick exit strategies for all of your travel plans? And is there a tank driving option?

  3. Great timing seeing how unstable the region is…wait, its always unstable! @alejandro great comments lol. The directions should sound like this, “turn right at the next boulder which used to be a military base that the us bombed because you guys are acting like savages”

  4. so how are they any different then these war zones (Compton, Detroit, Atlanta, etc..) Oh that’s right you ignore those because death in those cities is an EVERYDAY occurrence. I love the double standards…

    1. LOL … make sense comment :) .. too bad that I still see uneducated people in here ..

    2. You’ll have to remove one from your list. Compton isn’t the war zone it once was. When I went back to visit my mother, it was eerie how quiet it was. No helicopter circling overhead, very few sirens, no screaming arguments and threats, and no gunshots. Oh, and quick exit strategy for Compton? Jump in front of the intended target and go where he goes. They’re terrible shots.

  5. Have you watched tv lately?

    1. I guarantee that Google Maps will be used to kill more Americans.

  6. its launched in india tooo…with traffic updates

  7. What are the traffic updates in India, “attention chaotic driving and horrid traffic jams on all roads, stay home answer tech calls from bed” man I am so racist someone shoot me

  8. Block the Muslim from using the map in Middle East against our fellow Americans

    1. Yes, This. Yet even though US citizens are being slaughtered by these disgusting barbarian thugs, America still says that Islam is not about violence.

  9. Thank you for covering this. It’s refreshing to see some tech coverage of the middle east :)

  10. Gives the damn Muslims a faster route to the US Embassy. I say cut all US services to the armpit of the world.

    1. WTF? Exposed yourself as a racist idiot.

      1. Correction: Elitist. Also a realist. I know that those people will never change. They have proved that already, but it’s guys like YOU that accept them with open arms, and them end up getting decapitated.

        1. You should’ve just left your mouth closed. Now all future posts of yours will have a nasty color to ’em. Ah well.

          Here’s a Pro Tip for you: The extremist 0.0001% of any group don’t represent the whole. Not muslims, not Christians, not Android users, not anybody.

          1. I can care less if you don’t agree with my opinion. This is what’s wrong with society. There is this notion, that you have to be politically correct on ALL topics.
            PRO TIP: It’s OK to be different, to have different opinions. It’s OK for one to show their true colors. And it’s OK for people to disagree on topics. People should not hide their true feelings on subjects. But in the same token, just cause people disagree on a topic, does not mean they need to spill blood over it.
            And you stating that all my future posts will have a nasty color to them, shows how closed minded you are. But I don’t hate you for it. I accept your differences, and value your opinions, even if they don’t line up with mine.

          2. It’s: “I could not care less”; not: “I can care less”. If you can care less, then that means you do care some amount.

            PRO TIP #2: 99.999% of muslims are decent humans like everybody else. To color everyone with the extremist brush is just factually wrong and not a matter of opinion.

          3. Ya, glaze over everything i said. Your statistics are off. Fact is, Islam encourages violence against infidels. So ANYONE i repeat ANYONE that follows Islam, and claims to be a Muslim, has a duty to commit violence against Americans. So 100% of true Muslims are evil. Take it or leave it, it’s what i strongly believe, and no matter what you say, i will not be changing my mind.

          4. PRO TIP: See other guys reply.

          5. The American’s don’t understand anything really about Muslims. I’m from Uzbekistan and can confirm that most of the people hate American’s and all of its principles. Not only are they infested with their Islam but they still have the mindset of communists as well. I am a Jew from there and my people got kicked out and now we all live in either the US or Israel. There used to be 100k Jews there now there are less then 1000 you can see clearly how much they hated us.

          6. yes, many people are not aware of the ATROCITIES that Muslims commit. Killing, Raping, all in the name of god.

          7. Righteous hypocrites everywhere.

  11. Beautiful? Having lived (or survived) in Crap-ta (qatar) for 3 years, the place ain’t beautiful!

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