Sprint Asks: Is the Galaxy S3 the World’s Best Phone? [POLL]


Back in June we reviewed the Samsung Galaxy S3 on Sprint (watch the video below), the latest device in a series of epic Galaxy smartphones, and Kevin Krause concluded, “Consider us impressed.” Even after yesterday’s highly anticipated iPhone 5 announcement, Phandroid readers overwhelmingly picked the Galaxy S3 as the better of the two devices. And it wasn’t even close (click and scroll down to view poll).

Make no mistakes… the Galaxy S3 is the real deal. But is it the best phone on Sprint? Is it the best phone in the world? Sprint’s hoping you’ll once again watch and read our review of the Sprint Galaxy S3 and decide for yourself. Then vote below.

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 (This post is sponsored by Sprint, check out their Galaxy S3 at Sprint.com!)

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  1. WOW i’m first? It’s pretty darn good. As much as the Galaxy line has improved, i would expect the Galaxy S3 to be out of this world, as far as perfection.

  2. Personally I would of bought the S3 if the dimension were smaller the phone is just to wide

  3. As much as I love my Note LTE, the GS3 has some features that put it over the top.

  4. It was, until they announced the iPhone 5 lmao

  5. I voted no strictly on a software basis. I despise custom UIs (TouchWiz, Motoblur, Sense, etc). Galaxy Nexus is better for that reason. However I will admit the S3 has better hardware.

  6. HTC EVO 4G LTE is the best phone, IMO.

    1. agreed!

  7. Yes.

  8. I voted yes…But only because the Evo 4g Lte was not an option!!

  9. @ironhorse, I hope that was a joke.

  10. No, Ironhorse is a common Apple fanboy who graces us with his idiotic post and statements daily. He never has much of an intelligable thought and expresses his emotions rather than facts. Kind of like all fanboys for any brand or product who are blind, uneducated consumers.

  11. well, just became the best phone after the epic fail of iphone 5.. even as an avid android user adopting android from the cupcake days, i expected more from apple

  12. Not on sprints slow as network

  13. Sense is bland and shitty. I jumped from HTC to the s3 and love it. I had an original galaxy tab 10″ as well. Touchwiz is light, I actually enjoy it. Yes, the s3 is the best that is on sprint. The evo lte has a tad brighter screen, that’s about it. I’ll take my better specs and all share.

  14. Yes…. Until the Note 2 is released.

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