Sony Xperia T makes the journey to the FCC


En route to a release later this fall, the Sony Xperia T has made a pitstop at the FCC to gain the governing bodies approval. The phone, which was unveiled at IFA earlier this month, is shown stripped and shelled, giving us a real insiders look at the device. Pardon the pun.

What we do know is that the version we see here is not the one potentially headed for AT&T. The filing reveals pentaband HSPA+/MTUS support but there is no sign of LTE, making the most likely stop T-Mobile, if it makes it there at all. Not every handset reviewed by the FCC gets a proper American release, after all.

Given that a version of the device with AT&T branding has surfaced and the history of AT&T releasing Sony’s Xperia phones, we still say there is more than a good chance we’ll get the T on Ma Bell’s network. The phone launches on October 1st in the UK. US release details haven’t been announced.

[FCC via Engadget]

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  1. C’mon t-mobile, will show Sony support them. always att here, but hopefully the next nexus is made by Sony.

  2. Boo on non-removable battery!

    The Xperia V looks much nicer to me, same CPU, similar specs, a removable battery, and it is waterproof!

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