Jelly Bean’s Exclusive Emoji Support Now Available For Ice Cream Sandwich Via Software Mod


A few days ago, we gave you guys a list of popular emoji icons you can summon via keyboard commands on your Jelly Bean running device. As a Jelly Bean-only feature, those on earlier versions of Android were left out in the cold.

Good news for those running a rooted Ice Cream Sandwich device, a moderator over on XDA has put together a handy zip file that, once flashed, will finally bring support for all those cute little Android emoji’s once reserved soley for Jelly Bean (and iOS). Now you can finally see what you’ve been missing and proves once again — where there’s root, there’s a way. Hit up the source link for full instructions.


Chris Chavez
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  1. I have 90% of those on my Stock HTC EVO 4G LTE

    1. how do you use them? not trolling just dont see them is all

  2. Not a fan of emoji. When iphone users try to show it off to me as a point of “why iphones are better”, I respond with showing them my bigger screen, widgets, LTE speeds, and foxfi. They can keep their emoji if it makes them feel special.

    1. Well, now they can’t feel special anymore :p

  3. always wondered wtf people were talking about when they mentioned emojis. since when did emoticons become emojis? Was it to hard for people to say or type emoticons o_O?

    1. laugh out loud.

      Yeah…. kinda O_o

  4. can you provide the link to the other article?

    1. It’s kind of hit or miss for those on custom Jelly Bean ROMs but it should work on stock JB

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