Sep 11th, 2012

I guess the quad-core Qualcomm S4 Pro processor isn’t the only thing the upcoming LG Optimus G has going for it. The South Korean manufacturer took to YouTube yesterday to upload a quick video touting the Optimus G’s 13MP camera, delivering what LG believes will be the “world’s best image quality.” There’s a lot of technicals behind it, but if you’re curious to see the tech behind LG’s claims, check out the video below.

Have to say, I’m glad to see companies step up their smartphone camera game. As an owner of the Galaxy Nexus with arguably one of the world’s worst cameras (okay, it really isn’t that bad), I do get jealous of how amazing my buddy’s HTC One X can deliver bright, crystal clear images. Guess that’s one less area of concern when it comes to LG’s upcoming flagship.

In case you’ve forgotten, variants of the Optimus G are rumored to arrive stateside later this year with the Sprint bound LG Eclipse leaked all over the place. Now if only LG could somehow prove themselves with timely software updates, we’ll have another big Android contender here in the states.

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