Download: Official Android 4.1 leaks for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and Note 10.1


If you have been rocking that shiny new Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 or Galaxy Note 10.1, you are still stuck on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. That is, if you haven’t gone the hacking route and flashed a custom ROM yet. Sometimes that is simply not the best option for many users, though, and flashing an official build may be more comforting.

The guys at SamMobile have managed to get a hold of some leaked official builds for both tablets, and they are ready for your downloading and flashing pleasure. Remember these are not final versions of the update, so they will likely come with a few bugs. But of course, it can’t be fun without a little risk.

Just remember that tinkering with your device may void your warranty or affect your device, so do your research and proceed at your own risk. The Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 leak brings you to version P3100DDBLI1, while the Note 10.1 build number is N8000DDALI1. Both are Android 4.1.1.

Before flashing, make sure to be on stock build P3100DDBLH3 for the Tab 2 7.0 and N8000DDALH1 for the Note 10.1. If you are set with that, you can go ahead and follow SamMobile’s instructions and enjoy your Jelly Bean goodness!

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  1. android 4.1.1 jelly bean update for galaxy s3, galaxy tab2 and Note 10.1, with installation guide click seven colour gossips

  2. Hmmm wonder if the Verizon S3 4.1.1 update will rear its head before the end of the year :/

    1. Think of how us Verizon Nexus users feel :(

  3. Just a note, this is for the N8000, the US Version is the N8013. The US Version has WiFi only, the N8000 is 3G and WiFi, so it could screw up your US N8013, I would be safe and wait for the N8013 FW release.

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