Galaxy Note II could come in a dual-SIM variant


An interesting find today: the Samsung Galaxy Note II might come in a dual SIM variant, although currently it sounds like it might be available only in China. As you can see in the image above, there are 2 SIM slots unlike the handset most journalists got a hand on at IFA.

Dual SIM capability is quite a popular feature in developing countries like China and India, though I haven’t quite understood the real benefit of it. Is there anyone out there who’d love to get a flagship smartphone with dual SIM? Do let us know in the comments, and in particular the reason you want the feature.

[MyDrivers via Engadget]

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. I have to walk around with a crapberry and a Galaxy Nexus in my pockets because of work. I am often forgetting the crapberry (Though I never leave my Galaxy Nexus away) which results in my boss / work people having to reach out on my personal phone and scolding me for not having the crapberry around.

    I would welcome a 2-sim phone (Or the company paying for my personal phone, heh) as a change.

  2. Dual-sim means you have 2 accounts in one phone. one is for work and one is for privayte use. one is paid by your company and the other is paid by yourself. this is the usage.

  3. I’ll say what someone else mentioned about this. One line for the wife and one for the mistress

  4. I wouldn’t need two sim cards but I could see the benefit if someone did a lot of international travel.

  5. one line for friends and one for work

  6. So you only have to carry one phone if one is paid for by your company but you aren’t allowed to use it for personal use.

  7. Let me solve this mystery for you. The main benefit and hence a huge market for dual SIM phones in those ‘developing’ countries is because in those countries people cannot afford paying huge bills but they like to talk a lot. Most mobile operators offer deals where calls inside a particular network are free but very expensive if you call someone in a different mobile network. You can guess the rest. I have seen phones with 3 Sims and one model with 4!

    1. ah so that explains why it is so popular in those countries

  8. there’s also a chance it’s just for compatibility reasons and the phone goes crazy if you put in 2.
    from the looks of it there’s 1 regular sim slot and 1 micro sim slot.

  9. I’m from Portugal and I’m a dual sim user. Why do I have a dual sim phone? well, I have my personal phone and a company phone. I work a lot on the feild and I don’t like going around with two phones in my pocket.

  10. I’d love to be able to have an extra private number, even if I’m allowed to make private calls on my work phone. As it is now, my company “owns” my only personal phone number and I can’t effectively turn off my work phone only. This is a bit of a nuisance.

  11. Almost everyone need two sim phone… One SIM for work and other private.

  12. Two SIMs in one phone is very convenient. I you travel abroad you can be online for data with a local SIM and available at your normal phone number. Some also use the second SIM for special purpose international SIMs. I think that the main reason two SIMs are unusual in the US is resistance from the telcos.

  13. I’d love a dual-sim phone with AT&T frequencies, I have two phones work and personal and I hate having to carry around two phones, dual-sim would solve this problem

  14. of course the lads who have a tremendous income don’t care about 2 sim, but if u’r not one of them and if u never keep your azz only in 1 region and travel alot, or if you want to have job/personal connectivity – dual-sim is the best solution.. if samsung release this thing in gsm+gsm mode – i’ll buy it for any price

  15. I’m from Brazil and my case is exactly like Graza from Portugal. There’s nothing to do with 3rd world low budget! For that cases, ppl use simple cellphones with 3 or 4 sims… not smartphones… Actually the need is usually due a corporative line offered by companies. Mine, like Graza told, doesn’t allow calls outside the group, so is needed a private line.
    And as we’re seeing in the comments, even the “rich countries” are running on the same examples, with ppl carrying 2 phones!

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos, its crappy but all dual sims are! I certainly would bought a GN2 dual if it existed so far!

  16. People are stupid, the smaller one is for Verizon LTEs network. That way you can use AT&T network a and Verizon LTE at the same time

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