HBO Go gets small update in the Google Play Store


HBO Go has received an upgrade in the Google Play Store, today. At first glance the only thing we are told is new are some bug fixes and general enhancements.

While that barely merits attention, Droid-Life has reason to believe the update also brings support for devices running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, though the Google Play Store is still saying devices beyond 4.0.3 aren’t supported.

App-level support seems to be well in-tact, however, as a user has reportedly successfully installed and used the application on their Jelly Bean device. Perhaps HBO meant to flip the switch in their manifest, but we can’t say for sure. Let’s hope they get things going soon if they really did mean to enable Jelly Bean support. [Google Play Store]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Still can’t install on Nexus S or Nexus 7 running JB.

    EDIT: They just updated, works now with both devices…Just use web version of Play store to install. :)

  2. As a new DirectV customer this is now officially my favorite app. Tablet app is beautiful and now it works on my Galaxy Nexus. Wish we had more apps with this quality.

    1. MaxGo also updated to work with Jelly Bean! Both apps have the same appearance and so far working great!

  3. I love this app..but i don’t like how you can’t connect hdmi to stream it on you big tv

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