Aug 30th, 2012

It’s no secret Samsung has had a rough year in the courtrooms. With a ton of battles to endure against Apple Samsung’s headaches strengthened after a recent ruling that initially saw Samsung owing $1.05 billion to Apple for patent infringement.

While that battle is nowhere near finished (we expect a full round of appeals and other legal processes to commence), it seems Samsung’s strategy with their new ATIV line stems from more than just a desire to get into the Windows space.

Speaking with unnamed sources, Korea Times and WMPU has heard that Samsung’s goal is to lessen dependency on Android. Bada isn’t doing it for Samsung in the mobile space, and as a user even I can see that it’s not smart for a company to put all its eggs into the same basket.

Samsung hasn’t been this aggressive with their attempts to diversify their mobile computing portfolio, though, and we suspect their newfound urgency has been brewed by the aforementioned legal trouble they’ve found themselves in.

But that doesn’t mean they’re trying to get away from Android — that just means they’re not willing to risk their place in the ranks of the mobile world should everything come crashing down on their heads. [via WinSource]

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