Original Motorola DROID gets new life with functional Jelly Bean ROM [VIDEO]


While the original Motorola DROID — which is coming up on its third anniversary this November — isn’t anywhere near being the hot device to acquire, it still enjoyed a rich year or so atop the ranks of Android devices. Many people bought the device that kick-started the Android craze, and many of those people (including yours truly) still own it.

If your tinkering hand is feeling a little tingly you might want to consider putting Jelly Bean on the device. That’s right, the device has gotten its very own Jelly Bean ROM, and truth be told it will extend the life of your phone even longer if you’re the type who still hasn’t upgraded.

The ROM is very smooth and stable, and the only thing that isn’t working quite right is the camera. It’s not too surprising that Jelly Bean runs smoothly on the device. Ice Cream Sandwich ran a lot better than Gingerbread, Froyo, and Eclair ever did, and Jelly Bean adds even more improvements to help performance.

You won’t be getting the buttery smoothness that you’d get from other phones, of course — the hardware is simply too dated — but it’s remarkable that it looks as good as it does on such a slow processor. If you’re still using the DROID as either a phone or a media player you’re sure to want to get your hands on it. Head to the source link for the download. [XDA via Droid-Life]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. And that folks is why i love android. why the hell upgrade for crazy exorbitant prices every 6 months. Keep your phone as long as its still physically OK. missing buttons and broken screens…ok upgrade. otherwise why bother? save some money >_<

    EDIT: I meant this more towards the fact that you could even change the rom on a android device. This isnt useable but still gotta marvel that a 3 yr old phone is still kickin in todays digital lifespans of 8 minutes lol.

    1. That is nowhere near usable.

      1. very useable as a media player.

      2. As of now, true. I switched back to liquid. But I’m sure eventually, with more tweaks it could be.

  2. so my droid 3 has hope of being a jb fone one day?? yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy haha

  3. This gets Jellybean and My Thunderbird is still waiting on Ice cream? I know it’s a rom but the Thunderbird still dosen’t have a really good and stable Ice cream rom. I would like one with verizon voicemail included. Thunderbird gets no love.

    1. try buying a thunderbolt next time.

      1. toooo funny. Vinny probably doesn’t even know why this is funny.

        1. yes i do now. just noticed the spelling. Duh me.

    2. Ford makes Android Phones?

    3. Thunderbirds are go!

  4. My DROID Bionic is almost 1 year old does this mean I have to wait 2 more years for an update?

    1. The rumor is ICS late Q3, so maybe in the next 60 days. . . Sorry, I can’t keep a straight face on this. Moto’s doing OK on making the release dates for other phones, but I think I’m more likely to “upgrade” my Bionic to a Samsung before they get that out.

    2. Had a Bionic for the first 6 months or so after release, but I had to give it up. I bought a Galaxy Nexus, sold the Bionic, Rooted and flashed a Jelly Bean ROM. Best phone decision I have ever made.

      1. I’ve gone from the OG Droid, to the Droid Bionic, and now the GS3. Each decision has been the best decision. It’s been 3 years of having awesome phones.

  5. What about Droid X?

  6. Long live the original Droid

  7. Dated hardware? Theres a thread over on xda with a JB rom for the Eris. Now that is a feat!

    1. don’t forget jb on the g1 and it’s 128 mb ram!

  8. I upgrade to a bionic from the OG Droid and the bionic doesn’t even have ics officially yet. ICS roms and leaks yes, but not everything works. OG is the only android device I own running jellybean atm. damn moto bootloaders.

  9. Wow, it isn’t nearly as laggy as I thought it would be. Still slowish, but manageable, esp. considering the hardware. I’ll bet it’s running over 1 GHz (not hard for them, I always ran mine at 1.1 GHz from stock 550 Mhz) in that vid to make it work that well. I think this phone would still be a viable phone today if you could just upgrade the RAM on it to at least 1 GB. I still have my OG Droid, but it’s retired to Alarm clock duty.

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