Best Buy outs Samsung Galaxy Stellar as handset formerly known as the Samsung Jasper


When the Samsung Galaxy Stellar appeared in a Verizon rebate document, we speculated that it could be the street name for a device codenamed the Samsung Jasper. After a leak last week revealed the Stellar would retail for $99, Best Buy has outed the full product listing, which confirms our initial suspicions. The Jasper will launch as the Galaxy Stellar, a mid-range device with a 1.2GHz dual-core CPU, 4-inch display, and Android 4.0.

The listing remains live at Best Buy’s site despite any official announcement on behalf of Verizon or Samsung. As of now the phone is listed at $449.99 without a contract and appears ready to purchase, but we our guessing Best Buy won’t be able to fill any order placed at this time. When the 4G LTE Galaxy Stellar will launch is still a mystery.

[via AndroidPolice]

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  1. you know that three dot capacitive menu button on the phone looks terrible, I wish they would’ve stuck with the three lines if they’re going to keep the capacitive buttons.

    1. The three lines would look uniform with the other icons. The three dots look off when the other 3 icons are of similar size.

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