HTC: Beats Isn’t Going Anywhere


Yesterday, we posted on a rumor that HTC could soon be doing away with their Beats Audio commitment, severing ties with Dr. Dre n’ friends. The news came after a few signs that the love affair had turned sour, namely, HTC no longer bundling Beats headphones with with future handsets and soon after, giving up their controlling stake in the company.

Well, I guess we can officially put those rumors to rest thanks to a statement from HTC’s Global Online Communications Manager releasing this statement on HTC’s behalf,

HTC remains strongly committed to Beats Audio and including their innovation in our devices. Any rumor of HTC no longer integrating Beats Audio into our devices is categorically false.

There it is, straight from the horses mouth. Rest easy, knowing Beats Audio isn’t going anywhere anytime soon… at least not from HTC’s devices.

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. I kind of think that Beats is a gimmick on phones, I flashed a ripped Beats API from the rezound to my EVO 4G and while my music was clearer, it was something I could probably do if I downloaded a equalizer app.

    1. Yea, after hours of fiddling with the equalizer. I could never get an equalizer to do what beats did. Granted, I did get my music to sound “better”, but not like Beats. I just didn’t know what I was doing wrong. LoL!!

      1. Same here!

    2. I couldn’t! to many settings in the equilizer apps to fiddle with!

    3. With headphones it sounds better because it strengthens where headphones usaully lack (the low end). With any decent stereo, beats distorts the bass and muddies the mids. I have to turn it off in my car or at home.

      1. Correct, that’s why I never even bothered with beats because I primarily use my phone in the car for music

  2. Totally agree. I bought an HTC One on t-mobile and headphones were not included. Returned the phone. Beats are headphones, not software.

    1. The only reason you bought (and then returned) a high dollar phone was for some headphones?

      1. @jbo1018:disqus I thought all the cool kids were doing it lol

    2. Beats is software that started in Hp laptops, and then went to headphones.

  3. Beats is a waste of money. The headphones have the quality of a dollar store one, the only thing making music clearer is the equalizer software on the phone.

  4. Well there you have it. Straight from the horses mouth
    We are HTC and we have decided to continue to fail!

    1. Please elaborate on how HTC continues to fail? HTC makes greats phones, I don’t see the failure?

      1. Read the news. They are down millions
        Do youbreally care? Or just decided to be that guy on this thread?

        1. HTC is actually still a very profitable company… just not as profitable as they used to be. They aren’t taking a net loss yet by any means. But they do need to make better marketing decisions, and buckle down to release and support only 2 phones at a time, a regular phone and a Note-alike. Their mid and low end phones, instead of actually being separate devices, can instead be the previous flagships from one and two iterations back respectively.

  5. Sure it’s a gimmick… But that’s how you do it… “… With Beats Audio!”

    “Ooooh what’s that? Gotta get that!”


  6. It is sad that HTC gives in to gimmicks rather than making a good phone.

    1. HTC makes a great phone! I honesty don’t know what your talking about unless your a Thunderbolt user?

      1. The Thunderbolt actually wasn’t a bad phone once they got the radios and software fixed. It took a couple months but after that it was actually a decent phone. (battery life aside)

  7. And here I thought I wouldn’t be able to sneak Beats into my phone anymore. Scaring people. It ain’t October just yet. LoL!! Ooo!! Speaking of October I can’t wait for this years horror movies.!! =.D

  8. I love my Evolte/One X, I just want to get beats off of there. I will probably just root again like I did with my OG EVO.

  9. Beats is definitely something I would recommend for everyone who wants their music to sound better, and Monster cables, definitely pick up some of those.

    1. lol

  10. The comments on this topic are dumb! Having Beats on my HTC phone is a bonus its not supposed to be the deciding factor when choosing a phone. Beats is just another way for HTC to differentiate them selves from the pack, and if its a gimmick than the same could be said about Samsung’s added motion gestures on the GS3 because we all know Android doesn’t really need either!

    1. Nobody said Android needs these things, they just don’t like beats.

      1. I never said Android need it either! Like I said its a bonus. And who doesn’t like Beats? Have you ever heard it? Sounds great to me!!

        1. I have it on my phone. There is way better out there, such as DSP Manager.

          1. What phone do you have? what does it do that you don’t like?

          2. HTC EVO 4G LTE. Honestly, it doesn’t do anything wrong, I never said it did. All I was saying is there is better Equalizer options out there, and I listed DSP as an example. Beats just sounds flat to me (software wise), and the headphones boost the bass too much. BUT, we all have opinions, and this is mine.

          3. I hear you! I have the same phone, I like the Beats but this conversation has made me want to check out DSP thanks!

          4. Yeah, no problem. I think it requires root, so just a heads up. I don’t have it on my new phone because I haven’t rooted it yet. Also, you just have to tweak it a bit, until you get a sound you like.

          5. Nice! thanks for the info.

      2. “they just don’t like beats.”
        Then they can turn it off.

    2. I’ll tell you what most of the Samsung gestures I don’t find very useful but the screen shot one is freaking great. Just slide the side of my hand across the screen and bam, done.

    3. I have not used the gestures, and will not be. (Verizon GS3) I do enjoy the better battery life though.

  11. Beats = Gimmick

    1. Beats = Free Bonus

      1. Hahaha yeah I agree. you can turn it off if you don’t want a decent equalizer running your music. or just enjoy the free enhancement

  12. I like beats and I think it sounds great but you’re right, its not and shouldn’t be a deciding factor in your device purchase. If the One X came out in versions with and without Beats, I would pick the version with Beats because it’s a free bonus. If the versions were priced differently I’d pick the cheaper one, as I wouldn’t pay extra just for the audio difference. It’s nice but not worth extra money and from what I can tell it doesn’t seem to have affected the price point of the devices at all. So there’s really no reason to like it or dislike it.

    I don’t buy HTC phones anymore since they keep bogging them down with Sense. If HTC wants my money, start putting out stock Android Devices. I don’t HATE Sense but I prefer stock. I love HTC’s hardware, which I’d buy over anyone else any day, but not while it has Sense on it.

    1. I /think/ most people are rooting for HTC to get back out of the red and start making some money (by making beast phones that multi-task properly and aren’t bogged down by sense). Beats software doesn’t cost anything to the end user, but it certainly cost HTC a lot of cash up front…. And to what end? I guess the software is nice when paired with headphones, but they don’t even package beats h.p. with their phones anymore. It was just a puzzling move, and something that didn’t help their bottom line at all.

    2. No major manufacturer is EVER going to release stock phones, except when they are awarded a Nexus contract. EVER. Get used to it. People need to stop complaining about this and just realize this is the way it is. If you want stock and don’t want to wait for your phone to be supported by a dev team, you have Nexus available to you as a purchase option.

      And anyway, Sense is actually pretty good nowadays, other than its memory footprint. It adds a lot of features that stock Android doesn’t have. The memory issue is easily solved if HTC would upgrade to 2 GB in their phones like Samsung and LG.

    3. I can’t wait for another HTC Nexus!!

  13. Lol. So what if it’s a gimmick, when you own the company then you can decide what goes on the stock phone. Beats head phones are amazing, try them or be quiet.

    1. agreed!

  14. That statement was exactly on point. “Beats isn’t going anywhere” lol 100% gimmick with marketing fluff.

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