Aug 23rd, 2012

It must be national “Update Your Apps Day” because we have yet another one to add to today’s long list. Pandora has just been updated in the Play Store and it’s looking like a good one. Besides the usual bug fixes, they’ve completely overhauled their UI making the app more visually appealing, while adding some extra functionality as well. You can see in the before and after shots above the new design changes.

While playing music, bios for the artist and similar tracks/artists can be displayed, as well as lyrics making sing-alongs easier (and worse) than ever. Also added was the ability to view song history, giving users the opportunity to go back and rate and/or bookmarking any previously played tracks. Let’s hope the Pandora team is also working on the Google TV app as well. You can download the new updated Pandora for free via the link below.

[Play Store]