EA announces Origin app for Android


EA has announced that their controversial digital download app Origin will be headed to Android. Origin came under a lot of fire when EA launched the service and  sought to deliver their games through an unproven model.

The service was simply clunky and abhorrent up against the powerhouse that Steam is, and when EA started offering certain titles exclusively through Origin it allowed the tech world to justify EA’s position at the top of the world’s worst gaming companies. But all that aside, EA has announced that the app is coming for Android.

We can at least expect to find their full catalog of titles in database format to find news, videos, deals, user reviews, and more related information on them.

We’re not sure if EA will use it as a highlight platform for their own Android games but that’s a certain possibility. But know that it’s coming, and we can’t be mad at them for adding even more to the Android ecosystem than they already have. [via The Verge]

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  1. “and we can’t be mad at them for adding even more to the Android ecosystem than they already have.” sure we can be mad at them! why can’t we?! They’ll just be adding another market place… why not just use the same market place as every one else? You don’t see Rovio creating a market place just for their games…

    1. And what is Steam doing on Google Play? People will go out of their way to find reasons to hate EA.

      1. It isn’t that people don’t like markets being created, it is that they don’t like when a new market is created, when a huge one already exists. Add the fact that EA is starting to force you to use it in order to buy your games, it just makes it worse. People like it when their things are all in one place, rather than being split. That is why EA is hated, it isn’t just fanboyism that causes it.

  2. I will most definitely be mad at them is this is the only place to buy EA games going forward. I will be madder if they get exclusives from other devs as well. Hopefully, this will just be ignorable, but what are the odds of that.

  3. Words alone can not express the hate i have for Origin. EA has managed to complete FUBAR at least 5 franchises that i used to love. How you let greed completely destroy what once was a good thing and sit there thinking your in the right is beyond me. I have them up there with Apple on companies i just refuse to deal with.

  4. “I want an EA app” said nobody, ever.

  5. No thanks. I don’t want to willingly introduce problems/crashes/bugs to my phone. It’s about time for those really good companies that made their start as small shops to leave EA completely. This is getting to be a nightmare.

  6. so does this mean everytime i boot up my phone i will get origin ad spam now too!? YAYYYYY

  7. No thanks. Given that over half of their games aren’t compatible with newer phones (a whopping 12 of their 35 work on my Rezound, and one isn’t even a game), maybe they should work on fixing those before they introduce another craptacular app store to the mix…

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