Aug 11th, 2012

As the Apple vs Samsung patent battle continues, my patience to write a decent post to cover the story decreases by the second. So I’m just going to give a few words, and point you in the right direction. And doing so, create the saddest series of them all: Patent Overload.

Apple offered Samsung a patent license of $30/phone and $40/tablet back in 2010

Samsung turned them down, despite a 20% discount if they were to license back their own portfolio to Apple. Read more about it at AllThingsD.


Samsung attorneys object Apple’s supersized labels on court exhibits

Samsung feels Apple’s huge labels on court exhibits of Galaxy phones is unfair. Some (read Florian Mueller) feel this is just another pointless tactic by Samsung. But, seeing this image of the Samsung Captivate with a very differentiating back-plate, you got to agree with Samsung that, if nothing else, Apple’s stickers could be a wee bit smaller.

Read about it at Electronista.

Innovate or stagnate: Why your next phone will suck if Samsung beats Apple
THOSE ARE NOT MY WORDS. Just added that for the chuckle I got reading the title. If you want to read the entire thing, head over to Digital Trends.

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