Aug 11th, 2012

We continue to wonder when Motorola will unveil the RAZR HD, and the latest rumor states that the device will be launching this October. That is not the most exciting part, though. These sources also swear by the fact that it will come accompanied by a slightly thicker RAZR Maxx HD.

One of Motorola’s best moves has been releasing the DROID RAZR Maxx – a device with equal specs and features compared to the RAZR, but with a 3300 mAh battery that will please even the most demanding battery hog. This made the RAZR Maxx’s popularity skyrocket far quicker than the RAZR’s ever could.

We have no reason to believe Moptorola wouldn’t want to continue the legacy, but we only have to wonder how large this battery would be if a Maxx version does happen to come around. The RAZR HD is passed through he FCC revealing a 2530 mAh, which is already a substantial number.

As usual, we will advice that you take this information with a grain of salt. These “credible sources” are not always right, and any manufacturer releasing a high-end device a month after an iPhone release is definitely not thinking straight. Not to mention that we would rather not wait that long for any device.

But what do you guys say? Would you drop a regular RAZR HD for a super-battery equipped phone?

[Source: Hot Hardware]