Petition started requesting HTC for more timely release of kernel source code


While many love HTC for several reasons, particularly the design and build quality of their devices, one issue that has for long annoyed developers is how long they take to release certain bits of source code that they are required to in relation to the Linux kernel that Android is based on. When the issue is taken up with them, they tend to cite a “90-120 day” policy, which can significantly slow down custom development work.

A petition has been started on, with an aim for 7,000 signatures. Do lend your support by heading over to the page and adding your signature. This not only helps the development community, but also enforces HTC to fulfill an important legal commitment.

[via XDA-Developers]

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. Their 90-120 day policy doesn’t fly. If the device is out in the world for sale the source code MUST be available. Which means the source should be released on or before the phones release date.

  2. LOL this is too funny…. As if the voices of a few can make a difference…..

    1. They can… it has happened before…For HTC, Sammy AND Moto. The community has pull.

      1. my recent apps button now doubles as a menu button. If people think HTC doesn’t listen, they do.

      2. Oh ya, it defiantly has worked getting those Moto bootloaders unlocked…..

    2. When it comes to open source projects yes the voices of a “few” as you say do make a difference.

      1. Right, that’s why so many Moto devices have been unlocked as requested by the “community”. Remember, profits over people.

        1. It’s not the end of 2011 yet, give them some more time.
          Err… forgot to flip my calendar. It still says November 2011.

  3. Never really understood why HTC takes so long to release source.

  4. Design? Quality? Been a while since I’ve seen that from HTC.

    1. Check the one series my friend. My evo lte is thin but solid as hell

      1. The one series is struggling. Just because something feels “solid” does not mean that it is quality. Browse the web and look at HTC’s recent issues. The import ban hurt them a bit. The SGS 3 release hurt them a lot. I loved my original Evo, it was a nice device. Could mod the hell out of it and make it do whatever I wanted. Evo 3D rolls along, plagued with even more hardware issues than its predecessor. I haven’t heard good things about the Evo LTE. I’m not hating on HTC, I just wish they would get it together and start releasing game changing devices again.

        1. I’m not sure what you mean. I’ve only heard of complaints like multitasking. I’m consistently on the xda forum and never heard anything. Maybe u haven’t looked in the right places. But sales numbers has nothing to do with build quality or design and everything to do with reputation

          1. I’ve seen some people complaining about it on the Sprint forums. Been a while since I’ve been on there though. And yeah, sales are directly impacted by quality. Bad products don’t typically sell well. AT&T has already done a price drop on the One X. You don’t do that to a product that is selling well. You do it to a product that you are trying to get off your shelves. This is my opinion :/ people don’t have to like it. You are right though about sales being impacted by reputation, though.

    2. Seems like it goes back and forth…people hate their design quality, then they love it…but the basic premise for their handsets remains the same…always gives me a chuckle.

      1. Having taken apart devices from a few different manufacturers I have to say some HTC devices are poorly designed. Take apart an Inspire. I dare you. I had non stop hardware issues with HTC, not to mention the fact that they have started locking bootloaders. The external design pretty much stays the same, and sense is… well I’m not going to get started on sense. The BASIC premise has stayed the same as far as design goes.

        1. And design is what I was talking about. Sense sucks…all oem skins suck, imo. Fact is, each oem has their fans and their detractors. HTC, right now, seems like they can’t decide if they want to cozy up to the carriers or the informed consumer.

  5. What is the legal commitment? I’m not trolling here; I genuinely don’t know.

    1. Android is open source which means their code must be open source under the license.

      1. not exactly. The linux kernel is licensed under GPLv#. (not sure on the number I believe it’s v2) So as far as kernel source is concerned it legally should be released before or along side the handset. The actual code for Android is licensed under Apache so release of source is technically optional. Which is why code for custom UIs like sense and touchwiz and proprietary RILs (code you need to make phone and data work in source build ROMS like cyanogen, aokp, etc.) don’t have to be released.

  6. Yeah because big corporations listen to a few people. Morons

    1. Sometimes they do…doesn’t hurt to try, and in this case it’s as simple as signing a petition.

    2. They do, and HAVE (in case you don’t remember what prompted HTC’s choice to release bootloader unlocking tools), if/when they’re smart enough to realize the impact the “few” have on the whole. I may be a member of the few, but I as well as likely most others in this few, have at least a dozen people who ask for advice before buying their next smart phone.

      1. Seriously. I may have bought only one HTC device this year. But I have influence on quite a few other peoples purchases. If I recommend one phone over another they usually take my advice.

  7. Even though I’ve never rooted a handset I still signed it

  8. I’m sure LG would give them up if people wanted them…

  9. And this is part of the reason why Samsung is wiping their ases with htc

    1. Yeah, Samsung realized that pleasing the developers ATTRACTS developers. Speaking of developers, here’s this.

      Steve Ballmer

  10. Evo Lte will be my first and last HTC android device. Comming from samsung Epic 4G despite of lesser spec, never had the so called “Muti-tasking working as intended” issue. and source code for my 2 years old epic 4g had always released no more than 2 weeks after firmware update. On top of that samsung doesnt lock their boot loader makes it less painful on root and flashing. Hate to say this, but i think HTC is heading to Palm ‘s direction if they dont change their policy.

  11. Samsung is right on the ball with this for the past two years. Even its latest Tab got the s code before the device was launched!

    HTC is failing…big time.

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