Conan O’Brien Pokes Fun At Apple vs Samsung Patent Trial [Video]


That, Conan O’brien. What a jokester. Who knew Team Coco kept up to date with the latest tech news. While the above video might have flown over most viewer’s heads, you know who would have really found this hilarious? The jurors from the patent trial. Let’s hope none of were trying to enjoy a worry-free evening at the Motel 6 before Conan ruined their impartial verdict.


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. That was SO not cool.

    1. But was it FUNNY? :D

      1. no its not. its boring

      2. I agree, I love my droids, but omg friggin hystarical!


  3. Conan, thanks for siding with Apple, NOT.

  4. CONAN = apple fan boy

    1. agree! he’s wierdo hair and wierdo face…

    2. He’s always been one, didn’t you know.
      I like the sketch anyways, especially Samsaple and Stefan Jobes stuff. The gadget pics have obviously been taken from iSheeps site though.

  5. Public perception my friends, public perception! Why is it that every single Nexus device i have ever owned, will with out fail, always lead someone to inevitably ask if its an “iPhone”? Apple’s marketing campaign has magnificently stupefied the American public into believing that they invented the smartphone. As unfortunate as it is, the reality is that people believe that Android or “droids” (as some of the ignorant will call them), are nothing more but “cheap” iPhone knockoffs. Steve Jobs amazingly turned a phone into a status symbol (even Samsung obviously bought into the hype); and this makes me want to puke!

    1. I hate when people always ask if my phone is a Droid too! Damn Verizon making things worse

      1. I get that ALL the time from my iPhone friends.

        1. Even people with and Android devices think that they have a Droid.

    2. Sorry goes to show you how bad Googles PR machine is. Too bad it’s a double edged sword, can’t make Nexus too popular or it will piss off the other Android partners. Its the piss poor skins making the phones seem like cheap iPhones.

      1. It’s their own fault for having zero advertising.

      2. I don’t think the “piss poor” skins have anything to do with that. The problem is the piss poor budget Android phones. I know a lot of people that have tried Android by buying a cheap phone like the Wildfire or a budget Galaxy and then a year later after not being happy with it they draw the conclusion “oh well I better buy an iphone if I want a good experience”. You get what you pay for and in my opinion almost any high end Android phone is totally on par with and iphone and in many areas surpasses it.

  6. That was hilarious even know he’s a Apple fanboy it was pretty funny.

  7. See you tube vids fine. HTML5 needs to be adopted asap I’m tired of this.

  8. That’s about as funny as I’ve come to expect from Conan O’Brien

  9. I’m tired of this settle in the octagon. CEO VS CEO,Product manager vs Product manager, and so on. Sell it on pay per view and all the proceeds go to the winner Apple vs Samsung fight of the decade. Be amazing and be cheaper for the taxpayers.

  10. I wonder how much he got played for that?

  11. Lmfao he nailed it!!

  12. iLOL

  13. I can’t watch this video. it is not available in my counrty (Norway).

    1. Just go to next time. It’s available there, and you (we) can watch it there. Cheers from Bergen ;)

  14. Iphone is not the first smart phone and has the first touch screen..stupid apple…If samsing copied iphone so as apple copied everything from touch screen to smartphone…Steve Job is good on stealing design. They steal mouse design from xerox. They steal operating system design from Jobs friend…Apple is afterall cheap sold overpriced …stop claiming you design something your afraid you cant do better because you cant. look now, S3 vs iphone 4s…iphone looks stupid…

  15. That was pretty funny. And the first GS was pretty similar to the iPhone more so than any other. At this point they’re world’s apart. I mean apple is attacking a phone that’s pretty much obsolete in comparison now.

  16. Lucy Koh banned late evidence both companies stole icons from Sony. Apple copyrighted designs from 2001 a space odyssey. Those copywrights shouldn’t have been granted

  17. It’s the truth. Nothing but android products in my possession but Sammy is a biter.

  18. No they we’re making fun of Samsung. Did you even watch the video Chavez?

  19. I think that, if jurors did see stuff like this, it would be the best chance of getting the case thrown out.

    1. The source was already linked at the bottom of the post -_-

  20. I have never liked conan and now i like him less. The iphone is for the less intelligent people in our society. And most of the people in the us are easy believers of advertisers.

  21. Apple has paid Conan O’brien

  22. Ok, I’m in the Android camp (with my trusty HTC Evo 4G LTE), but I found the video to be totally hilarious!!!

  23. Wonder if apple will disclose how.much money they paid Conan to do this. the majority of these skits are sponsored.

  24. So when Samsung loses this trial and it’s looking pretty likely that they WILL lose, what is going to happen?

  25. Just because my phone is rectangular with no keyboard and i like to listen with white earbuds…geez

  26. I find it sad that so many people got offended by one little skit… It was meant as a joke! I don’t see what is wrong with it, and I don’t even like Apple or the iPhone!

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