IDC: 68.1 percent of smartphones sold in Q2 were Android, Samsung led the surge


IDC’s latest figures show a dramatic jump in Android smartphone market share from previous quarters with Google’s OS coming up as the operating system of choice for 68.1 percent of smartphones purchased in Q2. The figure represents a 15 percent jump from the previous quarter and was largely driven by strong sales from Samsung. Yes, the Samsung that just released the Galaxy S3, which despite the constant legal battles was still able to help push Apple down from a 23 percent share last quarter to a 16.9 percent share in the latest report. No wonder the iPhone maker is willing to fight tooth and nail to destroy the mobile empire Samsung has built. Check out the full data set at IDC’s site.

[via IDC]

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  1. I wouldn’t expect it to last. Apple users are simply waiting for the next iPhone and Samsung released a flagship product.

    1. Yes but a good majority of those will be people upgrading from a current iPhone. I wouldn’t expect it to move much. But what do I know?

      1. Plus, that’ll move the needle for one quarter, then it will go right back to normal.

    2. Sort of easy to miss that July is Q3 and those GS3 sales numbers are not included in these figures. Valid point on patience of some isheep, though.

      1. Sorry, good point.

    3. The iphone die hards won’t consider anything that doesn’t start with i. There is no real way of measuring how large that group is but more than likely its not the majority just like the majority of android users are not technical android die hards.

      What would matter are the people who can lean either direction but have jumped on the S3 ship. This is important because if they left iphone for an S3 it would be too soon for them to leave S3 for iphone 5. That would make iphone 5 sales lower than they can be. Probably, iphone 5 will still sell with reckless abandon. But we may see signs of consumers no longer viewing iphones as a hot item i.e. no longer fashionable. We shall see.

    4. So what are you doing here since you don’t expect it to last? So you can just keep saying you don’t expect it to last like the last time similar numbers came out and you said you don’t expect it to last because …..because shut up that’s why?!

      1. Just cause I prefer Android over Apple, doesn’t mean I can’t interpret statistics. Android has solid releases from different manufacturers every quarter, while Apple releases a device about once a year. Apple’s statistics will tend to be inflated in the quarter they release their device and be understated particularly as they approach a major release.

        It’s just a fact of life. I’m rooting for Android, but this data should be analyzed in a seasonally adjusted manner.

  2. For a company as big as Google, you’d think they would advertise Androird on every street corner….

  3. Q3 & Q4 numbers will be the real test to see how the new phones hold up to the new iPhone. Android will be the OS king but can the GS3 boot apple off their throne is the real question.

  4. Android, Samsung led the zurge. See what I did there?

  5. Where are all those bloggers who say “Wait for iphone 5. That will be the death knell of Android” ?

    1. They are already making plans, living on the streets to save rent money, and checking the release date on their calendars so they can go stand in line somewhere because that’s just what they do.

  6. When my contract came up with Sprint a few months ago I thought I wanted to go back to the iPhone, have had the original EVO, after getting the 4s I was not satisfied with the small screen size. Best Buy was great and let me exchange for the EVO 4g LTE. I love this phone, so thin and beautiful screen. The ICS is so much better and responsive than gingerbread on you old EVO. I still love my iPad and Mac, far better than crappy Windows. I just am glad there is competition so we get to pick and choose what best works for you. I equate these IOS vs Android wars to the polical BS going on in this country. Why is it its either all one way or the other?

  7. That Linux bar should be much bigger, Android is Linux…

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