Gameloft to reveal impressive Unreal Engine game, wants you to decide which clues to unlock


Gameloft is teasing a new game of theirs headed to Android and they’ve left it up to you to figure out what, exactly, it’ll be. The game uses Unreal Engine, the same powerful and flexible engine used to drive several console ad handheld games.

According to what we’ve seen so far, vague screenshots which show a figure holding a bloody blade over an armored skeletal figure, this’ll be quite the doozie to take in.

But Gameloft won’t be deciding what bits of media and information to release just yet: they want you to vote for it on Facebook. You can either unlock artwork or a teaser trailer, and the needle unsurprisingly favors the latter.

We’d love to see whatever they’re planning to bring out in motion so we went ahead and voted for the trailer, as well. Oh yea, and don’t forget to take a nice, long look at the image above  — there’s a hint embedded somewhere there, as well. Any ideas as to what we might be in store for? [Facebook]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Infinity blade?

    1. Infinity blade is from epic games (the makers of gears of war) not from gameloft.

  2. My phone isn’t compatible with most gameloft games so I don’t think I would be able to download. The game looks cool though :)

  3. What I am wondering is how lame of a character that is?
    He is fighting undeath yet his sword has blood on it. Undeath don’t bleed, so during the fight he must have cut himself more than a few times. Or he is a traitor and fought along sides the undeath and slew his comrades.

    1. Hah. Or maybe there’s just different unseen enemies that also bleed red… :)

      1. Damn those BLOODY skeleton bastards! They’ve killed most of my men! To arms soldiers! Do not let your guards down! CHARGE!!!!!

    2. Or he is standing in disbelief next to the corpse of someone he fought alongside?

      1. And how does that explain blood on a skeleton? How does it explain the skeleton?

        1. That’s a question we need to ask the Devs

    3. And since when do Zombies don’t bleed? Or is Undeath a cousin of the Zombie and not an actual Zombie?

      I mean, this creature looks skeletal and zombies have skin. So I’m guessing different creature, but a cousin. Didn’t expect to learn that here. LoL!!

      1. That made like way too little sense whatsoever.
        Regardless of whether zombies have skin, this skeleton clearly has none of it.
        Even if it did, it, and all zombies for that matter, have been dead for a while, so any blood should have formed clots by now and not be so fluid like in the picture.

        The only redemption for this picture would be that the blade somehow sucks the lifeforce from its victims when it kills them, leaving them as skeletons, when they were fully alive with fluid blood during the battle.

  4. fps style MMORPG

  5. Unreal Engine in a mobile game? Now i’m interested

    1. Infinity blade is one the app store sine 2 years ago. It’s from the maker of the unreal engine.

  6. FB Link does not work….But the game looks interesting…can’t wait!

  7. A clone of Dark Souls or that slashing game that is iOS exclusive?

  8. I’m hoping for a true Dungeon Hunter sequel.

  9. How does Gameloft not get sued for copyright infringement? Their games are such obvious rip offs off popular franchise based games its insane! In my humble opinion this company is the exact reason I.P. law has to exist to begin with. :/

    1. Gameloft is not the only one take a look at shadow gun.

      1. ya I’m sure there are others. no one I can think of that flaunts it quite like gameloft though.

  10. Your first line is wrong. When did they mention that the game will come to Android at all?

  11. Updated version of astyanax.

  12. Kind of looks like the sword from God of War. That would be insane if that game came to mobile. Probably my favorite game from the PS2.

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